Microfinance and the Implications of the Global Economic Crisis

Microfinance and the Implications of the Global Economic Crisis

Ramesh Das (Katwa College, West Bengal, India)
Release Date: January, 2017|Copyright: © 2017 |Runtime: 2 hrs 23 mins
EISBN13: 9781522516620|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-1662-0


Lack of access to banking and other related services can be debilitating to individuals, businesses, and countries as a whole. However, the effective application of microfinancial concepts can help to alleviate such problems.

Microfinance and the Implications of the Global Economic Crisis explores innovative perspectives on the use of microfinance to promote economic development and prosperity. Highlighting the effects of microfinance on an international level, this video resource is ideally designed for researchers, professionals, students, and practitioners interested in the role of microfinance in the global economic crisis.

Topics Covered

  • Bank Linkage Programme
  • Educational Sector Improvements
  • Employment Generation
  • Gender Considerations
  • Health Sector Improvements
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Self-Help Groups

Table of Contents

3:57 mins
Section 1:Microfinance Concepts, History and Status Across Nations
Lesson 1:Concepts of Microfinance
2:43 mins
Lesson 2:History and Principles of Microfinance
3:10 mins
Lesson 3:Self-Help Groups in Different Countries
5:17 mins
Lesson 4:Status of Microfinance Across Nations
16:37 mins
Lesson 5:Issues of Microfinance amid the Global Financial Crisis During Pre and Post Crisis Phases
9:55 mins
Section 2:Link Between Microfinance and Growth
Lesson 6:Dimensions of Self-Help Groups - Bank Linkage Programs
4:24 mins
Lesson 7:Asian and African Countries
15:39 mins
Lesson 8:European and Middle East Countries
9:27 mins
Lesson 9:Latin American and Caribbean Countries
4:32 mins
Lesson 10:Linkage Program amid Financial Crisis
11:03 mins
Section 3:Critical Evaluation of Microfinance in Developmental Aspects Amid Global Financial Crisis
Lesson 11:A Way to Poverty Alleviation
9:15 mins
Lesson 12:Employment & Empowerment of Women
7:54 mins
Lesson 13:Improvements of Health Status
6:25 mins
Lesson 14:Microfinance and Educational Developments
6:59 mins
Lesson 15:Impact on Microfinance on the Human Development Indices of Countries During Pre and Post Crisis Phases
24:08 mins