Transformative Practice in Higher Education
Includes 11 Titles

Transformative Practice in Higher Education

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Education is a field that is constantly changing as new learning theories, designs, and technologies emerge as a solution to transform the learning experience for students of all ages. Higher education in particular is at the forefront of discussion as student needs and expectations are undergoing a tremendous shift, as are the demands of the modern workforce and society at large.

The Transformative Practice in Higher Education topic collection presents 11 research-based book titles released during the 2015 and 2016 copyright years that examine the changes occurring in post-secondary education in addition to solutions for meeting the needs of modern students. Taking a multi-faceted approach to key topics in higher education research, including funding, technology integration, open learning, student diversity, and the internationalization of learning, this collection is an all-inclusive reference source for educators, university administrators, educational technology developers, researchers, and graduate-level students studying education.

Release date: January 1, 2016
ISBN13: 9781522504214|EISBN13: 9781522504221


A social institution that helps to fuel innovation and next-generation leadership, education is a constantly changing field. The Transformative Practice in Higher Education topic collection features 11 book titles released during the 2015 and 2016 copyright years that emphasize the latest research on critical topics relevant to higher education institutions. Emphasizing trending topics including, but not limited to higher education funding, technology integration, open learning, student diversity, and the internationalization of learning, this comprehensive collection is essential to the research needs of educators, university administrators, educational technology developers, researchers, and graduate-level students studying education.

Topics Covered

  • Credentialing
  • Distance Learning
  • Educational Technologies
  • Gender Diversity
  • Higher Education Administration
  • Higher Education Funding
  • Learning Theories
  • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
  • Mobile Learning
  • Multicultural Education
  • Student Services and Support

Books Included in this Collection

Open Learning and Formal Credentialing in Higher Education: Curriculum Models and Institutional Policies
Shirley Reushle (University of Southern Queensland, Australia), Amy Antonio (University of Southern Queensland, Australia), Mike Keppell (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia). © 2016. 343 pages.
The discipline of education is a multi-faceted system that must constantly integrate new strategies and procedures to ensure successful learning experiences. Enhancements in education provide learners with greater opportunities for growth and advancement. Open Learning and Formal Credentialing in...
Facilitating Higher Education Growth through Fundraising and Philanthropy
Henry C. Alphin Jr. (Drexel University, USA), Jennie Lavine (Higher Colleges of Technology, United Arab Emirates), Stormy Stark (Pennsylvania State University, USA), Adam Hocker (Pennsylvania State University, USA). © 2016. 372 pages.
Many institutions facing dwindling state and government funding often rely on the patronage of others in order to establish monetary security. These donations assist in the overall success and development of the institution, as well as the students who attend. Facilitating Higher Education Growth...
User-Centered Design Strategies for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
Ricardo Mendoza-Gonzalez (Instituto Tecnologico de Aguascalientes, Mexico). © 2016. 323 pages.
In today’s society, educational opportunities have evolved beyond the traditional classroom setting. Most universities have implemented virtual learning environments in an effort to provide more opportunities for potential or current students seeking alternative and more affordable learning solutions....
Campus Support Services, Programs, and Policies for International Students
Krishna Bista (Morgan State University, USA), Charlotte Foster (Missouri Western State University, USA). © 2016. 354 pages.
Study abroad programs have proven beneficial for both the international student as well as the domestic community and school population interacting with the student. In an effort to promote cultural awareness, intercultural communications as well as opportunities for future study abroad program...
New Voices in Higher Education Research and Scholarship
Filipa M. Ribeiro (University of Porto, Portugal), Yurgos Politis (University College Dublin, Ireland), Bojana Culum (University of Rijeka, Croatia). © 2015. 367 pages.
Higher Education systems and universities worldwide are constantly being transformed due to ever-changing practices and policies. Recent research reveals the challenges between society and higher education continue to grow. New Voices in Higher Education Research and Scholarship explores the role of...
Assessing the Role of Mobile Technologies and Distance Learning in Higher Education
Patricia Ordóñez de Pablos (University of Oviedo, Spain), Robert D. Tennyson (University of Minnesota, USA), Miltiadis D. Lytras (American College of Greece, Greece). © 2015. 377 pages.
In recent years, the use of information technologies, mobile devices, and social media, along with the evolving needs of students, professionals, and academics, has grown rapidly. New ways of bringing learning content to students, new learning environments, and new teaching practices are necessary to...
Handbook of Research on Innovative Technology Integration in Higher Education
Fredrick Muyia Nafukho (Texas A&M University, USA), Beverly J. Irby (Texas A&M University, USA). © 2015. 478 pages.
Our increasingly globalized world is driven by shared knowledge, and nowhere is that knowledge more important than in education. Now more than ever, there is a demand for technology that will assist in the spread of knowledge through customized, self-paced, and on-demand learning. The Handbook of...
Furthering Higher Education Possibilities through Massive Open Online Courses
Anabela Mesquita (CICE – ISCAP / Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal & Algoritmi RC, Minho University, Portugal), Paula Peres (CICE – ISCAP / Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal). © 2015. 311 pages.
In recent years, technological advancements have enabled higher-learning institutions to offer millions of independent learners the opportunity to participate in open-access online courses. As this practice expands, drawing considerable media attention, questions continue to arise regarding pedagogical...
Supporting Multiculturalism and Gender Diversity in University Settings
Molly Y. Zhou (Dalton State College, USA). © 2015. 334 pages.
Despite modern technology and the focus on international business striving to make the world a smaller place, many organizations still struggle with the need for diversity and multiculturalism. This issue is also present in academia, as women of color and those previously perceived to be in the ethnic...
Macro-Level Learning through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): Strategies and Predictions for the Future
Elspeth McKay (RMIT University, Australia), John Lenarcic (RMIT University, Australia). © 2015. 306 pages.
To some in academia, Massive Open Online Courses are a paradigm shift in online education, while others perceive them as a threat to traditional styles of pedagogy. In this regard, the time-honored model of the university lecture is seen as being a potential casualty of the rise of MOOCs. Macro-Level...
Handbook of Research on Advancing Critical Thinking in Higher Education
Sherrie Wisdom (Lindenwood University, USA), Lynda Leavitt (Lindenwood University, USA). © 2015. 567 pages.
The importance of critical thinking has surged as academics in higher education realize that many students, upon entering college, lack the critical thinking skills necessary to succeed. While much has been written regarding the ‘lack’ of critical thinking, less has been written on the success of...