Ayþegül Toker (Boðaziçi University, Turkey), Arzu Ýþeri- Say (Boðaziçi University, Turkey) and Nihan Çolak-Erol (Euda LLC, Turkey)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-612-9.ch010
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Inception of the Internet leads to emergence of online communities in the virtual space where spatial proximity and time are no longer constraints in establishing and developing relationships. Online social networks are online communities basically providing a channel through which information about potential social and economic exchange opportunities can be presented, searched, and leveraged by the network members. The distinguishing features of a social networking site are the use of explicit representation of member-provided information and relationships between members, thus embedding trust and referral mechanisms into the network. Cember.net, a Turkey-based online business networking start-up provides a platform through which its members can locate potential economic exchange partners. However, Cember.net differentiates its business model from those of major online competitors by incorporating means to foster social interactions and exchanges. Cember.net, with its continually growing member base, presents networking opportunities to its members by not only advancing the quantity of relationships but the quality of the relationships as well.

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Table of Contents
Alicia Coduras
Jose-Aurelio Medina-Garrido, Salustiano Martínez-Fierro, Jose Ruiz-Navarro
Chapter 1
Alfonso Miguel Márquez-García, María Teresa Garrido-Álvarez, María del Carmen Moreno-Martos
FON is a revolution, or at least is defined as such on its Web page (http://en.fon.com) and the multiple posts that inundate the blogsphere. Its... Sample PDF
FON: A Social Collaborative Technological Entrepreneurship
Chapter 2
Andrea Bikfalvi, Christian Serarols
The present case study explains the process of creation of Remote Internet-Based Supervision Systems, S.L. (RISS), a spin-off emerging from the... Sample PDF
Remote Internet-Based Supervision Systems, S.L.
Chapter 3
Salustiano Martínez-Fierro
In this case we analyze the creation process of a firm from the tourism sector that has exploited a business opportunity opened up by new... Sample PDF
BookingFax: A New Concept of Tourism Intermediation
Chapter 4
Andrew N. Garman, Mayur Patel, Rod Hart
The health care sector represents one of the largest and most rapidly growing IT markets in the world. Health care lends itself readily to IT... Sample PDF
Opportunities and Challenges in the Health Care IT Sector: The ShiftMarket Case Study
Chapter 5
José Antonio Ariza Montes, Alfonso Carlos Morales Gutiérrez, Alfredo Romeo Molina
This work analyzes different factors in the entrepreneuring process in a company based in business opportunities advantages through the usage of... Sample PDF
Breaking Through Barriers in New Technological Initiatives: Entrepreneurs in the Context of Free Software
Chapter 6
Antonia Mercedes García Cabrera, María Gracia Soto
This case illustrates in a holistic way the different components that affect the recognition of the technological venture opportunity environment... Sample PDF
NTC Co.: Seeking and Screening Technological Venture Opportunities in Entrepreneurial Start-Ups
Chapter 7
Paul Kirwan, Peter Van der Sijde, Aard Groen
This chapter tells the development story of Waleli, a high-tech company utilizing the latest proven developments in wireless communications to bring... Sample PDF
Waleli: Bringing Wireless Opportunities to Life
Chapter 8
Cristina Cruz, Guillermo de Haro, Ignacio de la Vega
In 1999 Alfonso de Senillosa, Spanish entrepreneur, after finishing his studies in the United States, decided to create Workcenter SGD. The company... Sample PDF
Workcenter SGD: A Technology-Based Revolution in the Retail Reprography Sector
Chapter 9
Steve Muylle, Veerle De Schryver
This case describes the entrepreneurial process as it happened for Europrint, a manufacturer of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), from 1991 until 2006.... Sample PDF
ThePCBShop.com: Taking the Commodity Bull by the Horns
Chapter 10
Cember.net  (pages 206-222)
Ayþegül Toker, Arzu Ýþeri- Say, Nihan Çolak-Erol
Inception of the Internet leads to emergence of online communities in the virtual space where spatial proximity and time are no longer constraints... Sample PDF
Chapter 11
Jose Aurelio Medina-Garrido, María José Crisóstomo-Acevedo
The case of Comitas Comunicaciones is a clear example of corporate entrepreneurship in the telecommunications sector. This firm was founded to offer... Sample PDF
Telemedicine in Practice: Comitas Comunicaciones S.A.
Chapter 12
José Luis González, Edurne Loyarte, Iñaki Peña
The purpose of this chapter is to describe a real story where key subjects related to a business expansion process of a young IT-based applied... Sample PDF
The Business Expansion Process of Applied Research Center (ARC): Entrepreneurship, Interpreneurship, and Intrapreneurship
Chapter 13
Paulo Rupino da Cunha, Paulo Santos
We describe a proven process to foster the creation of technology-based services, products, and companies. We start by explaining how various... Sample PDF
Hatching Tech Companies for a Living: Trade Secrets We Don't Mind Telling
Chapter 14
Rosa Ma Muñoz Castellanos, José Luis Jurado Rincón
The main purpose of this case study is to explain the process of discovering and application of new information technology (IT)-based opportunities... Sample PDF
Applying Information Technologies in Innovative Ways: A Case Study of the Pharmaceutical Distribution Sector
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