Global Language Learning Solutions using Online Text-Based Chat

Global Language Learning Solutions using Online Text-Based Chat

Mark Freiermuth (Gunma Prefectural Women’s University, Japan)
Release Date: January, 2017|Copyright: © 2017 |Runtime: 1 hr 56 mins
EISBN13: 9781522516637|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-1663-7


Communication has been significantly enhanced by the advent of new technologies. Beyond its inherently social applications, online chat platforms have now been utilized for educational purposes.

Global Language Learning Solutions using Online Text-Based Chat examines recent improvements to language learning classrooms through the use of text-based chat and how this communication platform has enhanced interaction and comprehension. Highlighting relevant methodologies and real-world applications, this video resource is ideally designed for language educators, professionals, students, and researchers interested in the latest developments in computer-assisted language learning.

Topics Covered

  • Cross-Cultural Competencies
  • E-Learning
  • Instructional Design
  • Online Communication
  • Software Development
  • Student Interaction

Table of Contents

Introduction & Biography
5:39 mins
Section 1:Characteristics of Computer Chat
Lesson 1:What is Chat?
9:27 mins
Lesson 2:What are Some Characteristics of Chat and How is Chat Used?
15:22 mins
Section 2:Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL)
Lesson 3:Research on CALL
10:19 mins
Lesson 4:Research Using Computer Chat for Language Learning
13:48 mins
Section 3:Setting Up a Global Connection
Lesson 5:The Basics (Including a Software Recommendation)
13:03 mins
Lesson 6:Types of Tasks
8:12 mins
Section 4:Using Text-Based Chat for Global Interaction
Lesson 7:Text-Based Chat for Global Connections in General
15:50 mins
Lesson 8:Text-Based Chat for Global Connections of Dissimilar Language Learners
14:40 mins
Lesson 9:Text-Based Chat for Global Connections: : Advantages and Disadvantages
10:28 mins