Constructing a Globalized E-Commerce Site

Constructing a Globalized E-Commerce Site

Tom S. Chan (Southern New Hampshire University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-943-4.ch038
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Traditional boundaries and marketplace definitions are fast becoming irrelevant due to globalization. According to recent statistics, there are approximately 208 million English speakers and 608 million non-English speakers online, and 64.2% of Web users speak a native language other than English (Global Reach, 2004). The world outside of English-speaking countries is obviously coming online fast. As with activities such as TV, radio and print, people surf in their own language. A single-language Web site simply could not provide good visibility and accessibility in this age of globalize Internet. In this article, we will focus on the approaches in the construction of an effective globalized e-commerce Web site.

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Chapter 1
Yan Tian, Concetta Stewart
E-commerce or electronic commerce, also known as e-business, refers to the transaction of goods and services through electronic communications.... Sample PDF
History of E-Commerce
Chapter 2
B2B E-Business  (pages 9-15)
Robert J. Mockler, Dorothy G. Dologite, Marc E. Gartenfeld
Every organization can be viewed from two perspectives. There are external processes such as procurement and sales, and internal processes such as... Sample PDF
B2B E-Business
Chapter 3
Magdi N. Kamel
The phenomenal worldwide growth of the Internet and the World Wide Web has made it an important vehicle for both business-to-business (B2B) and... Sample PDF
International E-Commerce: Language, Cultural, Legal and Infrastructure Issues, Challenges and Solutions
Chapter 4
Christopher G. Reddick
Electronic commerce or e-commerce has the potential to streamline existing functions and services in the public sector by reducing transaction costs... Sample PDF
Public Sector E-Commerce
Chapter 5
Mary Lou Roberts, Eric Schwaab
Marketers have regarded the Internet as the consummate direct-response medium. The ability to interact one-on-one with customers and the ability to... Sample PDF
Branding on the Internet
Chapter 6
Pauline Ratnasingham
E-commerce is defined as a means of conducting business electronically via online transactions among trading partners. Forrester Research predicted... Sample PDF
Evolution of Trust in Business-to-Business E-Commerce
Chapter 7
Pierre F. Tiako
Deficient information and communication technologies (ICT) infrastructure, lack of awareness on e-commerce issues, network payment and secure... Sample PDF
An Overview of E-Commerce Security and Critical Issues for Developing Countries
Chapter 8
Reima Suomi
This article discusses the introduction of a Web-based electronic reservation system to an established Finnish shipping company. It is based on a... Sample PDF
Getting Customers Online: Case Luxury Ferries Inc.
Chapter 9
Neil C. Rowe
Deception is a frequent but under appreciated aspect of human society (Eckman, 2001). Deception in electronic goods and services is facilitated by... Sample PDF
Deception in Electronic Goods and Services
Chapter 10
Piyush Sharma, Rajiv Mathur, Abhinav Dhawan
Offshore outsourcing is a fast-growing aspect of the world economy today and it has drawn attention from policy makers as well as public at large in... Sample PDF
Understanding Consumer Reactions to Offshore Outsourcing of Customer Services
Chapter 11
Alvin Y.C. Yeo, Michael K.M. Chiam
Marketers are working to improve loyalty apace. This chapter introduces an integrative framework for examining the relative impacts of corporate... Sample PDF
Unlocking E-Customer Loyalty
Chapter 12
Ron Craig
Business use of modern computers started in the 1950s. Since then, IT has progressed through a series of hardware, software and applications... Sample PDF
Web Initiatives and E-Commerce Strategy
Chapter 13
Mahesh S. Raisinghani
A new form of technology is changing the way commerce is being done globally. This article provides an overall description of mobile commerce and... Sample PDF
Mobile E-Commerce as a Strategic Imperative for the New Economy
Chapter 14
Frank Goethals, Jacgues Vandenbulcke, Wilfried Lemahieu, Monique Snoeck
In this chapter we argue that there exist two basic forms of business-to-business integration (B2Bi), namely extended enterprise integration and... Sample PDF
Different Types of Business-to-Business Integration: Extended Enterprise Integration vs Market B2B Integration
Chapter 15
Wen-Chen Hu, Jyh-haw Yeh, Hung-Jen Yang, Chung-wei Lee
With the introduction of the World Wide Web, electronic commerce has revolutionized traditional commerce and boosted sales and exchanges of... Sample PDF
Mobile Handheld Devices for Mobile Commerce
Chapter 16
Dong-Qing Yao, Haiying Qiao, Haibing Qiao
In this chapter, we introduce a generic Internet trading framework for online auctions. We present the requirements and service of the framework. A... Sample PDF
A Generic Internet Trading Framework for Online Auctions
Chapter 17
Vojislav B. Misic, J. Leon Zhao
A number of reference models have been proposed to facilitate the development of E-business systems and applications. A comparative analysis of... Sample PDF
E-Business Reference Models
Chapter 18
Vincent Yen
In large organizations, typical systems portfolios consist of a mix of legacy systems, proprietary applications, databases, off-the-shelf packages... Sample PDF
Business Process and Workflow Modeling in Web Services
Chapter 19
Euripidis Loukis, Elena Tavlaki
Public-private partnerships (PPPs) provide an alternative model for producing and delivering public services, both the traditional public services... Sample PDF
Electronic Business Models Design for Public-Private Partnerships
Chapter 20
Jukka Heikkila, Marikka Heikkila, Markku Tinnila
Business models have received a substantial amount of interest recently. Also, various research studies have discussed business models, especially... Sample PDF
The Role of Business Models in Developing Business Networks
Chapter 21
Lee Moh Shan, Juliana Sutanto, Atreyi Kankanhalli, Bernard C.Y. Tan
Virtual communities were initially recognized as social phenomena. This is evident from the definition of virtual community as “a social aggregation... Sample PDF
Virtual Community Models in Relation to E-Business Models
Chapter 22
Christoph Schlueter Langdon, Alexander Hars
This chapter is focused on the business economics of open source. From a strategic perspective, open source falls into a category of business models... Sample PDF
Open Source Software Business Models and Customer Involvement Economics
Chapter 23
Susy S. Chan, Xiaowen Fang
Effective interface design for mobile handheld devices facilitates user adoption of mobile commerce (m-commerce). Current wireless technology poses... Sample PDF
Interface Design Issues for Mobile Commerce
Chapter 24
Thomas W. Porter
The purpose of this chapter is to help Web marketers better understand the basis for the development of more customer-focused, value-enhanced Web... Sample PDF
User-Centered Design and Marketing: Online Customer Value
Chapter 25
Web Design and E-Commerce  (pages 271-285)
Xiaoni Zhang, Margaret Myers
Computers and the Internet are now pervasive and essential parts of our lives: we use them at work and at home to gather information, for... Sample PDF
Web Design and E-Commerce
Chapter 26
Kalpdrum Passi, Louise Lane, Sanjay Madria, Mukesh Mohania
XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is used to describe semi-structured data, i.e., irregular or incomplete data whose structure may be subject to... Sample PDF
XML Schema Integration and E-Commerce
Chapter 27
Chung-wei Lee, Weidong Kou, Wen-Chen Hu
Without secure commercial information exchange and safe electronic financial transactions over mobile networks, neither service providers nor... Sample PDF
Mobile Commerce Security and Payment Methods
Chapter 28
Jianming Zhu, Jianfeng Ma
This chapter introduces a new micro-payment scheme that is able to apply to multi-party for mobile commerce, which allows a mobile user to pay every... Sample PDF
Multi-Party Micro-Payment for Mobile Commerce
Chapter 29
Bill Doolin, Stuart Dillon, Fiona Thompson, James L. Corner
This paper develops a research model of the importance of consumers’ perceived risk and the Internet shopping experience in the online purchasing... Sample PDF
Perceived Risk, the Internet Shopping Experience and Online Purchasing Behavior: A New Zealand Perspective
Chapter 30
George Lepouras, Costas Vassilakis
Firms and organizations are increasingly exploiting electronic channels to reach their customers and create new business opportunities. To this end... Sample PDF
Adaptive Virtual Reality Shopping Malls
Chapter 31
Kathryn M. Kimery, Mary McCord
Signaling theory provides the framework to address three main research questions: (1) How accurately do consumers notice and recollect TPA seals on... Sample PDF
Signals of Trustworthiness in E-Commerce: Consumer Understanding of Third-Party Assurance Seals
Chapter 32
Haroun Alryalat, Yogesh Kumar Dwivedi, Jasna Kuljis, Ray J. Paul
The aim of this chapter is to discuss current online and traditional trading on the NASDAQ stock exchange using theoretical approach. The paper aims... Sample PDF
A Theoretical Approach to Evaluate Online and Traditional Trading on th NASDAQ Stock Exchange
Chapter 33
Clarry Shchiglik, Stuart J. Barnes, Eusebio Scornavacca
The rapid uptake and increased complexity of mobile phones has provided an unprecedented platform for the penetration of mobile services. Among... Sample PDF
Customer Perceptions Toward Mobile Games Delivered via the Wireless Application Protocol
Chapter 34
Shahizan Hassan, Feng Li
Although benchmarking technique has been widely used in various aspects of organisations and businesses, there is no clear framework on how the... Sample PDF
Evaluating the Usability and Content Usefulness of Web Sites: A Benchmarking Approach
Chapter 35
Sam Lee
This chapter introduces an approach to the development of intelligent Semantic Web services, which are envisioned as system cells that actively... Sample PDF
Developing Intelligent Semantic Web Services
Chapter 36
Sheng-Uei Guan
One hindrance to the widespread adoption of mobile agent technology (Johansen et al., 2002) is the lack of security. SAFER, or Secure Agent... Sample PDF
Secure Agent for E-Commerce Applications
Chapter 37
Ilyoo B. Hong
This paper aims at developing a framework for business-to-business (B2B) inter-organizational systems (IOSs), based on real-world IOS examples.... Sample PDF
Classifying B2B Inter-Organizational Information Systems
Chapter 38
Tom S. Chan
Traditional boundaries and marketplace definitions are fast becoming irrelevant due to globalization. According to recent statistics, there are... Sample PDF
Constructing a Globalized E-Commerce Site
Chapter 39
Sheng-Uei Guan
Electronic Commerce: A Booming Industry There is now a gradual shift of many of the traditional business models from the real world to the Internet... Sample PDF
Mobile Agent-Based Auction Services
Chapter 40
Gottfried Vossen, Peter Westerkamp
E-learning environments and their system functionalities resemble one another to a large extent. Recent standardization efforts in e-learning... Sample PDF
Secure Identity Management in a Service-Based E-Learning Environment
Chapter 41
Walt Scacchi
This study examines the development of open source software supporting e-commerce (EC) or e-business (EB) capabilities. This entails a case study... Sample PDF
Understanding the Development of Free E-Commerce/E-Business Software: A Resource-Based View
Chapter 42
Kin Choong Yow, Nitin Mittal
In a mobile-commerce world, shops could provide product brochures, cards, sounds, songs and so forth in the form of multimedia messaging... Sample PDF
Mobile Commerce Multimedia Messaging Peer
Chapter 43
Kevin Zhao, Michael J. Shaw, Mu Xia, Chandrasekar Subramaniam
This chapter analyzes the structural dynamics of multilateral business-to-business (B2B) relationships based on game theoretical approach. It... Sample PDF
Structure Evolution of B2B Enterprise Networks
Chapter 44
Fen Wang, Guisseppi Forgionne
E-business is far more about strategy than technology (Raisinghani & Schkade, 2001). An effective e-business strategy is concerned with e-business... Sample PDF
BSC-Based Framework for E-Business Strategy
Chapter 45
Mahesh S. Raisinghani, Christopher Klassen, Lawrence L. Schkade
Agent technology is one of the most widely discussed topics in information systems and computer science literature. New software products are being... Sample PDF
Intelligent Software Agents in E-Commerce
Chapter 46
Juergen Seitz
The Internet introduces a new global marketplace for a large number of relatively unknown and often small companies often offering substitutive or... Sample PDF
Software Agents in E-Commerce Systems
Chapter 47
Jorge Cardoso
A few years ago, e-commerce applications were mainly focused on handling transactions and managing catalogs. Applications automated only a small... Sample PDF
Semantics for E-Commerce Applications
Chapter 48
Quan Thanh Tho, Hui Siu Cheung, A. C.M. Fong
This chapter discusses Semantic Web support for customer services. Customer service support is an important operation for most multinational... Sample PDF
Semantic Web Support for Customer Services
Chapter 49
John Krogstie, Csaba Veres, Guttorm Sindre
Much of the early focus in the area of Semantic Web has been on the development of representation languages for static conceptual information, while... Sample PDF
Integrating Semantic Web Technology, Web Services, and Workflow Modeling: Achieving System and Business Interoperability
Chapter 50
C. Richard Baker
Although the overall investment in information technology (IT) decreased during the first few years of the 21st century, B2B e-commerce continued to... Sample PDF
Enterprise Information Systems and B2B E-Commerce: The Significance of XML
Chapter 51
Andrea De Lucia, Rita Francese, Guiseppe Scanniello
The definition and the management of business processes are considered a relevant issue to support organizations in their activities. Indeed, in the... Sample PDF
Distributed Workflow Management Based on UML and Web Services
Chapter 52
Choongseok Lee, Woojong Suh, Heeseok Lee
Web business can help companies strengthen the links between customers and suppliers. Under this environment, individual customers are getting much... Sample PDF
A Development Environment for Customer-Oriented Web Business
Chapter 53
Vladimir Tosic, Wei Ma, Babak Pagurek, Bernard Pagurek, Hanan Lutfiyya
The Web Service Offerings Infrastructure (WSOI) is a monitoring and management infrastructure for the Web Service Offerings Language (WSOL). It... Sample PDF
Extending Apache Axis for Monitoring of Web Service Offerings
Chapter 54
Claudia Loebecke
The use of RFID (radio-frequency identification) in the retail supply chain and at the point of sale (POS) holds much promise to revolutionize the... Sample PDF
RFID in the Retail Supply Chain
Chapter 55
Phillip Olla
This chapter will describe how space technologies can be incorporated into terrestrial 3G /4G mobile telecommunication infrastructure to provide... Sample PDF
Incorporating Commercial Space Technology into Mobile Services: Developing Innovative Business Models
Chapter 56
Business Process Analysis  (pages 691-697)
Jesús Arias Fisteus, Carlos Delgado Kloos
Business-process management (BPM) is nowadays a key technology for the automation and support of processes in medium-sized and large organizations.... Sample PDF
Business Process Analysis
Chapter 57
Rahul Singh, Lakshmi Iyer, Al Salam
This chapter presents an Intelligent Knowledge-Based Multi-Agent Architecture for Collaboration (IKMAC) in B2B e-Marketplaces. IKMAC is built upon... Sample PDF
An Intelligent Knowledge-Based Multi-Agent Architecture for Collaboration (IKMAC) in B2B e-Marketplaces
Chapter 58
Manoochehr Ghiassi, Cosimo Spera
This chapter presents a Web-enabled, agent-based information system model to support mass-customized markets. We present a distributed, real-time... Sample PDF
An Agent-Based Information Technology Architecture for Mass Customized Markets
Chapter 59
Yun Wan
Since the commercialization of the Internet in the 1990s, online retailing has increased steadily. According to the most recent Department of... Sample PDF
Comparison-Shopping Agents and Online Small Business
Chapter 60
Yuan Gao, Marios Koufaris, Robert H. Ducoffe
Companies who engage in online commerce find themselves dwelling at the intersection of the real and the virtual, and facing a task that is more... Sample PDF
Negative Effects of Advertising Techniques in Electronic Commerce
Chapter 61
YongKi Yoon, Kun Shin Im
Many companies have recently been choosing information technology (IT) out-sourcing in response to complicated information systems and various... Sample PDF
An Evaluation System for IT Outsourcing Customer Satisfaction Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process: The Case Study in Korea
Chapter 62
Mariana Hentea
The term “home networking” implies that electronic network devices work together and communicate amongst themselves. These devices are classified in... Sample PDF
Broadband Solutions for Residential Customers
Chapter 63
Shawren Singh
The first e-commerce (EC) applications were started 30 years ago, in the early 1970s. The original applications were in the form of electronic fund... Sample PDF
Electronic Commerce Technologies Management
Chapter 64
M-Commerce Opportunities  (pages 793-798)
Pouwan Lei
The mobile phone industry has experienced an explosive growth in recent years. Mobile phone subscriber numbers have passed the 1.6 billion mark at... Sample PDF
M-Commerce Opportunities
Chapter 65
O. K.B. Barima
History is laden with many technological breakthroughs which have had enduring impacts on business affairs (e.g., automobile, mass power generation... Sample PDF
Virtual Concept Use in the Construction Industry
Chapter 66
George K. Lalopoulos, Ioannis P. Chochliouros, Anastasia S. Spiliopoulou-Chochliourou
The tremendous growth in mobile communications has affected our lives significantly. The mobile phone is now pervasive and used in virtually every... Sample PDF
Evolution of Mobile Commerce Applications
Chapter 67
Genie N.L. Stowers
Electronic commerce, or e-commerce, is simply business that is conducted over the Internet. Government e-commerce applications are those e-commerce... Sample PDF
Applications of E-Commerce in Government
Chapter 68
Charlie Chen, Samuel C. Yang
E-commerce applications are primarily used at home and in the workplace. Utilitarian elements, including cognitive beliefs of perceived usefulness... Sample PDF
E-Commerce and Mobile Commerce Application Adoptions
Chapter 69
Murray E. Jennex, Don Amoroso, Olayele Adelakun
This chapter looks into the key infrastructure factors affecting the success of small companies in developing economies that are establishing B2B... Sample PDF
B2B E-Commerce Infrastructure Success Factors for Small Companies in Developing Economies
Chapter 70
Janice M. Burn, Colin G. Ash
Much has been written about e-business and how this concept will transform industries into virtual networks of customers and suppliers working... Sample PDF
Dynamic Planning Models for E-Business Strategy
Chapter 71
Assion Lawson-Body, Timothy P. O’Keefe
Electronic commerce on the Internet has been discussed in literature as an interorganizational information system that can provide a strategic... Sample PDF
Interorganizational Relationships in the Context of SMEs' B2B E-Commerce
Chapter 72
Krassie Petrova
The potential advantages of mobile commerce applications have been discussed extensively in the recent literature, with many industries offering... Sample PDF
Mobile Commerce Applications and Adoption
Chapter 73
Clarence N.W. Tan, Tiok-Woo Teo
This article presents an overview of prevailing trends and developments shaping mobile commerce (m-commerce) and the wireless economy. A review of... Sample PDF
Mobile Telecommunications and M-Commerce Applications
Chapter 74
Jari Sao, Jaana Tahtinen
Mobile advertising, or m-advertising, refers to ads sent to and presented on mobile devices such as cellular phones, PDAs (personal digital... Sample PDF
Special Features of Mobile Advertising and Their Utilization
Chapter 75
Raul Fernandes Herbster, Hyggo Almeida, Angelo Perkusich
In this article, we describe an architecture for mobile commerce which allows the use of mobile devices for electronic commerce. The architecture... Sample PDF
Using Mobile Devices for Electronic Commerce
Chapter 76
Ana Rosa del Aguila-Obra, Antonio Padilla-Melendez
There have been numerous studies about business-to-business (B2B) electronic commerce and market structure, most of them analyzing the relationships... Sample PDF
Exploring Trust Building Mechanisms in Global B2B Electronic Markets
Chapter 77
Mohamed Eltoweissy, Sushil Jajodia, Ravi Mukkamala
With the rapid growth in mobile commerce (m-commerce) applications, the need for providing suitable infrastructure to support these applications has... Sample PDF
Secure Multicast for Mobile Commerce Applications: Issues and Challenges
Chapter 78
Wei-Chuen Yau, G. S. V. Radha Krishna Rao
Web services enable the communication of application-to-application in a heterogeneous network and computing environment. The powerful functionality... Sample PDF
Web Services Security in E-Business: Attacks and Countermeasures
Chapter 79
Mei Cao, Qingyu Zhang
Web sites are being widely deployed commercially; however, the factors that affect the customer’s perception on the quality and acceptance of Web... Sample PDF
Web Site Quality and Usability in E-Commerce
Chapter 80
Yuhong Yan, Matthias Klein
Web services and ebXML are modern integration technologies that represent the latest developments in the line of middleware technologies and... Sample PDF
Web Services vs. ebXML: An Evaluation of Web Servicesand ebXML for E-Business Applications
Chapter 81
Lea Kutvonen, Toni Ruokolainen, Janne Metso
Participation in electronic business networks has become necessary for the success of enter¬prises. The strategic business needs for participating... Sample PDF
Interoperability Middleware for Federated Business Services in Web-Pilarcos
Chapter 82
Ziv Baida, Jaap Gordijn, Hans Akkermans, Hanne Saele, Andrei Z. Morch
We outline a rigorous approach that models how companies can electronically offer packages of independent services (service bundles). Its objective... Sample PDF
Finding e-Service Offerings by Computer-Supported Customer Need Reasoning
Chapter 83
Bradley Johnstone, Khimji Vaghjiani
There have been significant advances in mobile technologies in recent years. The euphoric technology void left by the dot-com crash in early 2000... Sample PDF
Applying Mobility in the Workforce
Chapter 84
Helen Mitchell
In 1959 Penrose referred to the importance of knowledge for using resources more innovatively and profitably, and in the same year Drucker indicated... Sample PDF
Innovation Link Between Organization Knowledge and Customer Knowledge
Chapter 85
HY Sonya Hsu, Songpol Kulviwat
he advancement of wireless technology facilitates both consumers’ activities and business transactions. With the rapid proliferation and widespread... Sample PDF
Personalization and Customer Satisfaction in Mobile Commerce
Chapter 86
Claas Mulle-Lankenau, Kai Wehmeyer, Stefan Klein
In contrast to a widely held belief that online and offline channels of click and mortar companies should be tightly integrated, this chapter... Sample PDF
Serving Customers in a Hybrid World: Multi-Channel Strategies in Retailing
Chapter 87
Marco Tagliavini, Elisa Ghiringhelli
The case study presents an overview of e-business activities within the European B2B office furniture segment, analyzing the scenarios faced by one... Sample PDF
The Client-Supplier E-Relationship Management: A Case Study In The European B2B Office Furniture Industry
Chapter 88
Marko Seppänen, Nina Helander, Saku Mäkinen
This chapter explores how the use of a business model enables value creation in the open source software (OSS) environment. We argue that this value... Sample PDF
Business Models in Open Source Software Value Creation
Chapter 89
Ross A. Malaga
A Web site that wants to increase its number of visitors can pay for search engine ads or attempt to improve its natural search engine ranking.... Sample PDF
The Value of Search Engine Optimization: An Action Research Project at a New E-Commerce Site
Chapter 90
Sangin Park
Internet auctions began in 1995 and have been growing rapidly since. As of May 2001, the estimated total revenue of Internet auctions reaches $556... Sample PDF
eBay's Dominance in Internet Auctions
Chapter 91
Hope Koch
This article discusses a business-to-business (B2B) electronic marketplace’s (e-marketplace’s) turnaround. National Trucking Exchange (NTX), a... Sample PDF
E-Marketplace Regression of National Trucking Exchange
Chapter 92
Ron Craig
Can failure play an important role in developing a successful e-comm, dot-com, or Internet-based venture? This chapter shows that testing the firm’s... Sample PDF
Using Failure to Develop a Successful Business
Chapter 93
John Sagi, Elias Carayanis, Subhasish Dasgupta, Gary Thomas
Many authors argue that information and communications technology (ICT) in this New Economy is causing a globalized, unified society. Others take... Sample PDF
Globalization and E-Commerce: A Cross-Cultural Investigation of User Attitudes
Chapter 94
Deborah Bunker
It is argued that Electronic Commerce (EC) platforms can be seen as artefacts—tools that are made, used, inherited and studied within a cultural... Sample PDF
Global Implications of E-Commerce Tool and Artefact Creation
Chapter 95
Aryya Gangopadhyay, Zhensen Huang
The purpose of this research is to further the knowledge required for building electronic commerce systems that operate in multiple languages in... Sample PDF
Multilingual Electronic Commerce in a Global Economy
Chapter 96
Shaoyi He
The World Wide Web (the Web), a distributed hypermedia information system that provides global access to the Internet, has been most widely used for... Sample PDF
Multilingual Web Sites in Global Electronic Commerce
Chapter 97
Ada Scupola
The Internet economy is becoming an integral part of many countries’ economies, creating new jobs, giving rise to new companies like the dot coms... Sample PDF
Strategies of E-Commerce Business Value Optimization
Chapter 98
David Barnes, Matthew Hinton, Suzanne Mieczkowska
In today’s increasingly competitive markets, greater emphasis is being placed on customer service as a means of achieving competitive advantage.... Sample PDF
Enhancing Customer Service Operations in E-Business: The Emotional Dimension
Chapter 99
Yuan Gao
The use of structural features such as text size, font, graphics, color, animation, video and audio has been widely explored in the traditional... Sample PDF
Interactivity and Amusement in Electronic Commerce
Chapter 100
Charlene A. Dykman
The phrase communities of practice has entered the lexicon of our world today. It implies some sense of closeness, intimacy, and connection with... Sample PDF
Supporting Communities of Practice in the Electronic Commerce World
Chapter 101
Ronan McIvor, Paul Humphreys
This chapter examines the implications of business-to-business (B2B) commerce for the buyer-supplier interface. Innovations in electronic commerce... Sample PDF
The Potential of B2B Commerce for Competitive Advantage
Chapter 102
Eric Turner
In any virtual community, issues of trust can dictate the level of interaction among participants within that community. In business-to-business... Sample PDF
Trust in B2B E-Commerce Virtual Communities
Chapter 103
Michael Kyobe
Electronic communication developments have always been associated with many security risks since the ARPANET implementation in 1960s. In 1972, John... Sample PDF
Entrepreneur Behaviors on E-Commerce Security
Chapter 104
Consumer Trust in E-Commerce  (pages 1266-1278)
Benoit Jeanson, John Ingham
The lack of trust toward different elements of e-commerce has been recognized as one of the main causes of the collapse of a large number of dot-com... Sample PDF
Consumer Trust in E-Commerce
Chapter 105
Nicholas C. Romano Jr., Jerry Fjermestad
This article presents a value exchange model of privacy and security for electronic customer relationship management within an electronic commerce... Sample PDF
Privacy and Security in the Age of Electronic Customer Relationship Management
Chapter 106
Nicholas C. Romano Jr., Jerry Fjermestad
This article presents a value exchange model of privacy and security for electronic customer relationship management within an electronic commerce... Sample PDF
Privacy and Security in the Age of Electronic Customer Relationship Management
Chapter 107
Henry Aigbedo
A framework that is often used to describe the transformation of society relates to the percentage of people involved in or impacted by a given... Sample PDF
Enhancing Competitiveness of B2B and B2C E-Commerce
Chapter 108
Community Customers  (pages 1323-1334)
Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers
This chapter discusses the role of the project/product community in the open source product life cycle. It outlines how a community-driven approach... Sample PDF
Community Customers
Chapter 109
Shan L. Pan
The 1990s has been a boom period of enterprise systems (ES). Many organizations have experienced the technical, integration and business process... Sample PDF
Customer Perspective of CRM Systems: A Focus Group Study
Chapter 110
Shailey Minocha
Effective advertising, good usability, and creating value are important in an e-commerce environment to attract and retain customers. In the... Sample PDF
Providing Value to Customers in E-Commerce Environments: The Customer's Perspective
Chapter 111
Hong-Mei Chen, Qimei Chen, Rick Kazman
Electronic Customer Relationship Management (ECRM) systems focus on a website as the interaction channel for creating a one-to-one relationship with... Sample PDF
The Affective and Cognitive Impacts of Perceived Touch on Online Customers' Intention to Return in the Web-based eCRM Environment
Chapter 112
Donna Weaver McCloskey
This research examines electronic commerce participation and attitudes by older Americans. Questionnaires were distributed at a large retirement... Sample PDF
The Importance of Ease of Use, Usefulness, and Trust to Online Consumers: An Examination of the Technology Acceptance Model with Older Consumers
Chapter 113
Dimitris Dardaras, Bill Karakostas
Although it is difficult to measure the e-commerce economy precisely, its size is estimated to be relatively small (some $26 billion United States)... Sample PDF
Virtual Communities in Banking Customer Retention
Chapter 114
José Dinis Carvalho, Nuno Afonso Moreira, Luís Carlos Pires
This chapter addresses the contractual legislation problem as an integration problem within the virtual enterprise context. In order to address the... Sample PDF
Consortium Agreement Template for Virtual Enterprises
Chapter 115
Mitra Kartiwi, Robert C. MacGregor
Today, electronic commerce (e-commerce) has been utilised as a rapid vehicle to transform the world into an information society. In the business... Sample PDF
Electronic Commerce Adoption Barriers in Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Developed and Developing Countries: A Cross-Country Comparison
Chapter 116
Patrice Braun
Today’s networked economy is a strategic combination of many factors, with electronic platforms and relationships underpinning competitive... Sample PDF
E-Commerce and Small Tourism Firms
Chapter 117
Sushil K. Sharma, Nilmini Wickramasinghe
As electronic commerce (e-commerce) is becoming the way to trade, it is the large corporations that are exploiting their finances and technical... Sample PDF
Obstacles to SMEs for E-Adoption in the Asia Pacific Region
Chapter 118
Anesh Maniraj Singh
The last decade has seen a rush among businesses to get onto the Internet. Since its introduction, e-commerce has grown in leaps and bounds. The... Sample PDF
Mobile Commerce in South Africa
Chapter 119
James J. Hoffman, Eric A. Walden, Mark L. Hoelscher
The current chapter explores the role that one factor, social capital, may have on the success of IT outsourcing. It extends current understanding... Sample PDF
Outsourcing Information Technology: The Role of Social Capital
Chapter 120
Nabeel Al-Qirim
Focus group methodology is introduced in this article as one appropriate methodology to study the impact of technological innovation factors on... Sample PDF
Personas of E-Commerce Adoption in Small Businesses in New Zealand
Chapter 121
Jerzy Kisielnicki
The chapter is devoted to the subject the transformation of SMEs due to the application of Information Technology (IT). These enterprises, despite... Sample PDF
Virtualization as a Process of Transformation of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Global Virtual Organization
Chapter 122
Aura Soininen
Multiple cases have been reported in which patents have posed dilemmas in the context of cooperative standard setting. Problems have come to the... Sample PDF
Patents and Standards in the ICT Sector: Are Submarine Patents a Substantive Problem or a Red Herring?
Chapter 123
Ong Chin Eang
E-commerce jurisdiction has always been an issue because e-commerce exists in a borderless environment, and this e-environment diminishes the... Sample PDF
Jurisdiction in B2C E-Commerce Dispute within European Union
Chapter 124
Purva Kansal, Amit Kumar Kaushik
In an attempt to influence their pace of development, developing countries around the world try and influence the rate of investment (especially... Sample PDF
Offshore Outsourcing: An E-Commerce Reality (Opportunity for Developing Countries)
Chapter 125
Online Advertising Fraud  (pages 1598-1605)
Robert S. Owen
This article discusses illegitimate activities associated with online promotion activities, specifically those related to click-through fraud.... Sample PDF
Online Advertising Fraud
Chapter 126
March L. To, Eric W.T. Ngai
Managerial attitudes play an important role in facilitating the championship of innovation adop-tion. However, there are few empirical studies which... Sample PDF
The Role of Managerial Attitudes in the Adoption of Technological Innovations: An Application to B2C E-Commerce
Chapter 127
Rachel McLean, Nigel M. Blackie
This chapter constructs the concept of e-commerce as knowledge management. The socially constructed approach to knowledge management is adopted.... Sample PDF
E-Commerce as Knowledge Management: Managing Consumer Service Quality
Chapter 128
Purva Kansal, Keshni Anand Arora
These days, the majority of management literature stresses the concept of “learning organizations”, i.e., an organization’s capacity to change.... Sample PDF
Corporate Strategies in a Digital World: Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management- Development and Integration-Focus
Chapter 129
Norm Archer
Information systems that link businesses for the purpose of inter-organizational transfer of business transaction information (inter-organizational... Sample PDF
Management Considerations for B2B Online Exchanges
Chapter 130
Esko Penttinen, Timo Saarinen
Today, many traditional manufacturing firms are focusing on their service operations, which are often seen as a better source of revenue than the... Sample PDF
Opportunities and Challenges for B2B Manufacturing Firms: Moving from Products to Services-Case SKF
Chapter 131
Customer Goals Online  (pages 1672-1678)
Thomas W. Porter
Marketing managers charged with developing effective e-marketing strategies need to understand the implications of goal-directed behavior online.... Sample PDF
Customer Goals Online
Chapter 132
Timothy Shea, Ahern Brown, D. Steven White, Catherine Curran-Kelly, Michael Griffin
Adopting a focus on CRM has been an industry standard for nearly two decades. While evidence suggests that a majority of the attempts to implement... Sample PDF
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Metrics - What's the Holdup?
Chapter 133
Nils Madeja, Detlef Schoder
Customer relationship management (CRM) is a concept for increasing companies’ profitability by enabling them to identify and concentrate on their... Sample PDF
Customer Relationship Management- A Strategy for Success in Electronic Commerce
Chapter 134
Francesca Dall’Olmo Riley, Daniele Scarpi, Angelo Manaresi
Through a review of the literature, this chapter focuses on three key influences on purchase behavior on the Internet: product, consumer, and... Sample PDF
Drivers and Barriers to Online Shopping: The Interaction of Product, Consumer, and Retailer Factors
Chapter 135
Kyle B. Murray
As customers gain Web site-specific skills they come to perceive the Web site differently and more favourably than inexperienced customers. This is... Sample PDF
Experiencing Quality: The Impact of Practice on Customers' Preferences for and Perceptions of Electronic Interfaces
Chapter 136
Christopher Abood
This chapter discusses the growing inappropriate use of mobile camera phones within our society. There are two areas of concern that are dealt... Sample PDF
Mobile Camera Phones - Dealing with Privacy, Harrassment, and Spying/Surveillance Concerns
Chapter 137
Su-Fang Lee, Wen-Jang ("Kenny") Jih, Shyh-Rong Fang
This study addresses the effect of customer relationship management (CRM) practices on online customers’ satisfaction with their experience in... Sample PDF
Investigating the Impact of Customer Relationship Management Practices of E-Commerce on Online Customer's Web Site Satisfaction: A Model-Building Approach
Chapter 138
Ana María Fermoso Garcia, Roberto Berjón Gallinas
This chapter introduces different alternatives to store and manage jointly relational and eXtensible Markup Language (XML) data sources. Nowadays... Sample PDF
Business Information Integration from XML and Relational Databases Sources
Chapter 139
Joseph Sarkis, R. P. Sundarraj
The integration of enterprise systems and the supply chain to an organization is becoming more critical in an ever-changing, globally competitive... Sample PDF
Implementation Management of an E-Commerce-Enabled Enterprise Information System
Chapter 140
Donald Marchand, Amy Hykes
Strategic intelligence is about having the right information in the hands of the right people at the right time so that those people are able to... Sample PDF
Leveraging What Your Company Really Knows: A Process View of Strategic Intelligence
Chapter 141
Fred Niederman, Xiaorui Hu
Electronic commerce (e-commerce) personnel are instrumental in developing and maintaining electronic commerce programs and projects within firms. In... Sample PDF
Staffing Electronic Commerce Projects: Framework for Developing Appropriate Skill Sets
Chapter 142
Allison J. Morgan, Eileen M. Trauth
Currently, the IT industry is experiencing explosive growth. As the need for more skilled IT workers increases, the focus on the diversity of... Sample PDF
Women and Social Capital Networks in the IT Workforce
Chapter 143
Panayiotis Tahinakis, John Muylonakis, Nicolaos kProtogeros, Dimitrios Ginoglou
The growth and expansion of enterprises into foreign markets presuppose the aggregation of financial information that includes non homogeneous... Sample PDF
Virtual Enterprises' Accounting Difficulties
Chapter 144
Mohamed Khalifa, Moez Limayem, Vanessa Liu
Customer retention, or repurchase, is one of the main factors that help to create and maintain the competitiveness and sustainability of an... Sample PDF
A Contigency Theory for Online Customer Retention: The Role of Online Shopping Habit
Chapter 145
Su-Fang Lee, Yuan-Cheng Tsai, Wen-Jang ("Kenny") Jih
A two-stage approach is employed in order to examine the influencing factors of consumer behaviors in the context of mobile advertising. The first... Sample PDF
An Empirical Examination of Customer Perceptions of Mobile Advertising
Chapter 146
Fan-Chen Tseng, Ching-I Teng, David M. Chiang
Network effect refers to the phenomenon that the value of connecting to a network depends on the present number of customers connected to that... Sample PDF
Delivering Superior Customer Perceived Value in the Context of Network Effects
Chapter 147
Ulrike Schultze, Anita D. Bhappu
Co-production, which is the generation of value through the direct involvement of customers in the creation of a service context and in the design... Sample PDF
Internet-Based Customer Collaboration: Dyadic and Community-Based Modes of Co-Production
Chapter 148
Patricia T. Warrington, Elizabeth Gangstad, Richard Feinberg, Ko de Ruyter
Multi-channel retailers that utilize an e-CRM approach stand to benefit in multiple arenas by providing targeted customer service as well as gaining... Sample PDF
Multi-Channel Retailing and Customer Satisfaction: Implications for E-CRM
Chapter 149
Dan Steinberg, Mikhaylo Golovnya, Nicholas Scott Cardell
Mobile phone customers face many choices regarding handset hardware, add-on services, and features to subscribe to from their service providers.... Sample PDF
Mobile Phone Customer Type Discrimination via Stochastic Gradient Boosting
Chapter 150
Steve New
The massive wave of enthusiasm for B2B (business-to-business) e-commerce generated with the “dot-com” boom led many to believe that a fundamental... Sample PDF
Innovation and B2B E-Commerce: Explaining What Did Not Happen
Chapter 151
Qizhi Dai, Robert J. Kauffman
New technological innovations have made it possible for new intermediaries to create value in business processes that involve the procurement of... Sample PDF
Partnering for Perfection: An Economics Perspective on B2B Electronic Market Strategic Alliances
Chapter 152
Mahesh Raisinghani, Turan Melemez, Lijie Zou, Chris Paslowski, Irma Kikvidze, Susanne Taha, Klaus Simons
The business models in the business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce and their effectiveness have been a major topic of research in the recent years.... Sample PDF
E-Business Models in B2B: A Process-Based Categorization and Analysis of Business-to-Business Models
Chapter 153
Frank Goethals, Jacques Vandenbulcke, Wilfried Lemahieu
The Web services paradigm promises well for the future of Business-to-Business integration (B2Bi). Currently, however, this paradigm is still in its... Sample PDF
Using Web Services in Business-to-Business Integration
Chapter 154
David Tucker, Anthony Lafferty
SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) make a vital contribution to the economic and social well being of most European nations. Many SMEs have... Sample PDF
An Interventionist Approach to E-Commerce Implementation in SMEs
Chapter 155
Ranjit Bose, Vijayan Suumaran
E-business initiative in many companies had started in the 1990s. These companies have recently begun to explore the use of Web Services (WS)... Sample PDF
Challenges for Deploying Web Services-Based E-Business Systems in SMEs
Chapter 156
Changhua Zhu, Changxing Pei
Intrusion detection and vulnerability analysis play the same important roles in wireless infrastructure as in wired infrastructure. In this chapter... Sample PDF
Intrusion Detection and Vulnerability Analysis of Mobile Commerce Platform
Chapter 157
E-Commerce Taxation Issues  (pages 2064-2070)
Mahesh S. Raisinghani, Dan S. Petty
This article is designed to give the reader a balanced perspective on some of the issues surrounding the current discussions related to state and... Sample PDF
E-Commerce Taxation Issues
Chapter 158
Sang M. Lee, Teuta Cata
This study focused on the adoption of Web-based applications in the insurance industry. An in-depth investigation of relevant literature on the... Sample PDF
Critical Success Factors of Web-Based E-Service: The Case of E-Insurance
Chapter 159
Aileen Cater-Steel, Shelly Grist
There is confusion among researchers, practitioners and policymakers about the meaning of terms such as e-commerce, and small and medium enterprise... Sample PDF
The Definition Dilemma of E-Commerce
Chapter 160
Kirk St. Amant
The fall of the Soviet Union created a series of new economic situations in Eastern Europe. Soviet-style Communism quickly gave way to a radical and... Sample PDF
Expanding E-Commerce into E-Ducation
Chapter 161
Zakaria Maamar, Soraya Kouadri Mostéfaoui, Qusay H. Mahmoud, Ghita Kouadri Mostéfaoui, Djamal Benslimane
This chapter presents a context-based approach for personalizing Web services so that user preferences are accommodated during the performance of... Sample PDF
Personalization of Web Services: Concepts, Challenges, and Solutions
Chapter 162
B2C Success at  (pages 2126-2133)
Delyth Samuel, Danny Samson
This article explains how and why, during and through the bubble that was built and burst, one new economy company in Australia survived and... Sample PDF
B2C Success at
Chapter 163
Abrams A. O’Byuonge, Leida Chen
The increasing use of the Internet by consumers gave rise to an information boom to health-care consumers. Not only could the Internet be used as a... Sample PDF
E-Health Dot-Coms' Critical Success Factors
Chapter 164
Electronic Word-of-Mouth  (pages 2143-2149)
Ronald E. Goldsmith
One of the most powerful and pervasive influences on consumer behavior is variously described as “social communication,” “word-of-mouth,” “opinion... Sample PDF
Electronic Word-of-Mouth
Chapter 165
Christopher Ververidis, George C. Polyzos
Advances in wireless communications and information technology have made the mobile Web a reality. The mobile Web is the response to the need for... Sample PDF
Location-Based Services in Mobile Communications Industry
Chapter 166
Simpson Poon
The use of the Internet for business purposes among small businesses started quite early in the e-commerce evolution. In the beginning, innovative... Sample PDF
Future of Small Business E-Commerce
Chapter 167
Nikhilesh Dholakia, Morten Rask, Ruby Roy Dholakia
n this concluding chapter, we gather together the lessons emerging from the patterns of mobile commerce evident in the preceding chapters. Mobile... Sample PDF
It's an M-World After All: Lessons from Global Patterns of Mobile Commerce
Chapter 168
Kaushal Chari, Saravanan Seshadri
Enterprises in the 21st century are striving to be agile in order to take advantage of the transient market opportunities. Enterprises are engaging... Sample PDF
Next Generation B2B Commerce Using Software Agents
Chapter 169
Stephen Hawk, Weijun Zheng
This chapter introduces XML-based e-commerce standards that have emerged within the past decade. The chapter describes the history of e-commerce... Sample PDF
E-Commerce Standards: Transforming Industry Practice
Chapter 170
Diego R. Ferreira
This chapter describes how the latest advances in Web services technology are paving the way toward dynamic B2B integration. It begins by... Sample PDF
Business Networking with Web Services: Supporting the Full Life Cycle of Business Collaborations
Chapter 171
R. Zachary Finney, Angeline Grace Close
The virtual agency (VA) is a new form of advertising/promotions organization. By using technology to create ad hoc teams of promotions... Sample PDF
The Virtual Agency as a New Force in the Promotions Industry
Chapter 172
Ankur Jain, Lalit Wangikar, Martin Ahrens, Ranjan Rao, Suddha Sattwa Kundu, Sutirtha Ghosh
In this article we discuss how we have predicted the third generation (3G) customers using lo-gistic regression analysis and statistical tools like... Sample PDF
Classification Of 3G Mobile Phone Customers
Chapter 173
Luiz Antonio Joia
The emergence of radio frequency devices associated with smart tags—in what is called radio frequency identification (RFID) technology—has been... Sample PDF
The Impact of RFID Technology on a Firm's Customer Capital: A Prospective Analysis in the Retailing Industry
Chapter 174
Pierre Vialle, Olivier Epinette
This chapter introduces the emerging m-commerce market in France. Despite the current low level of use, this market is characterized by the... Sample PDF
France: Mobile Communications and Emerging M-Commerce
Chapter 175
Yutaka Kurihara
Approximately 10 years have passed since the words such as digital cash, digital money, electronic money, and e-cash have been introduced. Progress... Sample PDF
Spreading Use of Digital Cash
Chapter 176
Susy S. Chan, Vince Kellen
Web service technology is moving into the mainstream. HTTP-based integration is proving more useful than prior approaches for integrating... Sample PDF
Web Services and B2B Collaboration
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