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Increase Your Book's Impact

Increase Your Book's Impact

Overview of Resources

Best-Selling Book Case Study

See what other IGI Global contributing researchers have done to ensure the wide distribution of their book.

A recently released book, The Role of Child Life Specialists in Community Settings (ISBN:9781668450970), covers research for an extremely niche profession with an estimated total of less than 500 individuals holding this title in the United States.

Even before the official release, this book exceeded 30 copies secured by interested researchers and has maintained a high level of excitement since its debut. Through a cooperative effort by the editors and contributing authors, the importance and relevance of this book was communicated to their small corner of the research community, followed by an outpouring of support.

You can apply the basic principals of their actions, which led this publication to becoming an IGI Global Best-Seller within the first three months of the book’s release, to your own efforts to futher your book's impact on your field.

Meet the Editors:
Antje Mays Genevieve Lowry: worked as a certified child life specialist in a hospitals, today she serves as faculty at Bank Street Graduate School of Education, and founded an online learning/ professional development platform for the field.
Brittany Haynes Lindsey Murphy: Assistant Professor, Program Director at Missouri State University, USA, studied first responder experiences with children in crisis and co-founded Child Life Disaster Relief.
Christopher Vidas Cara Smith: Certified child life specialist in a hospital, clinical instructor at Missouri State University, and has worked with the Wellness and Resiliency program of the Kansas City Police Athletic League and with Child Life Disaster Relief.
IGI Global Newsroom Feature:
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Editors of the Best-Selling Book Discuss the Goals of the Book With Ideal Audience
The Editors of The Role of Child Life Specialists in Community Settings used their professional connections to meet with a relevant organization to their field of study. The meeting allowed for detailed conversation about how the book came to be, and how interested researchers could access it.

What the Contributors Did:

  • Used existing networks: connections to previous employers, industry-specific societies, colleagues, and current and past students
  • Shared news of their book on social media: online networks enhanced their ability to reach a broader audience of like-minded individuals
  • Held a Book Discussion: Hosted by an industry academic society, they discussed the applications and importance of their publication, including a Q&A.
  • Event Recording: Shared the recording of the book discussion video via a YouTube link with the Author Relations Team. Our team featured this book, along with the video, in an article on the IGI Global Newsroom, and embedded the video on the book's webpage, maximizing the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capability of this content to further drive traffic from the internet.

View Their Social Media Publicization:

Increasing Discoverability: 101

The Author Relations team oversees support for more than 2,500 front-list book publications concurrently. The primary function of our team is to optimize the cover images and bibliographic metadata (ONIX) feeds for each book, ensuring their discoverability across various academic library e-commerce, hosting, discoverability, and indexing platforms, including the Web of Science and SCOPUS.
We polish and refine communications templates that guide outreach strategies based on industry and technological (algorithm) needs for the many systems that we must integrate with in support of distributing and networking each book. We are also tasked with educating book editor(s) and author(s) on the importance of sharing their book's release information early on and throughout the shelf life of the book (2-3 years) to their network and beyond, as the editor(s) and author(s) are the experts in each specialized area of research and often have large networks of potential readers beyond IGI Global’s 200,000+ list of direct contacts that we share information with via our marketing email client.
The IGI Global Author Relations Team is working diligently to ensure that IGI Global publications have the greatest impact possible on their applicable field of research.
This includes:
  • Writing each book's description and topics covered before it is released
  • Sharing your publication with our network of global distributors
  • Integrating your publication into major discovery systems / aggregate databases
  • Featuring publications to thousands of librarians, partners, and other researchers
  • Submitting your publication to major indices
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through your book's webpage and Metadata
  • And More

Why does this matter? With more people around the world knowing about your work, you will have greater chances of getting your work cited, a key indicator for indices like Web of Science and Scopus when considering yoru book for indexing.
The single biggest factor in determining your publication’s discoverability is you. To ensure that your publication will have a high discoverability, share your publication out to your network. As the expert in your field, your professional insights and connections can create a grassroots campaign around your title to reach those who need it, and this will naturally increase your citation impact. Eligibility for indexing in prestigious indices, including Web of Science™ and Scopus® can be heavily influenced by a higher citation impact.
Recommend to Your Library

Team up with your librarian to put your work at the fingertips of everyone at your institution.

It is fundamental to the advancement of your research that it is accessible to those who need it. To ensure your citation impact increases, that your field utilizes your research, and that your research is built upon in the future, put us in direct contact with your institution’s librarian. We can help them explore tailored content solutions that include your publication. Your library should respect your contribution to the body of research and acquire your work in order to support and showcase your efforts to the rest of your institution. Your librarian relies upon your expertise, as they lack experience in your specific topic area, making you the best individual to share the importance of your crucial research.

Why does this matter? Libraries are the primary way that IGI Global's books are utilized by researchers around the world. Starting at your own institution, you have the power to rapidly increase the number of researchers that are capable of accessing and citing your work, furthering its notariety within the academic world and with major indices.
Recommend IGI Global’s e-Book Collection: Gain access to thousands of books through your recommendation to your librarian. Your book is guaranteed to be included in several of our e-Book Collection options.

Recommend IGI Global’s e-Collections here, or contact us and introduce our team to your librarian.
Share Your Book With Colleagues

You see them almost every day – they should know about your book!

Networking imagery
Increase your book's visibility, citation impact, and reach by sharing details about it with your own academic community. This will showcase the value of your research to your peers, encouraging them to utilize it in their research endeavors.
Spread the word of your research through:

  • IGI Global’s
    “Colleague Recommendation Form”
  • Recommend Your Publication for
    Course Adoption

Why does this matter? Your colleagues deserve to hear about your exciting work! They are an integral part of your network, and key to helping you increase awareness of your publication. They most likely have some contacts in their network who need your research that you don't' know - yet. This is a great opportunity to make new connections and build up your networking skills. The bigger your network, again, the more chances you have to garner citations and ultimately lead to indexing and building the prestige of your work. This can all culminate into career advancement within your field, and possibly even tenure at your institution.
  • IGI Global’s “Colleague Recommendation Form”:
    • Ensure your colleagues around the world are aware of this publication so they can take advantage of this emerging research.
    • Locate the form beneath the Discoverability tab in the eEditorial Discovery® system.
    • Share With Your Colleagues the 35% Discount code to use on any IGI Global Book.*
    • They can use this code to affordably acquire your title.
    • They can also distribute the code to students in their students to have individual copies.
    • Apply the coupon code IGI35 during the checkout process to take advantage of this offer.
    • Note: This discount can only be used when ordering directly through the IGI Global Online Bookstore by individuals. It cannot be used for purchases by libraries for multi-user access.
  • Recommend Your Publication for Course Adoption:
    • Set the groundwork for educating and inspiring the next generation of researchers to build upon your advancements
    • Learn about our streamlined process
    • Provide students with specialized discounts to ensure they can affordably access this publication
    • Share your IGI35 discount with your students to help them utilize your research
    • Work with us directly for orders for your campus’s bookstore
    • Adopt your publication into your own course
Take Advantage of Your Exclusive Contributor Discount

As a valued contributor, you get 50% off ANY IGI Global Book.

Furthering your academic career often requires that you have access to the latest findings in your field. Understanding this need, we want you to take 50% off your purchase of any IGI Global Book as one of our valued contributors. To apply the discount, simply log into your IGI Global Portal Account first, then add any book of your choice to the shopping cart. When you view the books, they will automatically display your special pricing before you even add them to the cart, so the only difference you will see in the checkout will be due to taxes based on your location, or shipping costs for printed products.

Why does this matter? Our books are priced for libraries that provide access to books for dozens to thousands of people. This makes the price a bit higher than what most individuals can invest, and we understand this. To avoid the confusion of having two sets of prices, we want you to be able to reach the research you need, so we provide this discount to you.
Use your Discount and Save on the Latest Research Today

If you are looking at this page online, you are already signed in and can click on the IGI Global Logo to start exploring our book selection.

Retrospective Open Access with IGI Global

Retrospective Open Access

By unlocking your previously published copyrighted research, you will enable your research to be discovered & used by thousands of researchers worldwide, providing your research the highest citation impact.

Why You Should Consider Converting Your Work to Open Access

  • Increase Citation Rates & Indexing Potential
  • Greater Notoriety for Authors’ and Editors’ Academic Institutions
  • Greater Sharing Power and Discoverability for the Authors and Editors
  • Copyright Returned to the Authors and Editors (Converted to CC Licensing)
  • Content Becomes Free to Access by All Researchers Around the World
  • Contents of the Unlocked Work Can Be Utilized in Future Publications and Teaching Materials
  • Opportunity for Additional Research Collaborations
  • Affordable Open Access Conversion Fees
  • Institutions Funding Conversions Will Benefit From a Wide Range of Promotional Materials Highlighting the Funding Sponsorship

Case Study
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Promote Your Publication on Social Media

Are you active on social media?

As we all know, Social Media is the new avenue to broaden your networks. As a key factor in making your title more discoverable to more people around the world, use this invaluable tool to share news and updates about your publication from early drafts through publishing, and more.

Be sure to follow and tag
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Increase the shelf life of your publication by:

  • Tagging societies, organizations, researchers, and others who may be interested in your work
  • Connecting your research to recent news and events
  • Sharing press releases, videos, and more about your book
  • Use your cover image, located beneath the Discoverability tab in the eEditorial Discovery® system, on social media and start a discussion around your publication
Communicate with Associations and Partnerships

Team up with organizations that are likely eager to have the exciting news of your work.

Use your reputable and prestigious associations, partnerships, with which you are affiliated to ensure your innovative research gets in front of as many people as possible to further expand the current body of scientific knowledge across diverse fields of study. These groups can support your research though the promotion of your publication, and are often proud to showcase the impressive work of their members. If desired, the IGI Global Author Relations Team will work with these groups to provide materials.

Work With Us
  • Provide custom discounts for their members to purchase your publication directly on the IGI Global Online Bookstore
  • Provide members with information on where the book can be purchased, including Amazon, GOBI Library Solutions, Oasis, and many other international partners.
  • Plan a book launch hosted by your affiliated organizations
  • And more
Adopt Your Publication Into a Course

Get the next generation of researchers excited about your field – and your research contributions.

IGI Global offers a personalized Course Adoption Program that allows your students to purchase the discounted publication directly through IGI Global’s Online Bookstore or through your university’s bookstore.

Case Study Case Study:
Bringing Tomorrow’s Solutions for Today’s Innovations:
IGI Global Continues to Broaden the Scope for Classrooms

Through our course adoption program, industry-leading research is provided to graduate classrooms at a fraction of the price to ensure that educators can expand the scope of knowledge in their courses... Read More >
Garner Book Reviews

No voice is heard louder or taken more seriously than a fellow expert in your field.

Do you know other industry experts who would be interested in your book’s topic? Invite other leaders in your field to review your recent book publication, because the support of other experts in your field shows how valued your research is in your field . These testimonials by industry-leading scholars help increase your publication’s creditability, SEO, and visibility in your field.

For Questions or Assistance:
Contact Us
To garner book reviews:

  • Reach out to researchers in your field who may have interest in reviewing your book.
  • Introduce them to us at authorrelations@igi-global.com as a potential book reviewer.
  • The Author Relations Team can set them up with temporary e-access to your title for one month.
Upon submitting a positive review, the Author Relations Team will:

  • Add the review to your book’s webpage and alert you to this development.
  • Share the review with our own distribution channels of other contributors and partners.
  • Distribute the review on social media, so you can easily reshare with your own network.
Create a Video to Support Your Publication

No one understands your research as well as you do.

You have a unique position of authority to discuss your publication and share its significance to others in your field. Hearing directly from you on why your research is a critical resource has great impact, and videos are a simple way to have a personal connection with like-minded researchers in your field.

Work with us to create a video discussing questions your research answers and what motivated you to start the project.

Start a Video Plan:

  • Download our Recommended Video Questions
  • Record with your computer or smartphone webcam
  • Send your video to IGI Global, along with notes about timestamps where you need the video to be edited
  • The video will be uploaded to IGI Global’s YouTube Channel, where it can be share the video out to your professional and social networks
  • The Author Relations Team will embed the video on your book’s webpage and distributed it to our network of researchers and librarians

Work With Us
View Video
View Video
View Video
View Video
Increase Discoverability at a Conference or Event

These events create opportunities to start conversations about your innovative research.

Conferences and other events enable you to showcase your research, providing you with a valuable opportunity to be seen by others in your field and a chance to pave the way for future collaborations.

Customized Materials that IGI Global can provide for Your Conferences and Events:

  • Book Brochure: Showcases key elements of your publication including copyright year, description, topics covered, pricing information, and more.
  • Custom Conference Discounts: Offers conference attendees a special discounted price to be utilized at conferences and events.
  • Cover Image(s): A high-quality, downloadable cover image of your publication that you can utilize when you are sharing your publication through digital media (i.e. social media, online websites, blogs, etc.), print media, as well as your email signature, and more.
  • Event Press Release: Announces the details of your event, including time, date, how to join, and additional details of your book. After the event, if a public recording is available to share, the recording will be added to the press release and your book’s web page.

Request Materials
Are you a keynote speaker, panelist, or session leader?

The IGI Global Author Relations Team shares editor and author news to with our full network of librarians, researchers, and partners. Keep IGI Global up-to-date on your latest endeavors and events, so that we can highlight your accomplishments through our IGI Global Newsroom, postcards, and other promotional outlets. Click on the “Submit Your Conferences & Events Form,” located beneath the Discoverability tab in the eEditorial Discovery® system.
Contribute to a Newsroom (Blog) Article

Do you have an idea for an article?

Submit your blog post ideas or other guest pieces to our Author Relations Team to share expert opinions in your industry. Our most popular formats for pieces posted to our Newsroom include:

  • Q&As
  • Trending research articles
  • Recent Developments within the academic community
  • The latest news regarding editor and author events, including any conferences, events, etc.
  • And More

Please note: All Q&A articles will adhere to IGI Global stylistic standards, and the editors featured will be selected by the IGI Global Author Relations Team. Once the article is drafted, a preview of the article will be sent to the editor for accuracy verification.

Submit an Article Concept
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Last Updated April 1, 2024