Research Notes

About the Collection

These titles provide succinct and fluid explanations of the most cutting-edge concepts, theories, predictions, and implementations on niche topics in emerging research areas. These publications aim to deliver forward-thinking, in-depth summaries through overviews of trending topic areas, in-field case studies, and exploratory examinations. Sized and priced appropriately, these concise, advanced, and timely resources are perfect for supplementary course usage, and are targeted towards instructors and students, as well as researchers, professionals and practitioners looking for the most recent and innovative research in their field. IGI Global offers both authored and edited publication formats for these consolidated collections – Research Essentials are provided in an edited collaboration, while Research Insights are solely authored.

Research Notes Publications:

Multi-Sided Platforms (MSPs) and Sharing Strategies in the Digital Economy: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Sergey Yablonsky (St. Petersburg University, Russia)
Release Date: March 2018. Copyright © 2018. 185 pages. $165.00
Rapid technological advancements have the ability to positively or negatively impact corporate growth and success. Professional leaders and decision makers must cons...
Analyzing Workplace Arrogance and Organizational Effectiveness: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Khaled Tamzini (University of Sousse, Tunisia), Tahar Lazhar Ayed (Umm Al-Qura University, Saudia Arabia)
Release Date: March 2018. Copyright © 2018. 180 pages. $165.00
Arrogance plays a problematic role in organizations, and it is a unique and difficult challenge to address. Taking proper steps towards recognizing and measuring the...
Enhancing Social Presence in Online Learning Environments
Michael Marmon (University of North Texas, USA)
Release Date: March 2018. Copyright © 2018. 300 pages. $185.00
The use of media to create and maintain a public presence has become a ubiquitous aspect of daily life. Such interactions should be used to enhance other aspects of...
Food Systems Sustainability and Environmental Policies in Modern Economies
Abiodun Elijah Obayelu (Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, Nigeria)
Release Date: March 2018. Copyright © 2018. 266 pages. $195.00
Food security is essential to the advancement and development of economies and societies worldwide. The promotion of viable food structures is the most effective met...
Modeling and Simulations for Metamaterials: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Ammar Armghan (Aljouf University, Saudi Arabia), Xinguang Hu (HuangShan University, China), Muhammad Younus Javed (HITEC University, Pakistan)
Release Date: March 2018. Copyright © 2018. 150 pages. $155.00
The design and study of materials is a pivotal component to new discoveries in the various fields of science and technology. By understanding the components and stru...
Electromagnetic Compatibility for Space Systems Design
Christos D. Nikolopoulos (National Technical University of Athens, Greece)
Release Date: March 2018. Copyright © 2018. 320 pages. $225.00
In the aerospace industry, avoiding operating issues, especially in regard to space missions and satellite structures, is crucial. The vast majority of these issues...
Nationalism, Social Movements, and Activism in Contemporary Society: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Emily Stacey (Swansea University, UK)
Release Date: March 2018. Copyright © 2018. 140 pages. $155.00
Nationalist movements have become a force in contemporary American politics regardless of the political party. As social issues plague America, civilian participatio...
Recent Advancements in Airborne Radar Signal Processing: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Amir Almslmany (Independent Researcher, Egypt)
Release Date: March 2018. Copyright © 2018. 100 pages. $145.00
As computer and information systems technology advances, industries such as aviation stand to benefit from the overwhelming new advances in hardware, software, and b...
Selective Exposure and the Agenda-Setting Function of the Mass Media: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Justin W. Holmes (University of Northern Iowa, USA)
Release Date: March 2018. Copyright © 2018. 140 pages. $145.00
Since the 1970s, society has experienced an exponential growth of access to information from cable television to internet access. As media options expand, outlets ar...
Curriculum Development for Gifted Education Programs
Jessica Cannaday (Azusa Pacific University, USA)
Release Date: February 2018. Copyright © 2018. 223 pages. $175.00
Diverse learners with exceptional needs require a specialized curriculum that will help them to develop, socially and intellectually, in a way that traditional pedag...