Intelligent Systems and the Age of the Superfunction

Intelligent Systems and the Age of the Superfunction

Kevin M. Smith (U.S. Navy (Ret.), USA)
Release Date: September, 2015|Copyright: © 2016 |Runtime: 2 hrs 57 mins
EISBN13: 9781466696945|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-9694-5


A superfunction is defined as a conceptual construct possessing higher order attributes that directly target key performance areas. Superfunctions typically integrate two or more traditional functions such that a set of correlated activity clusters are able to be performed without undue difficulty to achieve mission success.

Intelligent Systems and the Age of the Superfunction explores how the superfunction combines attributes that are organized in a powerful analytic framework to significantly improve mission success while simultaneously reducing complexity and excessively high workloads. Based on the real-world expertise of retired U.S. Naval aviator, author, speaker, and expert in critical thinking and advanced station design, Captain Kevin M. Smith, this video lecture is an essential educational resource for engineers, researchers, and graduate-level students.

Topics Covered

  • Aviation History
  • Challenge of Complexity
  • Design of the Super-Function
  • Meta-Cognition
  • Missional Critical Events
  • Operational Decision Making (ODM)
  • Operational Engineering

Table of Contents

Introduction and Biography
7:22 mins
Section 1:The Challenge of Complexity
Lesson 1:Introduction to Supersystems
26:51 mins
Lesson 2:Components of Complexity
5:52 mins
Section 2:Metacognition
Lesson 3:Background Material
8:02 mins
Lesson 4:Airline Pilot Training
6:27 mins
Lesson 5:The Critical Thinking Model
17:09 mins
Section 3:Operational Decision Making
Lesson 6:Defining Characteristics of Large Scale Systems
10:04 mins
Lesson 7:Component System Discontinuity
3:49 mins
Lesson 8:Catastrophe
6:17 mins
Lesson 9:Operational Decision Model
11:24 mins
Section 4:Operational Engineering
Lesson 10:Operational Engineering and the Superfunction
19:22 mins
Lesson 11:Operational Analytics
4:25 mins
Lesson 12:The Superfunction
8:48 mins
Section 5:Design of the Superfunction
Lesson 13:Introducing the Kinematic Superfunction
15:58 mins
Lesson 14:Approach Operations
4 mins
Lesson 15:Enroute Operations
2:12 mins
Lesson 16:Escape Kinematic Superfunction
13:06 mins
6:27 mins

Author(s)/Editor(s) Biography

Kevin M. Smith is an aviator, author and speaker and a recognized expert in the field of critical thinking. Captain Smith’s distinguished military career included holding the positions of squadron commander deployed in the USS Constellation, senior instructor pilot, “top gun” instructor, and recognized expert in air combat operations. Captain Smith has over four thousand hours of military flight time, mostly in supersonic front-line fighters. During his airline career Captain Smith attained captain qualifications in all modern Boeing airliners, including the ultra-modern B-777. He was a line check captain in the B-767 Fleet. Over the course of a forty-year flying career, Captain Smith accumulated more than twenty-five thousand flight hours. Assigned as the chairman of a government sponsored blue ribbon task force, Captain Smith was directly responsible for the top-down redesign of airline pilot training programs for all U.S. airline carriers. This effort represented the first successful attempt to develop targeted training programs designed to improve the critical thinking skills for airline pilots. Captain Smith is the author of the Commitment to Reason four-book series which addresses critical thinking in new and innovative ways. Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, book one is available nationally, book two is in press and will be available in the spring of 2015. A companion workbook is also in production, and books three and four will be available in 2016. Captain Smith has received numerous military awards including the prestigious Meritorious Unit Commendation recognizing his exceptional performance as squadron commander. He holds degrees in electrical engineering and mathematics, and is a distinguished graduate of the U.S. Naval Aviation Academy. Captain Smith is currently the editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Aviation Systems, Operations, and Training, published by IGI-Global.