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Increase Your Book's Impact

Increase Your Book's Impact

Overview of Resources

Increasing the Discoverability of Your Book Contribution

IGI Global’s Marketing Team is working diligently to ensure that each of our publications has the greatest impact in their field of research, which includes sharing your publication with our vast network of global distributors and direct global representation; integrating your publication into all major discovery systems and aggregate databases; submitting your publication to major indices; featuring your publication to thousands of librarians, partners, and researchers; and more.

However, one of the most impactful ways to ensure that your publication receives a higher citation impact and becomes more discoverable is sharing your publication out with your network. As the expert in the field of research, we depend on your professional insights to help us create a grassroots campaign around your title and navigate our Marketing Team to share your publication with those who need it. Through this collaboration, we can ensure that others within your field can access your valuable research, as well as ensure your publication is more eligible for indexing in prestigious indices, including Web of Science™ and Scopus®.

Complete the following steps to ensure that your publication receives the highest visibility and discoverability within your field of research. For questions or for more information, contact IGI Global’s Marketing Team at marketing@igi-global.com.

Share Your Book With Your Library

Recommend Your Publication to Your Library: Often, acquisitions librarians rely heavily on the expertise of their faculty members for recommendations of scholarly titles that will enhance the university’s library collection. Through recommending your title to your library, you can ensure that your colleagues, faculty, and students are able to access your valuable research. We strongly encourage you to work with your fellow faculty and also those in other departments that could benefit from this publication to actively recommend this title to your library as it will showcase how your publication is critical to your institution.

Recommend IGI Global’s e-Book Collection: Another way to provide your publication to your institution is to recommend IGI Global’s e-Book Collection to your librarian. When your library invests in this valuable research tool, your entire institution will have access to your publication along with IGI Global’s full collection of reference books. Additionally, you will benefit from IGI Global’s OA Fee Waiver Initiative, which provides you with 100% OA APC waivers when your work is accepted into an IGI Global journal. Recommend IGI Global's e-Books Collections to Your Library.

Share Your Book With Your Peers

Sharing your publication with the research community assists your publication’s visibility in the field and provides you with the opportunity to garner a higher citation impact and a stronger reputation within your area of expertise. One way in which you can share your valuable research is with your network of peers and colleagues. Ranging from other professors within your institution and researchers from associations or organizations to others within your field, you can showcase your research by recommending your book to them and encouraging them to utilize it in their research endeavors. You can share your book through various ways, including:

  • Utilize IGI Global’s “Colleague Recommendation Form,” located beneath the Discoverability tab in the eEditorial Discovery® system, in order to ensure that your colleagues around the world are aware of this publication, so they can benefit from the emerging research, build upon your valuable research, and create a higher citation impact for your book.
  • Share your Exclusive 50% Contributor Discount on this book and any other publication available on IGI Global’s Online Bookstore. Simply utilize the coupon code IGI50 during the checkout process to take advantage of this offer. Note: This discount can only be used when ordering directly through IGI Global.
  • Recommend Your Publication for Course Adoption. Through your colleagues and peers adopting your publication into a course, your publication will be setting the groundwork for educating and inspiring the next generation of researchers. Through IGI Global’s simple Course Adoption Program, we will walk each individual through the streamlined process and provide them with specialized discounts to ensure that their students can affordably access the publication.

Share Your Publication Under Green Open Access

Share Your Chapter or Article on Personal Websites and With Your Institution’s Repository: IGI Global supports a Fair Use Policy where under this policy you may utilize your final typeset PDF (which includes the title page, table of contents and other front materials, and the copyright statement) of your chapter or article of this publication (NOT the entire book or journal issue), in your teaching materials or to post to your own secure personal website and/or university repository site. View IGI Global's Fair Use Policy.

Did you know that you can also receive an additional source of open access funding? Institutions that invest in IGI Global’s e-Book and e-Journal Collections can take advantage of IGI Global’s OA Fee Waiver (Read and Publish) Initiative, which will provide you with 100% OA APC waivers when your work is accepted into an IGI Global journal. Learn more about this initiative and recommend IGI Global e-Collections to your library.

Adopt Your Publication Into a Course

Your students can now benefit from the valuable research cultivated by you and your peers in this publication. IGI Global offers a personalized Course Adoption Program that allows your students to purchase the discounted publication directly through IGI Global’s Online Bookstore or through your university’s bookstore.

For more information regarding IGI Global’s Course Adoption Program, read the IGI Global case study, “IGI Global Continues to Broaden the Scope for Classrooms”. If you are interested in adopting your publication into your course, fill out the “Course Adoption Request Form” located beneath the Discoverability Tab in the eEditorial Discovery® system or contact IGI Global’s Marketing Team at marketing@igi-global.com or call 1-866-342-6657.

Increase Discoverability at a Conference

As an expert in your field of research, you will come across opportunities to attend events and conferences, which allow you to increase your network of industry experts. Through these events, you can also showcase the timely research contained within your publication, providing you with a valuable opportunity to be seen by others in your field and a chance to pave the way for future collaborations.

Customized Materials for Your Conferences and Events:

  • Book Brochure(s): A brochure that showcases the key elements of your publication including copyright year, description, topics covered, pricing information, and more.
  • Conference Discount Form(s): A flyer that offers conference attendees a special discounted price to be utilized at conferences and events. Additionally, you are more than welcome to share your exclusive 40% contributor discount on this book and any other publication available on IGI Global’s Online Bookstore. Simply utilize the coupon code IGI40 during the checkout process to take advantage of this offer. Note: This discount can only be used when ordering directly through IGI Global.
  • Recommendation Form(s): Printable forms to take to your next university event or workshop, which enable you to recommend your publication to your colleagues and librarian.
  • Cover Image(s): A downloadable cover image of your publication that you can utilize when you are sharing your publication through digital media (i.e. social media, online websites, blogs, etc.), print media, as well as your email signature.

Through these materials, you will be able to print them out and share them during your conferences, speaking engagements, and networking events to showcase your valuable research. Sharing your publication in these events is a critical step in promoting your work, as it will assist in increasing the overall discoverability of your research and create a higher citation impact for your title, which increases the likelihood of the publication being indexed and discoverable worldwide.

Are you a keynote speaker, panelist, or session leader? Let IGI Global’s Marketing Team know as we are always looking for the latest editor and author news and events to share with our full network of librarians, researchers, and partners. By keeping IGI Global up-to-date on your latest research endeavors and functions, we can highlight your accomplishments through our IGI Global Newsroom, postcards, and other promotional outlets.

If you are attending any conferences or events, feel free to reach out to us, as we would like to stay abreast of the latest events within the academic community. Simply click on the “Submit Your Conferences & Events Form,” located beneath the Discoverability tab in the eEditorial Discovery® system.

If you would like to receive a conference discount form or any promotional materials for your publication, please contact us at marketing@igi-global.com or call 1-866-342-6657.

Promote Your Publication on Social Media

Share your book on social media, on personal and professional websites to showcase your valuable contributors and to increase the exposure of the title. Through showcasing the title to others in your field and the wider academic community, it will help increase the interest in the title. You can upload your cover image, located beneath the Discoverability tab in the eEditorial Discovery® system, to social media and explain why your publication is beneficial to the academic community. Be sure to tag associations, colleagues, and others within your posting including @IGIGlobal. Through harnessing the powerful communication capabilities of social media, you can increase the overall exposure of your publication and share it with the masses.

Also, be sure to follow IGI Global on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to stay abreast of the latest research.

Garner Book Reviews Around Your Book

Through garnering book reviews, librarians and others within your field will be able to see the value of your research from another point of view. These reviews, often written by industry-leading scholars, provide a testimonial for your publication and help increase your publication’s creditability, SEO, and visibility in your field. Book reviews are:

  • Anywhere from 1,000-2,000 words.
  • A summarization of the best qualities of the research, as well as a critique of what could be improved upon.
  • Instrumental in developing credibility for the publication and ensuring the widest dissemination of its content.
  • Crucial to the publication in getting indexed by prestigious indices such as Scopus, Web of Science, etc.

If you have individuals in mind that you would like to review your publication, please contact IGI Global’s Marketing Team at marketing@igi-global.com or call 1-866-342-6657, or fill out the “Submit Potential Book Reviews Form,” located beneath the Discoverability tab in the eEditorial Discovery® system, and we will reach out these individuals and set them up with access to your publication.

Communicate with Associations and Partnerships

As an expert in your field, you will be involved in many reputable and prestigious associations, partnerships, and more. Our primary aim with each of our publications is to help ensure your innovative and forward-thinking research gets in front of as many people as possible to further expand the current body of scientific knowledge across diverse fields of study. A great opportunity to disseminate this research is if you are currently, or we previously, a part of specific research organizations. We are happy to reach out to the organization on your behalf to develop a mutually beneficial effort, offer exclusive discounts on your publication, or provide other promotional materials. Through these connections, we are able to ensure that your publication is seen and utilized by leading scholars within your field, which will ultimately increase your publication’s citation impact.

For more information or to recommend a research association or organization, please contact IGI Global’s Marketing Team at marketing@igi-global.com or call 1-866-342-6657.

Contribute to a Newsroom Article

IGI Global is constantly looking for the latest news regarding editor and author events, trending research, and developments within the academic community to feature in our Newsroom. Authors and editors are welcome to submit article ideas, Q&A articles, as well as guest pieces to this channel to share their expert opinions, latest developments within their field of research, and updates on conferences and events.

These articles will be seen by our extensive network of over 500,000 professionals, researchers, and librarians. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to be featured on IGI Global’s homepage, in our newsletters, social media, and additional promotional channels, which are seen by over a million individuals a year.

Interested in submitting an article idea? Contact IGI Global’s Marketing Team at marketing@igi-global.com or call 1-866-342-6657.

Please note: All Q&A articles will adhere to IGI Global stylistic standards, and the editors that will be featured will be selected by the IGI Global team. Once the article is drafted, a preview of the article will be sent to the editor for final approval of accuracy.

Create an Editor/Promotional Video

Videos are key promotional materials that allow the academic community to hear directly from the editor or author on why their publication is a critical resource. We strongly encourage you to create your own and will help you every step of the way. These videos are recorded with a simple webcam found on your computer and can be shared through your digital media (i.e. social media, websites, etc.) and IGI Global's promotional channels. IGI Global's Marketing Team will work with you throughout the process and will provide you with a list of questions and best practices guidelines for filming your video. Once recorded you can send your video into IGI Global and our Design Team will edit your video Into a finalized professional format that can be shared to your network.

To view more information regarding our video process, please download our “Video Best Practices,” and contact IGI Global’s Marketing Team at marketing@igi-global.com or call 1-866-342-6657.

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Last Updated April 20, 2021