Skating on Thin Ice at Enti: HRM or Employee Bullying?

Niveen Labib Eid (Birzeit University, Palestine) and Devi Akella (Albany State University, USA)
Copyright: © 2021 |Pages: 192
EISBN13: 9781799886211|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-5820-1.ch008
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This case study highlights how various human resources management (HRM) policies and practices at ENTI, a Palestinian non-governmental organization (NGO), can be deconstructed as depersonalized forms of 'workplace bullying' which exert a totalitarian form of control and domination over employees. It further examines how external sociopolitical forces at the macro level can be held responsible for management's autocratic regimes, where employees are closely monitored and psychologically controlled. In pursuit of explaining the complex dynamics of employee relations, workplace bullying, and HRM, the case utilizes an interpretative inquiry based on critical theoretical lens of Foucault's disciplinary power frameworks. HRM in rhetoric is a management responsibility which is primarily concerned with employees, their welfare, growth, and development. However, this case reveals the complete opposite, in the form of startling, critical insights from an under researched sector, that of the (NGOs) which have been historically envisaged as altruistic organizations and ideal workplaces.
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