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Transformative Practice in Higher Education

Education is a field that is constantly changing as new learning theories, designs, and technologies emerge as a solution to transform the learning experience for students of all ages. Higher education in particular is at the forefront of discussion as student needs and expectations are undergoing a tremendous shift, as are the demands of the modern workforce and society at large.

The Transformative Practice in Higher Education topic collection presents 11 research-based book titles released during the 2015 and 2016 copyright years that examine the changes occurring in post-secondary education in addition to solutions for meeting the needs of modern students. Taking a multi-faceted approach to key topics in higher education research, including funding, technology integration, open learning, student diversity, and the internationalization of learning, this collection is an all-inclusive reference source for educators, university administrators, educational technology developers, researchers, and graduate-level students studying education.

Includes 11 titles. Released January 1, 2016.
ISBN13: 9781522504214; EISBN13: 9781522504221; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781522504238
Tourism, Leisure, and Sports Industries

Individuals around the world spend billions of dollars annually on leisure activities, travel, and dining out as a means of entertainment. The profitability of the tourism, hospitality, and entertainment industries has been a catalyst for further research and study in order to further advance practice in the field.

The Tourism, Leisure, and Sports Industries topic collection consists of 10 research-based publications highlighting the latest strategies, methodologies, and trends in the entertainment, travel, and hospitality industries. The books featured in this topic collection are essential to furthering the research available in the field as well as providing real-world examples, applications, and case studies. Managers, professionals, researchers, academics, and students studying in the areas of travel, tourism, hospitality, and sports management will find this collection especially relevant to their professional and academic research needs.

Includes 10 titles. Released October 1, 2015.
ISBN13: 9781466698246; EISBN13: 9781466698253; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781466698260
Politics, Government, and Social Activism

The internet has introduced society to a new era of hyper connectivity where communicating and sharing ideas is easier than ever. Heightened levels of connectivity have proven beneficial across sectors and especially within the realms of politics, civic engagement, and public administration.

The Politics, Government, and Social Activism topic collection features 11 timely reference publications led by researchers from around the world on political ideologies and campaigns, public administration and policy, and citizen engagement. Comprised of books highlighting the most up-to-date research in the field with a particular emphasis on the role of technology in the public sphere, this inclusive book collection is ideal for adoption by government and university libraries as well as for personal use by campaign managers, politicians, government officials, researchers, and graduate students.

Includes 11 titles. Released July 1, 2015.
ISBN13: 9781466694996; EISBN13: 9781466695009; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781466695016
Global Economic Development and Theory

Examining the processes, consumption habits, and services available in the global economy can lead to a greater understanding of the global financial system as well as the financial prosperity and stability of particular regions. Many factors contribute to economic development, downturn, and growth, making economics a vast field of study with several essential components.

The Global Economic Development and Theory explores several topics of study within the scope of economics, bringing together research from global theorists, economists, business professionals, and scholars in the field. Focusing on the factors that contribute to both economic growth and economic downturn, methods for analyzing and responding to economic data as well as both regional and global perspectives, this comprehensive collection presents key research designed for use by economists, researchers, policymakers, government officials, business professionals, and graduate-level students.

Includes 10 titles. Released April 1, 2015.
ISBN13: 9781466687172; EISBN13: 9781466687189; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781466687196
Healthcare Delivery, Quality, and Administration

Healthcare is a widely debated topic within the academic as well as the political landscape. While healthcare systems and policies vary around the world, access to current research on emerging solutions for healthcare delivery, quality, and administration can greatly assist in effectively catering to the health needs of the global population.

The Healthcare Delivery, Quality, and Administration collection includes 12 scholarly titles focusing on the latest research pertaining to all facets of delivering, managing, and improving healthcare services. Focusing on the patient experience, managerial solutions, as well as global implications, this collection offers a diverse set of publications essential to the reference collection of medical specialists, government officials, healthcare administrators, business professionals working in healthcare settings, and students and academics studying in the field.

Includes 12 titles. Released January 1, 2015.
ISBN13: 9781466683099; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781466683075; EISBN13: 9781466683082
Environmental Sustainability

In recent years, the health and sustainability of the environment and natural resources has become a topic of great interest among scholars, researchers, as well as the general public. Modern day concerns such as climate change, depletion of energy resources, and the impact the environment has on human health has brought about a new era of initiatives to promote environmental wellbeing.

The Environmental Sustainability collection includes 10 timely titles, published during the 2013 and 2014 copyright years, focusing on the latest initiatives for a greener future. Including research-based discussions on topics pertaining to environmental education, renewable energy, environmental policy, the green economy as well as sustainable development, this essential collection is ideally designed for use by environmental scientists, researchers, engineers, advanced level students, conservationists, and policymakers.

Includes 10 titles. Released October 1, 2014.
ISBN13: 9781466674349; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781466674325; EISBN13: 9781466674332
Human Resources and Organizational Efficiency

Organizational success is largely dependent on the collective effort and support of a group of innovative and diverse individuals. This valuable collection includes 17 research-based titles (books) on diverse topics relating to organizational development, personnel management, and diversity in the modern workforce. Focusing on effective strategies and managerial practice, this comprehensive collection will be an essential reference source for business professionals, managers, upper-level students, researchers, as well as human resources specialists.

Includes 17 titles. Released July 1, 2014.
ISBN13: 9781466666450; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781466666436; EISBN13: 9781466666443
Data Science
Data serves as a building block of knowledge, presenting information useful in analyzing, valuing, and understanding an array of topics. Having the tools necessary to collect, assess, and apply data to real-world settings is essential in any research field. The Data Science collection features 17 research-based works on various topics relating to big data, data mining, data analytics, data warehousing, statistics, and pattern analysis. This comprehensive collection showcases IGI Global’s commitment to producing high-quality academic reference works for academicians, researchers, upper-level students, and data scientists interested in learning more about data extraction, analysis, and management.
Includes 17 titles. Released April 1, 2014.
ISBN13: 9781466663374; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781466663367; EISBN13: 9781466663381
Globalization and Governance
The information age has allowed for greater connectivity across nations, bringing together new ideas and opportunities for governance as well as creating strong political alliances internationally. This comprehensive book bundle includes 18 scholarly titles on diverse topics in public policy, e-government, public administration, digital democracy, and politics. It is a pertinent resource for researchers, government officials, policy makers, technology practitioners, and students interested in the latest research on the impact of globalization and information technology on governance.
Includes 18 titles. Released January 1, 2014.
ISBN13: 9781466650770; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781466650756; EISBN13: 9781466650763
Marketing and Customer Relationship Management
Customer-centered behavior is a valuable factor in the successful marketing strategies of any organization or business. This valuable book bundle includes 16 scholarly titles on marketing, consumer management, customer relationship management, business technologies, electronic services, and many more. It is an ideal resource for marketing practitioners, researchers, corporate managers, and students interested in the management and study of customer relationships and its influence on marketing strategies.
Includes 16 titles. Released October 1, 2013.
ISBN13: 9781466646063; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781466646049; EISBN13: 9781466646056
Computer Vision and Image Processing
Advancements in digital technology continue to influence the design and application of multimedia processing. This comprehensive book bundle of 19 scholarly titles highlights topics of computer vision, image processing, bioinformatics, multimedia technologies, digital communication, and more. It is a valuable reference for academicians, researchers, and practitioners interested in the emerging technologies of the imaging science field.
Includes 19 titles. Released July 1, 2013.
ISBN13: 9781466642850; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781466642836; EISBN13: 9781466642843
E-Adoption in Developing Countries
Technology adoption in developing countries has enhanced the participation in affairs on an international level. This comprehensive book bundle of 16 scholarly titles covers topics on the digital divide & developing countries, electronic government, global business, global information technology, sustainable development, and many more. It is an essential reference for scholars, academics, and practitioners interested in providing a framework for the relationship between technology and growth in developing countries.
Includes 16 titles. Released April 1, 2013.
ISBN13: 9781466638853; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781466638839; EISBN13: 9781466638846
Socio-Economic Impacts of Technology
Advancements in technology have not only impacted our society but have had a significant influence on our economic growth. This valuable book bundle includes 16 scholarly titles on business technologies, electronic government, industrial informatics, e-commerce, software & systems design and many more. It is an ideal resource for practitioners, researchers and students interested in gaining knowledge on the enhancements of economic and societal fields through information technology.
Includes 16 titles. Released January 1, 2013.
ISBN13: 9781466627697; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781466627673; EISBN13: 9781466627680
Business Ethics, Data Analysis, and Decision Support
This book bundle of resources is specifically designed to diffuse knowledge on effective methods and strategies for successful business practice and design, on subjects ranging from technology and the application of decision-making support systems, to data analysis and the ethics of business practice.
Includes 18 titles. Released November 1, 2012.
ISBN13: 9781466625778; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781466625754; EISBN13: 9781466625761
Cloud, Grid, and High Performance Computing
Recent advancements in cloud, grid, and high performance computing have transformed the way in which both individuals and organizations compute, communicate, and collaborate. This comprehensive book bundle includes 18 scholarly titles on a variety of topics related to grid and high performance computing, electronic services and service science, systems and software engineering, and many more. It is a valuable resource for academicians, researchers, and practitioners seeking knowledge on the latest practices and applications in the field.
Includes 18 titles. Released October 1, 2012.
ISBN13: 9781466621336; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781466621312; EISBN13: 9781466621329
Culture and Diversity in Education
Technology is key in a well-rounded and culturally-rich educational experience. This unique book bundle includes 17 scholarly titles on a various topics related to education, including adult learning, applied e-learning, blended and mobile learning, computer-assisted language learning, distance education, engineering education, gender and technology, instructional design, virtual learning environments, web-based teaching and learning, and many more. It is a valuable resource for faculty, administrators, and researchers interested in introducing culture and diversity to current educational programs.
Includes 17 titles. Released September 1, 2012.
ISBN13: 9781466621305; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781466621282; EISBN13: 9781466621299
Transformative Tools and Social Advocacy
Are you looking for resources to help your local community transform society, promote social justice, or rally for a favored cause? This specialized book bundle includes 17 scholarly titles on a wide range of topics including applied e-learning, e-collaboration, electronic government, global information technology, human resources development, public and sector management, and many more. It is a valuable resource for all those with a desire to educate potential activists about successful mobilization strategies, organizational culture, and overcoming pre-existing social norms, be it in government, the classroom, or urban environments.
Includes 17 titles. Released August 1, 2012.
ISBN13: 9781466620377; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781466620353; EISBN13: 9781466620360
Business Innovations in Modern Organizations
Information Technology has a significant impact on the collective knowledge of an organization and the way in which it operates. This invaluable book bundle includes 17 scholarly titles on topics ranging from information security and privacy to e-collaboration to IT governance, and many more. It is a valuable resource for academicians, researchers, and business leaders navigating the ever-changing organizational landscape.
Includes 17 titles. Released July 1, 2012.
ISBN13: 9781466618473; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781466618459; EISBN13: 9781466618466
Electrical Engineering and Industrial Informatics
As the growing interest for industrial and engineering systems becomes more widespread, there becomes a need to produce them with intelligence and self-diagnosing properties. This valuable book bundle includes 14 scholarly titles that cover topics on industrial informatics, electrical engineering, nanotechnology, industrial engineering, wireless systems, and much more. This is an excellent resource equally suitable for researchers, academics, and practitioners.
Includes 14 titles. Released June 1, 2012.
ISBN13: 9781466617391; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781466617377; EISBN13: 9781466617384
Virtual Learning Environments
Through the use of online course delivery systems, the concept of online education has become more familiar to educators. This extensive book bundle of 18 scholarly titles covers topics on education technology, virtual learning environments, adult learning, distance education, and much more. It is an excellent resource for educators who aspire to incorporate an online element to their learning environment.
Includes 18 titles. Released May 1, 2012.
ISBN13: 9781466616639; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781466616615; EISBN13: 9781466616622
Cognitive Informatics
Many different methods are used in the scientific study of the mind and its processes. Cognitive informatics is a multidisciplinary study of cognition and information sciences. This extensive book bundle includes 17 scholarly titles covering topics on cognitive informatics, cognitive learning, intelligent technologies, educational technologies, and many more. This is a valuable resource for researchers, practitioners, and students to benefit from the connections between natural science and informatics.
Includes 17 titles. Released April 1, 2012.
ISBN13: 9781466616608; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781466616585; EISBN13: 9781466616592
Curriculum Development and Instructional Design
The increased popularity of higher education in the last decade has greatly impacted the practice of devising instructional plans and curricula, as professors must cater to a wider variety of learners. This notable book bundle of 17 scholarly titles addresses topics on instructional design, adult learning, blended and mobile learning, as well as applied e-learning, and much more. This compilation of research aids professors and instructors in improving learning strategies that focuses on today's learner.
Includes 17 titles. Released March 1, 2012.
ISBN13: 9781466603479; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781466603455; EISBN13: 9781466603462
Assistive, Therapeutic, and Support Technologies
Improvements in medical care with the use of assistive and support technologies will play an important role in the future of medical technology. This essential book bundle of 14 scholarly titles covers topics on educational technologies, medical and healthcare technologies, social technologies, human computer interaction, and much more. It is an exciting resource for students, scholars, and healthcare providers with a desire to learn more on the impact technology will have on the future of healthcare.
Includes 14 titles. Released February 1, 2012.
ISBN13: 9781466603448; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781466603424; EISBN13: 9781466603431
Privacy and Protection in the Digital Age
Information technology plays a major role in every aspect of daily lives, whether it is socially or professionally; making the demand for privacy and protection of information crucial. This comprehensive book bundle of 17 scholarly titles covers topics on information communication, IT standards, IT privacy and policy, technology law, and much more. It provides innovative research for students in the field of information systems, as well as IT practitioners.
Includes 17 titles. Released January 1, 2012.
ISBN13: 9781466603417; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781466603394; EISBN13: 9781466603400
Supply Chain Management
The rapid pace of technology has forced researchers to develop innovative techniques for handling new challenges in supply chain systems. This exciting book bundle includes 16 scholarly titles covering topics on computational intelligence, customer relationship management, decision support systems, digital signal processing, distribution management, enterprise information systems, and much more. It is a valuable resource for academicians and practitioners keen on streamlining the flow of both information and materials across supply chains.
Includes 16 titles. Released December 1, 2011.
ISBN13: 9781613504253; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781613504239; EISBN13: 9781613504246
Biometrics and Surveillance Technologies
In today's globalized society, privacy and security are paramount concerns in both the public and private sectors. This exciting book bundle includes 14 scholarly titles covering topics on continuous authentication, RFID technology, location-based services, spatiotemporal pattern analysis, wearable computing, gaze tracking, and much more. It is well suited for researchers and professionals interested in the practical application of biometric and surveillance technologies, as well as legal analysts and IT specialists interested in protecting the privacy of individuals and corporations.
Includes 14 titles. Released November 1, 2011.
ISBN13: 9781613504222; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781613504208; EISBN13: 9781613504215
New Media
New media is changing the world. It occurs in nearly every aspect of daily life, whether socially, culturally, legally, or politically. This book bundle of 18 scholarly titles explores such topics as interactive digital media, the global digital economy, social networking, virtual reality, cyber behavior, and much more. It is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the advancement of multimedia technology and the affect it has on today's society.
Includes 18 titles. Released October 1, 2011.
ISBN13: 9781613504024; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781613504000; EISBN13: 9781613504017
Collaborative and Virtual Work
Organizations rely on collaboration in order to survive and grow in today’s globalized world. This expansive book bundle of 19 scholarly titles covers topics such as distributed teams, virtual communities, the collaborative Web, trust in virtual environments, and much more, making it an ideal resource for academics and professionals with an interest in the use of technology to coordinate the efforts of individuals and accomplish an organization’s goals.
Includes 19 titles. Released September 1, 2011.
ISBN13: 9781613503997; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781613503973; EISBN13: 9781613503980
E-Democracy and E-Participation
The effective use of Internet technologies to provide public services has become an important goal for governments around the world. This extensive book bundle includes 19 scholarly titles covering topics on the global digital divide, public sector reform, civic engagement, online activism, and much more. It is a valuable resource for researchers and practitioners who want to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government services.
Includes 19 titles. Released August 1, 2011.
ISBN13: 9781613503966; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781613503942; EISBN13: 9781613503959
Technology in Healthcare
Recent technological advancements within the healthcare sector have greatly improved the efficiency and productivity of hospitals, clinics, diagnostics, and health administration services, in turn making patient records more accessible, allowing for global health networking, and increasing access to and quality of healthcare. This extensive book bundle includes 19 scholarly titles covering topics on healthcare information systems, smart healthcare applications, electronic medical records, telehealth, and much more. It is a valuable resource for students, scholars, patients, healthcare providers, and policymakers with a desire to better understand the ways healthcare is affected by advancing technologies.
Includes 19 titles. Released July 1, 2011.
ISBN13: 9781613502129; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781613502105; EISBN13: 9781613502112
Online Social Behavior
Modern advancements in technology have changed the way that people interact, making research on online social behavior increasingly relevant. This exciting book bundle of 17 scholarly titles covering topics on cyber behavior, social computing, gender and technology, computer-mediated-communication, human aspects of technology, and much more offers a defining body of research for both students and professionals who want to improve their understanding of the complex evolution of technology’s effect on social norms.
Includes 17 titles. Released June 1, 2011.
ISBN13: 9781609609993; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781609609979; EISBN13: 9781609609986
Adult Learning Technologies
Considering the growth of online education programs, as well as the demand for more schooling to get ahead in a troubled economy, this book bundle of 16 scholarly titles addresses in-demand topics on higher, adult, and distance education, professional development and ePortfolios, collaborative and self-directed learning, and much more. This compelling compilation of research aids professionals in improving instructional training strategies to educate students in today’s information age.
Includes 16 titles. Released May 1, 2011.
ISBN13: 9781609609962; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781609609948; EISBN13: 9781609609955
Online Tourism and Digital Economies
As the ideology of globalization perpetuates, research on Online Tourism and Digital Economies becomes increasingly prevalent. This exciting book bundle includes 13 scholarly titles covering topics on hospitality, travel and tourism management, consumer management, e-commerce, the digital divide and developing countries, and much more. It is a valuable resource for students, scholars, and practitioners with a desire to cultivate a global vision for the management of cultural content and tourism.
Includes 13 titles. Released April 1, 2011.
ISBN13: 9781609608156; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781609608170; EISBN13: 9781609608163
Semantic Web and Web Services
Allowing end-users to share and communicate information online has made the Semantic Web and Web Services key areas of study in the past several years. This relevant book bundle of 18 scholarly titles covers a wide range of topics including Computer-Mediated Communication, Context-Aware Computing, Fuzzy Models, Ontological Engineering, Peer-to-Peer Networks, Service-Oriented Architecture, and much more. It is ideal for IT students, researchers, and software developers who want to enhance their knowledge of matters related to Semantic Web and Web services.
Includes 18 titles. Released March 1, 2011.
ISBN13: 9781609608125; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781609608149; EISBN13: 9781609608132
Business Intelligence
This significant book bundle of 17 scholarly titles covers topics on supply networks, neural networks, computational intelligence, economic forecasting, and business continuity. It is well suited for researchers and professionals interested in business intelligence technologies and their practical applications, as well as policymakers in business organizations and government systems.
Includes 17 titles. Released February 1, 2011.
ISBN13: 9781609608095; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781609608118; EISBN13: 9781609608101
Information Warfare and Homeland Security
This timely book bundle of 18 scholarly titles covers topics on cyber warfare and terrorism, digital crime and forensics, and information security and privacy. It is well suited for academic and professional researchers, government officials, military professionals, and industry consultants.
Includes 18 titles. Released January 1, 2011.
ISBN13: 9781609608064; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781609608088; EISBN13: 9781609608071
Mobile & Wireless Networking
Ideal for Web developers, business professionals and technology administrators, this premier book bundle of 16 scholarly titles covers the evolving topics of networking, telecommunications, broadband, data transmission, the Web and wireless systems.
Includes 16 titles. Released December 1, 2010.
ISBN13: 9781609608033; EISBN13: 9781609608040; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781609608057
Nursing and Clinical Technologies
Including 14 scholarly titles focusing on nursing informatics, clinical technologies, biomedicine, and diagnostic technologies, this book bundle is well suited for university nursing programs and medical libraries.
Includes 14 titles. Released November 1, 2010.
ISBN13: 9781609607296; EISBN13: 9781609607302; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781609607319
Green Technologies
A highly relevant book bundle of 19 scholarly titles geared towards the concerns of today’s businesses and governments, this premier package focuses on the latest environmental technologies, environmental engineering, sustainable development, and geoinformatics research.
Includes 19 titles. Released October 1, 2010.
ISBN13: 9781609607272; EISBN13: 9781609606275; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781609607289
Gaming Technologies
As one of the most rapidly growing areas of applied research, this book bundle of 14 scholarly titles offers a complete library of books on serious games, intelligent gaming technologies, and gaming in education.
Includes 14 titles. Released September 1, 2010.
ISBN13: 9781609607258; EISBN13: 9781609605285; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781609607265
Library Information Science
This unique book bundle offers 13 scholarly titles focusing on library information science, digital libraries, and digital literacy that can easily enhance library science departments and increase the understanding of the effect of technology on libraries.
Includes 13 titles. Released August 1, 2010.
ISBN13: 9781609607234; EISBN13: 9781609605278; ISBN13 Print + Perpetual: 9781609607241