Research Notes

About the Collection

These titles provide succinct and fluid explanations of the most cutting-edge concepts, theories, predictions, and implementations on niche topics in emerging research areas. These publications aim to deliver forward-thinking, in-depth summaries through overviews of trending topic areas, in-field case studies, and exploratory examinations. Sized and priced appropriately, these concise, advanced, and timely resources are perfect for supplementary course usage, and are targeted towards instructors and students, as well as researchers, professionals and practitioners looking for the most recent and innovative research in their field. IGI Global offers both authored and edited publication formats for these consolidated collections – Research Essentials are provided in an edited collaboration, while Research Insights are solely authored.

Research Notes Publications:

Statistical Tools and Analysis in Human Resources Management
Dipak Kumar Bhattacharyya (Xavier University, India)
Release Date: January 2018. Copyright © 2018. 200 pages. $175.00
Recently, the use of statistical tools, methodologies, and models in human resource management (HRM) has increased because of human resources (HR) analytics and pred...
Building Brand Identity in the Age of Social Media: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Amir Ekhlassi (University of Tehran, Iran), Mahdi Niknejhad Moghadam (University of Tehran, Iran), Amir Mohammad Adibi (University of Tehran, Iran)
Release Date: January 2018. Copyright © 2018. 135 pages. $145.00
To survive in today’s competitive business environment, marketing professionals must look to develop innovative methods of reaching their customers and stakeholders....
Creativity in Load-Balance Schemes for Multi/Many-Core Heterogeneous Graph Computing: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Alberto Garcia-Robledo (Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute (Cinvestav-Tamaulipas), Mexico), Arturo Diaz-Perez (Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute (Cinvestav-Tamaulipas), Mexico), Guillermo Morales-Luna (Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute (Cinvestav-IPN), Mexico)
Release Date: January 2018. Copyright © 2018. 163 pages. $155.00
Recent years have witnessed the rise of analysis of real-world massive and complex phenomena in graphs; to efficiently solve these large-scale graph problems, it is...
Centrality Metrics for Complex Network Analysis: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Natarajan Meghanathan (Jackson State University, USA)
Release Date: January 2018. Copyright © 2018. 213 pages. $175.00
As network science and technology continues to gain popularity, it becomes imperative to develop procedures to examine emergent network domains, as well as classical...
Convective Heat and Mass Transfer in the Free Atmosphere: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Kaliyeva Kulyash (Lorraine University, France)
Release Date: December 2017. Copyright © 2018. 127 pages. $135.00
Theoretical prediction and practical analysis of turbulence are the fundamental problems of atmospheric dynamics. Obtained universal energy expresses a stable condit...
Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) and Opportunities for Developing Economies in the World Market
Venkataramanaiah Malepati (University of Gondar, Ethiopia), Mangala Gowri C. (University of Gondar, Ethiopia)
Release Date: December 2017. Copyright © 2018. 280 pages. $200.00
The role of foreign direct investment initiatives is pivotal to effective enterprise development. This is particularly vital to emerging economies that are building...
Critical Research on Scalability and Security Issues in Virtual Cloud Environments
Shadi Aljawarneh (Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan), Manisha Malhotra (Chandigarh University, India)
Release Date: December 2017. Copyright © 2018. 265 pages. $210.00
Individual users and business organizations are shifting their data storage and utilizing cloud computing because of its easy availability and reduced costs. Althoug...
Curriculum Integration in Contemporary Teaching Practice: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Susannah Brown (Florida Atlantic University, USA), Rina Bousalis (Florida Atlantic University, USA)
Release Date: December 2017. Copyright © 2018. 140 pages. $130.00
Teaching and learning practices that are interconnected and value all subject areas benefit K-12 students by supporting creativity, critical thinking, communication,...
Neuromarketing and Big Data Analytics for Strategic Consumer Engagement: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Joana Coutinho de Sousa (Unlimited-Hashtag, Portugal)
Release Date: December 2017. Copyright © 2018. 135 pages. $155.00
A new sub-area of marketing is emerging called neuromarketing. It combines psychology, neuroscience, and economics with the study of consumer motivations. This is le...
Information Technology as a Facilitator of Social Processes in Project Management and Collaborative Work
Timothy C. Bagwell (American Public University System, USA), Robert A. Cropf (Saint Louis University, USA), Sheryl L Foster-Gadkari (Strategic Impact, USA)
Release Date: December 2017. Copyright © 2018. 250 pages. $185.00
Project management (PM), as a discipline, has been undergoing an incremental inclusion of theories, techniques, and processes from fields related to organizational b...