When IT Slows Down the Pace of Change: Upgrading Business Systems at Braebill Company

Michael A. Eierman (University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, USA) and Jakob H. Iversen (University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, USA)
Copyright: © 2009 |Pages: 41
EISBN13: 9781605667454|DOI: 10.4018/jcit.2009040103
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This case discusses the process and challenges of identifying and adopting an ERP system at Braebill Company. The desire to investigate ERP solutions was brought about by their recent adoption of Lean Manufacturing and its associated kaizen events, which allowed them to change their business processes very quickly. However, their homegrown IT systems are difficult to change, and cannot always accommodate the rapid changes in the business processes. IT management wants to adopt a new ERP system to replace many of their existing homegrown systems. This process is complicated by the need for significant flexibility in the adopted system, by a desire to standardize platforms across all companies held by Braebill, and by a previous effort by a sister company to adopt an ERP system. The Braebill IT organization will have to navigate a complex political and organizational environment to successfully adopt an adequate ERP system.
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