Advancing Employee Engagement Using Lean Six Sigma

Advancing Employee Engagement Using Lean Six Sigma

Tom Huckabee (Webster University, USA)
Release Date: February, 2017|Copyright: © 2017 |Runtime: 2 hrs 41 mins
EISBN13: 9781522507642|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0764-2
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A vibrant and mature Lean Six Sigma improvement culture nurtures active employee engagement while aligning business strategies and tactics. The ongoing outcomes of such an engagement culture are proven to be consistent in delivering high-performance team results.

Advancing Employee Engagement Using Lean Six Sigma presents a fresh perspective on employee retention and engagement in modern business environments. Highlighting methods for sustainable workplace culture, employee satisfaction, and retention, this video resource is ideally designed for use by chief executives, business owners, project leaders, business students, and human resources professionals.

Topics Covered

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Employee Disengagement
  • Employee Turnover
  • Engaged Workforces
  • Leadership
  • Management Science

Table of Contents

7:18 mins
Section 1:Employee Engagement and Lean Six Sigma
Lesson 1:Why Does Employee Engagement Matter?
8:54 mins
Lesson 2:What is the Problem with Employee Engagement in the Workplace?
9 mins
Lesson 3:What is Lean Six Sigma and How Can it Help Us?
8:01 mins
Section 2:The Proof is in the Business Results
Lesson 4:What is the Cost of Employee Disengagement?
13:01 mins
Lesson 5:What are the Lessons of the "Good Jobs Strategy" Research?
11:37 mins
Lesson 6:Lean Six Sigma Provides a Rich Toolbox of Tactics for Implementing the Theories of Employee Engagement
14:56 mins
Section 3:The Essentials for Implementing and Sustaining a Continuous Improvement Engagement Culture
Lesson 7:What is the Role for Leadership?
11:18 mins
Lesson 8:How Does Visual Management Facilitate Communication Flow?
13:07 mins
Lesson 9:How Does Score Keeping Drive Continuous Improvement and Engagement Results?
10:55 mins
Section 4:The Maturity Model Instructs and Informs
Lesson 10:How Can You Go from Riding a Tricycle to Flying a Lear Jet?
11:47 mins
Lesson 11:How Can We Eliminate Mismatches in Expectations?
9:52 mins
Lesson 12:Is it Really Possible to Create Wins for All Stakeholders with an Engaged Workforce?
9 mins
Section 5:Don't Kid Yourself (or Your Team) with Impractical Theory
Lesson 13:What is the Best Way to Create Customer Value?
6:48 mins
Lesson 14:How Do You Get the Best People and The Best Processes?
7:38 mins
Lesson 15:What About the Overall Purpose and the Results?
8:45 mins