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Library Resource Center

IGI Global’s Library Resource Center is designed specifically to provide the information library staff need to support their use of IGI Global databases, to maximize their investment and serve their library users.

The Center’s resources emphasize the key role that information professionals can play in facilitating database access and usage at all levels within their institutions. IGI Global is pleased to provide the librarian community with specialized information, trials or highlights of our research to meet your needs. Please contact the IGI Global e-resources team at

If your institution has invested in IGI Global electronic resources and does not have a login the Librarian Corner on the new IGI Global platform, please contact the IGI Global e-resources team at Within IGI Global’s new platform and XML-powered engine for electronic resources, you may login to your institution-level account to access COUNTER reports, persistent URLs and MARC records.

MARC Records

IGI Global offers MARC records for both its print and electronic content free of charge. We also provide free persistent URLs for our complete title list, which can be used in course management systems or library reserves, etc.

The IGI Global e-resources team is on hand to provide you with MARC records and persistent URLs. Please contact us at for more information.

IGI Global Title Lists

We provide spreadsheets which include metadata and persistent URLs for all Book E-Access, Journal E-Access, and InfoSci database customers. These spreadsheets include ISSN/ISBN, DOI and archive information.

Title Lists

Database Title Lists

Please contact us at for more details or specific requirements, or learn more about how to place an order.

Licensing and Consortium Information

IGI Global aims to be as flexible as possible in providing high-quality electronic resources to institutions, in order to maximize their use to students, faculty and the research community. There is no DRM on any of the electronic resources and a monitoring system is in place to prevent misuse. IGI Global is a member of SERU (Shared Electronic Resources Understanding) and has straightforward subscription and perpetual contracts. For e-resources offerings, the new XML-based platform is fully compliant with Open URL, CrossRef, RefWorks, and Easybib. IGI Global collaborates with many major linking services and federated search systems and has many international consortium offerings.

For more detailed information on any of these issues please contact us at for more information.

Step-by-Step Guides

IGI Global offers user guides and online training to guide faculty and students and answer frequently asked questions. To schedule you training, please e-mail


IGI Global posters are available online or in print to promote IGI Global electronic resources in your library. If you would like these print resources mailed to you, please contact

  • InfoSci Database Poster
  • Library Technology Marketing Poster

Promotional Emails

Sample e-mail scripts and html postcards allow librarians to quickly inform faculty and students about IGI Global research content and resources available through your library.

Please contact us at for standard or personalized resources, or subscribe to our newsletters to receive up to date information.

Online Training

IGI Global is able to offer complimentary online training to librarians, faculty and students. These sessions present information about IGI Global research, share applications in order to increase understanding of platform functionality, and collaborate. No matter what country you are in, the online trainings are designed to demonstrate the new IGI Global XML-based platform and web site as if you were side by side.

What does this mean for you? It means that you can sit in the comfort of your library and receive full or selective training on the functionality and content of IGI Global research by registering for and signing into an online conference zone. With the online trainings there is no need to invest in any expensive software to participate in a session.Please contact us at to make arrangements for an online training session.

IGI Global Online Symposium Series

IGI Global’s Online Symposium Series’ mission is to promote new techniques and technologies applicable to research and instruction and connect researchers to an international network of field experts.

Where Researchers Connect

The Online Symposium Series connects you via your desktop with recognized leaders in computer science and information technology management. In this series of online seminars, well-known faculty and researchers share their knowledge and experiences on a variety of timely topics and discipline-specific issues.

Participate in a Faculty-Led Online Seminar

IGI Global’s Online Symposium Series’ Web site features a range of resources, including information about upcoming seminars, recorded seminars from previous virtual events, and a resource page for further information on topics covered in the virtual seminars. Browse and access these resources from this page. These seminars are free to all participants on the Elluminate platform coordinated by IGI Global’s Collaborative Technology Adviser, Dr. Janet Salmons. All you need to participate in a virtual seminar is a computer with an internet connection.

Utilize the Virtual Resources throughout your Academic Community

Consider utilizing these valuable resources as a learning tool in the classroom and throughout your academic community. Examples of recent use include linking the virtual seminars to library resource Web sites, including the live and recorded virtual seminars on faculty development or teaching and learning center offerings, and utilizing on the departmental level to further common goals. For further information about IGI Global’s Online Symposium Series, please contact us at 1-800-342-6657 or