Research Notes

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These titles provide succinct and fluid explanations of the most cutting-edge concepts, theories, predictions, and implementations on niche topics in emerging research areas. These publications aim to deliver forward-thinking, in-depth summaries through overviews of trending topic areas, in-field case studies, and exploratory examinations. Sized and priced appropriately, these concise, advanced, and timely resources are perfect for supplementary course usage, and are targeted towards instructors and students, as well as researchers, professionals and practitioners looking for the most recent and innovative research in their field. IGI Global offers both authored and edited publication formats for these consolidated collections – Research Essentials are provided in an edited collaboration, while Research Insights are solely authored.

Research Notes Publications:

Legal and Economic Considerations Surrounding Reproductive Tourism: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Anastasia Paraskou (CROSSBEES Healthcare Consultancy, Greece), Babu P. George (Fort Hays State University, USA)
Release Date: November 2017. Copyright © 2018. 180 pages. $165.00
Overall, medical tourism has become a robust industry, due to fluctuating health costs in many developed countries. One of the most popular services experiencing a r...
Instructional Strategies in General Education and Putting the Individuals With Disabilities Act (IDEA) Into Practice
Pam L. Epler (Grand Canyon University, USA)
Release Date: November 2017. Copyright © 2018. 250 pages. $175.00
Diverse learners with particular needs require a specialized curriculum that will help them develop socially and intellectually. As educational technologies and theo...
Selfies as a Mode of Social Media and Work Space Research
Shalin Hai-Jew (Kansas State University, USA)
Release Date: November 2017. Copyright © 2018. 250 pages. $185.00
The Western cultural trend of self-representation is transcending borders as it permeates the online world. A prime example of this trend is selfies, and how they ha...
Experience-Based Human-Computer Interactions: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Petr Sosnin (Ulyanovsk State Technical University, Russia)
Release Date: October 2017. Copyright © 2018. 211 pages. $165.00
Human computer interaction is constantly evolving in many areas and facets of modern society. Analyzing these interactions can provide a more balanced understanding...
Enhancing Software Fault Prediction With Machine Learning: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Ekbal Rashid (Aurora's Technological and Research Institute, India)
Release Date: October 2017. Copyright © 2018. 156 pages. $165.00
Software development and design is an intricate and complex process that requires a multitude of steps to ultimately create a quality product. One crucial aspect of...
Measuring the Validity of Usage Reports Provided by E-Book Vendors: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Aiping Chen-Gaffey (Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, USA), Heather Getsay (Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, USA)
Release Date: October 2017. Copyright © 2018. 105 pages. $135.00
Electronic publications are proving to be a popular resource for many consumers. It is imperative that the credibility of vendor-supplied usage data is analyzed in o...
Utilizing Innovative Technologies to Address the Public Health Impact of Climate Change: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Debra Weiss-Randall (Florida Atlantic University, USA)
Release Date: October 2017. Copyright © 2018. 245 pages. $185.00
Climate change impacts the wellbeing of societies across the entire globe. By utilizing innovative technologies, public health can be better protected in the years t...
Grassroots Sustainability Innovations in Sports Management: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Marco Tortora (University of Florence, Italy)
Release Date: October 2017. Copyright © 2018. 137 pages. $145.00
Progression in sustainable sports practices is an up-and-coming area of research that also has an overarching impact on other professional fields. Analyzing the late...
Real-Time Face Detection, Recognition, and Tracking System in LabVIEW™: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Manimehala Nadarajan (Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia), Muralindran Mariappan (Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia), Rosalyn R. Porle (Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia)
Release Date: October 2017. Copyright © 2018. 140 pages. $155.00
Face detection systems have undergone significant improvements in recent years with the rise of new technologies. This has created a wide range of different applicat...
Multimedia Retrieval Systems in Distributed Environments: Emerging Research and Opportunities
S.G. Shaila (National Institute of Technology, India), A. Vadivel (National Institute of Technology, India)
Release Date: October 2017. Copyright © 2018. 140 pages. $165.00
Effective information retrieval can be utilized as a vital tool for a number of different applications. With new technologies emerging, the techniques involved in th...