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The pace of modern technological change within the last decade has exceeded all expectations, thus challenging traditional knowledge sharing methods for researchers, libraries, publishers, and vendors all over the world. In response to this constant need to drive innovation, IGI Global publishes a specialized line of scholarly publications -- Research Insights. Authored and edited by experts from prominent research institutions all over the world who are knowledgeable in a wide range of emerging research areas, these titles provide concise and fluid explanations of the most cutting-edge concepts, theories, predictions, and implementations in fields such as: business, computer science, education, science, engineering, government, medicine, communications, and various others.

These publications are highly focused and produced in an expeditious fashion (approximately 4-6 months from concept to distribution) so no time is lost in allowing for the dissemination of this type of scholarly/scientific knowledge for universal value among researchers.

Research Insights deliver forward-thinking summaries and concise analyses through the following approaches:
  • Overview of trending topic areas or applications
  • In-field case studies
  • Best methods for implementing a new tool or methodology
  • Exploratory studies of shifting perspectives and practices
  • Predictions for the future of a developing field, and/or anticipating research opportunities
  • Related readings to provide additional information and guidance for further enrichment
Research Insights are available in either electronic or hardcover format and are around 150 - 200+ pages in length. Each publication is subjected to a double-blind peer review process by an esteemed advisory board to ensure the highest level of quality is applied. These publications are suitable for use by academic researchers, as well as corporate researchers working in R&D departments, professionals, graduate students, practitioners, and instructors. They are excellent additions to academic libraries as well as corporate R&D libraries.

Areas of Interest

Forthcoming Research Insights will include (but are not limited to) the following thematic areas:
  • Agri-Food global competitiveness
  • Modern data science and business intelligence
  • Psychological and electrophysiological attributes of human personality
  • Latest innovations in 3D printing
  • Block chain technologies and smart contracts
  • Human-machine symbiosis
  • Public libraries in disaster control
  • Millennials and their engagement in the workplace and society
  • Inclusivity of women in emerging industries
  • Faith-based decision making
  • Self-initiated expatriates (SIEs)
  • Mo(W)-based catalysts in the petroleum and chemical industry
  • Compensation and reward programs in multinational corporations
  • TPACK frameworks
  • Humanitarian interventions
  • National promotional banks

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Research Insights Publications:

Strategies to Overcome Superbug Invasions: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Dimple Sethi Chopra (Punjabi University, India), Ankur Kaul (Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences, India)
Release Date: September 2021. Copyright © 2022. $225.00
Recently, there has been an upsurge in microbial infections. Extensive and inappropriate usage of antimicrobial drugs in treating infections has led to the evolution...
Visibilities and Invisibilities in Smart Cities: Emerging Research and Opportunities
H. Patricia McKenna (AmbientEase, Canada)
Release Date: June 2021. Copyright © 2021. $195.00
Throughout history, humanity has sought the betterment of its communities. In the 21st century, humanity has technology on its side in the process of improving its c...
Pedagogy for Conceptual Thinking and Post-Failure Reflectivity: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Uri Shafrir (University of Toronto, Canada)
Release Date: June 2021. Copyright © 2021. $175.00
Learning outcomes of traditional pedagogy focus on memory of facts, problem-solving procedures, and multiple-choice or true/false questions. Higher-order conceptual...
Examining and Solving Health Disparities in the United States: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Cheryl Green (Southern Connecticut State University, USA)
Release Date: May 2021. Copyright © 2021. $265.00
Disparities in healthcare arise when there is an imbalance between opportunities to achieve optimal healthcare with access, education, and financial means. However,...
A Cultural Historical Approach to Social Displacement and University-Community Engagement: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Charles Underwood (University of California, Berkeley, USA), Mara Welsh Mahmood (University of California, Berkeley, USA), Olga Vásquez (University of California, San Diego, USA)
Release Date: May 2021. Copyright © 2021. $175.00
In a time of worldwide turmoil and pervasive social displacement, universities and communities have come together to meet these urgent challenges in order to support...
Data Analysis and Methods of Qualitative Research: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Silas Memory Madondo (CeDRE International Africa, Zimbabwe)
Release Date: April 2021. Copyright © 2021. $165.00
An intellectual property discussion is central to qualitative research projects, and ethical guidelines are essential to the safe accomplishment of research projects...
Community Colleges and Workforce Preparation in the 21st Century: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Dimitra J. Smith (Texas A&M University at Commerce, USA), Rhonda Lewis (Collin College, USA), Leslie Singleton (Texas A&M College of Medicine, USA)
Release Date: April 2021. Copyright © 2021. $170.00
Community colleges are essential in preparing the 21st century workforce. Research has indicated that there is a shortage of individuals prepared for skilled workfor...
Asian Women in Corporate America: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Sambhavi Lakshminarayanan (Medgar Evers College, City University of New York, USA)
Release Date: February 2021. Copyright © 2021. $185.00
By necessity, understanding of leadership has been based on who used to be business leaders, namely men. In the last few years, Asian women have been making their ma...
Change and Improvement in School-University Partnership Settings: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Linda A. Catelli (Queens College of the City University of New York (CUNY), USA)
Release Date: February 2021. Copyright © 2021. $165.00
Now more than ever, the collaboration of researchers and practitioners from both PreK-12 and higher education in partnership and in research is imperative for solvin...
Cultural Perspectives on Global Research Epistemology: Emerging Research and Opportunities
F. Sigmund Topor (University of Electro-Communications, Japan)
Release Date: January 2021. Copyright © 2021. $135.00
Cultural values and structures differ in societies throughout the world. For example, the traditional conformism of Confucian countries is vastly dissimilar from the...
Developing a Keyword Extractor and Document Classifier: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Dimple Valayil Paul (Department of Computer Science, Dnyanprassarak Mandal's College and Research Centre, Goa University, Goa, India)
Release Date: January 2021. Copyright © 2021. $195.00
The main problems that prevent fast and high-quality document processing in electronic document management systems are insufficient and unstructured information, inf...
Global Politics, Political Participation, and the Rise of Nationalism: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Emily Stacey (Rose State College, USA)
Release Date: January 2021. Copyright © 2021. $175.00
Nationalist movements remain a force in contemporary American politics, regardless of political party. Recently, social issues have moved to the forefront of America...
Redefining Theory and Practice to Guide Social Transformation: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Beth Fisher-Yoshida (Columbia University, USA), Joan Camilo Lopez (Columbia University, USA)
Release Date: December 2020. Copyright © 2021. $195.00
The application of theory to practice in addressing social transformation still has a lot of room for growth and improvement. This is also true of theory being infor...
Result Page Generation for Web Searching: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Mostafa Alli (Tsinghua University, China)
Release Date: December 2020. Copyright © 2021. $165.00
Diversity in user queries makes it challenging for search engines to effectively return a set of relevant results. Both user intentions to search the web and types o...
Growth of the Medical Tourism Industry and Its Impact on Society: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Manjeet Singh (Central University of Jammu, India), Subbaraman Kumaran (Alliance University, Bangalore, India)
Release Date: December 2020. Copyright © 2021. $195.00
Healthcare and medical services have seen rapid development in various areas of the world, including Asia and Eastern Europe. These territories are now becoming a me...
4C-ID Model and Cognitive Approaches to Instructional Design and Technology: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Guilhermina Maria Lobato Ferreira de Miranda (Instituto de Educação, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal), Manuel Joaquim Henriques Rafael (Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal), Mário Marcelino Luis de Melo (UI, DEF, Instituto de Educação, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal), Joana Martinho de Almeida Costa Pardal (Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL), ISTAR, Lisboa, Portugal), Thiago Bessa Pontes (Universidade Federal do Cariri, Brazil)
Release Date: December 2020. Copyright © 2021. $175.00
There has been an evolution of the explanations on the results of research on human learning and how digital technologies have supported the design of more efficient...
Combating the Exploitation of Children in Cyberspace: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Hossam Nabil Elshenraki (Dubai Police Academy, UAE)
Release Date: December 2020. Copyright © 2021. $160.00
The internet has greatly enhanced access to, dissemination, and sale of child pornography, which is a profitable industry estimated to generate billions of dollars w...
Modeling and Optimization of Solar Thermal Systems: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Jagadish (National Institute of Technology, Raipur, India), Agnimitra Biswas (National Institute of Technology, Silchar, India)
Release Date: November 2020. Copyright © 2021. $185.00
In recent years, scientists and researchers have been continually searching for efficient and effective ways to harness solar energy for heat and power production. T...
Universal Codes of Media in International Political Communications: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Mykola Borysovych Yeromin (Vasyl' Stus Donetsk National University, Ukraine)
Release Date: November 2020. Copyright © 2021. $135.00
Much like different lenses will give a camera a different view, different forms of media portray different aspects of political relations. Without conveyed messages...
Solar Concentrating Modules With Louvered Heliostats: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Dmitry Strebkov (Federal State Budget Scientific Institution, Russia & Federal Scientific Agroengineering Center VIM, Russia), Natalya Filippchenkova (Federal State Budget Scientific Institution, Russia & Federal Scientific Agroengineering Center VIM, Russia), Anatoly Irodionov (Federal State Budget Scientific Institution, Russia & Federal Scientific Agroengineering Center VIM, Russia)
Release Date: October 2020. Copyright © 2021. $190.00
The development of solar energy is becoming increasingly widespread all over the world. One significant way to reduce the cost of energy generated by solar modules,...
Impact of Political Socialization on the Support for Democratic Principles: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Allison Clark Ellis (University of South Carolina Upstate, USA)
Release Date: October 2020. Copyright © 2021. $175.00
As we come upon the 30th anniversary of communism’s fall, it is a good time to reexamine what life was like behind the Iron Curtain and how communism impacted people...
Technology Development for Adsorptive Heat Energy Converters: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Kostyantyn M. Sukhyy (Ukrainian State University of Chemical Engineering, Ukraine), Elena A. Belyanovskaya (Ukrainian State University of Chemical Engineering, Ukraine), Mikhailo P. Sukhyy (Ukrainian State University of Chemical Engineering, Ukraine)
Release Date: October 2020. Copyright © 2021. $195.00
Energy saving and emission reduction are two of the greatest challenges facing the world today. Heat energy storage can save fuel and effectively use renewable sourc...
Introducing Problem-Based Learning (PBL) for Creativity and Innovation in Chinese Universities: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Chunfang Zhou (Aalborg University, Denmark)
Release Date: October 2020. Copyright © 2021. $145.00
Chinese universities are striving to integrate new educational elements such as student-centered learning, group learning, active learning, and learning by doing int...
Nanotechnologies and Clusters in the Spaces of Higher Dimension: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Gennadiy Vladimirovich Zhizhin (Independent Researcher, Russia)
Release Date: October 2020. Copyright © 2021. $195.00
Research on nanomaterials and their applications has become a trending area in various fields of study and practice. Its properties and abilities open a variety of s...
Formal and Adaptive Methods for Automation of Parallel Programs Construction: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Anatoliy Doroshenko (Institute of Software Systems, Ukraine), Olena Yatsenko (Institute of Software Systems, Ukraine)
Release Date: August 2020. Copyright © 2021. $195.00
Emerging scientific and industrial applications in today’s world require significant computing power. Modern software tools are available for such platforms but are...
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