Ethical Phone for a Fair, Circular, and Sustainable Future: Fairphone Business Case and Possible Application in a Smart City Context

Sara Romagnoli (BSC Consulting, Italy), Sofia Brunelli (A2A, Italy), Camilla Bruscino (Deloitte, Italy), Alessio Ciotti (LabGov.City, Italy), Sofia Di Giò Pietro (PwC, Italy), Tommaso Dumontel (LabGov.City, Italy), Chiara Fusari (Agricolus S.r.l., Italy), and Francesca Nacca (Gorillas, Italy)
Copyright: © 2022 |Pages: 94
EISBN13: 9781668481905|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-5001-7.ch004
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Fairphone is a Dutch company that produces ethical mobile phones relying on a circular business model. The company was born after a campaign condemning the “bloody minerals” sourced by the mobile phone industry and the huge amount of e-waste this industry produces. For what attains the reduction of e-waste, Fairphone is implementing both slowing and closing resource loop strategies to reduce the tendency of rapid smartphone replacements. Fairphone is also engaging in complex supply chain management operations to assure that all its partners provide high quality social standards. Given the complexity of the business model, Fairphone has created a unique network of stakeholders, with customers playing a pivotal role, each providing fundamental help. Given the innovative and holistic approach Fairphone is implementing, the company could also generate positive effects in the growing field of smart cities. The chapter is dedicated to the analysis of Fairphone's business case and the positive impacts the company could generate within smart cities.
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