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IGI Global's Acquisitions team will use the following information to conduct the initial assessment of your proposed publication. Filling out each section thoughtfully and thoroughly will help expedite the review process of your proposal.

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If you are submitting this book proposal in response to an invitation you received from a Book Series Editor-in-Chief, please specify the Book Series title and the Editor-in-Chief's name:
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Tentative Titles  
Please provide 3-5 title suggestions. We ask that titles are kept concise without the use of subtitles. Commonly used keywords should be included within the title to assist potential readers in searching for the title.
Indexing Keywords  
The inclusion of 3-10 indexing keywords will better assist us in categorizing your title.
Introduction to the Subject Area  
Please include a complete explanation of the discipline and its implications.
A brief synopsis of your publication should include a concise definition of the subject area as well as an overview of what the publication will be about.
Tentative Table of Contents/Topic Coverage  
Please list all areas of possible coverage, including topics to be covered within the publication.
Objectives, Impact, and Value  
Please explain the benefits of this publication, why it should be published, and how the theme will impact your field of research.
Target Audience and Potential Uses  
Identify potential contexts in which this book will be used and to what market this book is appropriate for.
Plan for Reaching Contributors (for edited books only)  
Please identify the specific networks, conferences, research groups, website plans, list-servs, and other venues through which to solicit chapters for your publication. We recommend a minimum of 7-10 specific names of venues.
Existing Competing Titles  
Please list the current competition for your proposed publication, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each title. Explain how your proposed publication is distinguished from these titles.
Publication Platform  
Please select one of the following publication formats:

Publication Format Considerations
Please consider the following:
The anticipated length of the book in terms of word counts and page counts (optional).
Approximately how many chapters you anticipate for inclusion in this title (optional).
Approximate number of figures and illustrations (optional).
If the figures and illustrations will be highly complex and detailed, requiring color printing (optional).
Any supplementary materials (video content, complimentary website, teaching notes, etc.) (optional).
Tentative Project Timeline  
Please identify approximately when you would be able to submit the final manuscript for publication.

Marketing Considerations  
Please include any conferences, organizations, networks, universities, etc. where this title could be promoted, including any associations you are affiliated with.
Potential Reviewers (optional)
Should you know of any experts in the field who would be interested in reviewing this manuscript for promotional purposes, please include their names and contact details.
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