Impacts of Social Media on Modern Workplace Interactions and Productivity

Impacts of Social Media on Modern Workplace Interactions and Productivity

Vladlena Benson (Kingston Business School, Kingston University, UK)
Release Date: December, 2015|Copyright: © 2016 |Runtime: 2 hrs 8 mins
EISBN13: 9781466698307|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-9830-7
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There is no doubt that social media has become a pervasive tool through which individuals share their interests and activities with their network of colleagues and peers. While social media can be a useful tool for keeping in contact with friends and family in one’s personal time, it can also cause issues in one’s career.

Impacts of Social Media on Modern Workplace Interactions and Productivity analyzes how social media has made its way into the workplace and the impact it can have on employability, personal branding, and an individual’s reputation. Highlighting essential topics related to employee behavior, human resources management, and the psychological impacts of technology use, this video lecture is designed for use by business professionals, psychologists, human behaviorists, researchers, and graduate-level students interested in examining the ways in which social media has impacted the modern workforce.

Topics Covered

  • Digital Identity
  • Personal Branding Online
  • Pragmatic Networking Skills
  • Private and Public Dichotomy
  • Professional Development
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Knowledge Transfer
  • Technology Addiction

Table of Contents

Introduction and Biography
4:47 mins
Section 1:Organizational Impact of Social Media
Lesson 1:Social Knowledge Transfer and Knowledge Network Formation
7:13 mins
Lesson 2:Social Growth Opportunites
8:58 mins
Section 2:How Social Media Affects Professional Standing
Lesson 3:What Does Your Online Presence Say About You?
6:54 mins
Lesson 4:Dealing with Reputation Crisis
10:31 mins
Lesson 5:What Social Networking Companies Do If Things Go Wrong?
6:42 mins
Section 3:Emerging Trends in Information Technology: User Behavior and its Implications
Lesson 6:Considering and Understanding Generation Y
12:41 mins
Lesson 7:Psychological Implications of Technology Usage
12:12 mins
Section 4:Social Media Threats
Lesson 8:Privacy Concerns
11:35 mins
Lesson 9:Cyber Crime Landscape on Social Media
10:55 mins
Lesson 10:Trust Formation
13:21 mins
Section 5:Managing Career and Employability Through Social Technologies
Lesson 11:Developing Pragmatic Networking Skills
8:40 mins
Lesson 12:Public and Private Dichotomy
7:23 mins
Lesson 13:Finding the Work/Life/Social Network Balance
6:34 mins