Contributing Author Checklist

Please carefully adhere to the following instructions provided by IGI Global for the preparation of your final submission for publication. Note that your attention to each detail is absolutely essential to help ensure the timely release of this publication. Manuscripts that do not follow these requirements will be returned to the author(s) for correction, which can cause significant delays in the publication of your work..

Required Materials
The following items must be submitted by no later than the deadline specified by the editor:

Manuscript Items
The following items are required for each final manuscript submission.

  1. Electronic copy of your manuscript. Your final, revised manuscript will be submitted in .docx format in “Step 3. Documents” of the submission process. Upload your manuscript as the file type "Manuscript/Chapter" and ensure the the final version of the manuscript is marked "Primary." Manuscripts must follow all requirements outlined in the Before You Write author guidelines.
    1. All references and citations must follow the style of the American Psychological Association (APA). APA Citation Guidelines
    2. All manuscripts submitted for consideration to IGI Global journals must be professionally copy edited. IGI Global highly recommends eContent Pro for supplemental editorial services, such as English Language Copy Editing & Proofreading. IGI Global authors and editors receive an exclusive 35% referral discount on all eContent Pro editorial services. Click here for a free quote.
    3. All equations must be formatted using MathType.
    4. All visual elements such as figures, tables, charts, etc. must be clear and legible.
    5. The manuscript is free of plagiarism and all sources are properly and accurately cited. Click here to view the full IGI Global Statement on Ethical Publishing Practices.
  2. Figures. All figures will be submitted as .tif files in “Step 4. Figures” of the submission process. Please ensure that all figures are correctly numbered and follow the requirements outlined in IGI Global’s Image Formatting Guidelines. The maximum file size for a figure is 100mB.
  3. Support Materials (For case studies only). As a separate document accompanying your case, provide Questions and Answers, an Epilogue and Lessons Learned, and a List of Additional Sources. Teaching notes should be submitted as file type “Other” in “Step 3. Documents.” Case Support Material Guidelines
  4. Data Sets. Authors are encouraged, but not required, to submit links to data sets with their chapters. Guidelines for the submission of data sets can be found here.

Author Items
The following items must be completed by each contributing author. All author requirements will be submitted through eEditorial Discovery®. For an updated link, please contact the manuscript’s corresponding author or the project’s editor.

  1. Biographical sketch (100-150 words). Please note that bios should be written in a third-person narrative format and should include information on present and past affiliations, degrees and honors received, and research interests. A good example of a quality bio can be found here.
  2. Author’s Warranty and Transfer of Copyright Agreement. The corresponding author must sign the copyright agreement digitally through the eEditorial Discovery® web form.
  3. Affiliation. Your affiliation will consist of the university or organization you were part of when composing the work or completing the research that led to your contribution.
  4. Postal and email addresses. Please provide your complete postal and email addresses when verifying your personal information. Should your email address change at any time before your manuscript is published, it is important that you update your profile at We also kindly request that each author provide a phone number where they can be contacted in the event we are unable to reach them via email.

Other Items
These forms will not apply to every submission, but please familiarize yourself with these requirements and provide the requisite permission forms as needed.

  1. If you have included in your manuscript any images for which the copyright is held by a third party (including screenshots, figures, charts, graphics, etc.) – Image Permission Form
    1. If you include the photograph of an individual, particularly a child – Photograph Consent Form
  2. If you include in your manuscript a case study written by an outside author – Case Permission Form
  3. If you include the transcript of an interview in your manuscript – Interview Release Form

Please note that until your book or journal issue goes to print, we may still require your assistance in securing corrections to the manuscript in order to meet our guidelines and ensure the quality and completeness of all materials. Your publication cannot be sent to print without meeting these requirements.

Last Updated October 11, 2023