ERP Education: Hosting, Visiting, and Certifying

ERP Education: Hosting, Visiting, and Certifying

Andrew Stein (Victoria University, Australia), Paul Hawking (Victoria University, Australia) and Brendan McCarthy (Victoria University, Australia)
Copyright: © 2007 |Pages: 11
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-349-4.ch003
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In recent times, there have been discussions by computing professionals about how to best respond to developments in the information technology and communications industry. At the same time, there has been a downturn in employment opportunities in this industry (ICT Skills Snapshot, 2004). Recent research also indicates that many of the entry-level positions that graduates traditionally entered have diminished due to the economic downturn and to companies outsourcing positions to off shore companies. This chapter presents the path that the Victoria University (Australia) school of Information Systems took in introducing multiple programs in an endeavour to compliment traditional course delivery and to better connect a University School with ICT industry requirements. The programs included the use of SAP hosting centres for access to ERP systems, conducting an ERP visiting expert teaching delivery model for SAP content and multiple SAP certi?cation programs. The re-sults of these programs as described in this paper show that ?exibility in delivery mode and effective merging of ERP curriculum and ERP certi?cation content is crucial to achieving successful programs.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Kenneth E. Murphy
This chapter documents and analyzes an initiative in which the College of Business Administration implemented an ERP system in their coursework with... Sample PDF
Critical Success Factors for implementing ERP Systems as a Vehicle for Business Curriculum Integration at a Large State University
Chapter 2
Stefen Koch
In this chapter, the ERP education program at the Department of Information Business of the Vienna University of Economics and BA is described.... Sample PDF
Implementing ERP Education in a Changing Environment and Different Degree Programs
Chapter 3
Andrew Stein, Paul Hawking, Brendan McCarthy
In recent times, there have been discussions by computing professionals about how to best respond to developments in the information technology and... Sample PDF
ERP Education: Hosting, Visiting, and Certifying
Chapter 4
Andrew Targowski, Bernard Han
This chapter introduces a concept of the re-engineered CIS (computer informa-tion systems) curriculum accomplished at the beginning of the 21st... Sample PDF
The Business Process-Driven Undergraduate IS Curriculum - A Transition from Classical CIS to Emerging BIT
Chapter 5
Andrew Targowski, Bernard Han
The purpose of this chapter is to present a revised graduate CIS concentration in the MBA program at Western Michigan University’s Haworth College... Sample PDF
The ERP-Oriented Graduate IT Program
Chapter 6
T. M. Rajkumar, Mahesh Sarma
An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a system that integrates all the different functionalities within an enterprise and which is used to... Sample PDF
Teaching ERP Concepts in a Capstone Course
Chapter 7
Andrew Targowski
This chapter introduces a concept of the capstone course of the CIS/BIT program at the Western Michigan University. The course is composed of... Sample PDF
Teaching an Enterprise Project as a Capstone Courseof the CIS/BIT Program
Chapter 8
Satish P. Deshpande, Andrew Targowski
Information technology has become a critical component for human resource (HR) profes-sionals. Human resource information systems (HRIS) have helped... Sample PDF
Teaching Human Resources Management Using SAP
Chapter 9
R. Lawrence LaForge
Enterprise systems technology is used to enhance the teaching of operations management through development and operation of a virtual manufacturing... Sample PDF
Teaching Operations Management with Enterprise Software
Chapter 10
Mahesh Sarma, David C. Yen
In order to maintain a competitive position in today’s marketplace, companies must demand a greater level of enterprise ef?ciency. In today’s... Sample PDF
Using SA for SAM Applications and Design: A Study of the Supply Chain Management Process
Chapter 11
Mahesh Sarma, David C. Yen
In order to become globally competitive in today’s dynamic business environment, organi-zations have to come closer to customers and deliver value... Sample PDF
Using SAP for ERP Applications and Design: A Case Study of the Sales and Distribution Process
Chapter 12
Thomas Rienzo, J. Michael Tarn, James Danenberg
Many business schools are attempting to integrate their curricula with enterprise software, particularly enterprise resource planning (ERP)... Sample PDF
Putting Enterprise Systems in a Larger ICT Context - A Pedagogical Framework
Chapter 13
Frank Lin, Leo Liu
Companies around the world are using enterprise systems. Universities are following the trend by integrating enterprise systems into their... Sample PDF
Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Information Architecture: What is it and How to Teach it
Chapter 14
Muhammad A. Razi
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have become indispensable software systems for many corporations worldwide. As more and more companies... Sample PDF
Teaching ERP with Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains
Chapter 15
Bret Wagner, Thomas Rienzo
The business world has recognized the importance of managing business processes rather than functions. Business education has begun to embrace this... Sample PDF
Teaching Integrated Business Processes via ERP Configuration
Chapter 16
Bernard Han
In this chapter, a teaching pedagogy for ERP programming using SAP ABAP/4 is presented. While object-oriented (OO) programming techniques have... Sample PDF
Teaching ERP Programming Using SAP ABAP/4
Chapter 17
Kuanchin Chen
Enterprise portals present a great opportunity to bridge online applications with the back-end business systems. Although enterprise portals are now... Sample PDF
A Course on Enterprise Portal Development and Management: Issues, Challenges, and Solutions
Chapter 18
Michael Rosemann, Amelia A. Maurizio
This chapter focuses on the most popular enterprise system — SAP — and summarizes the outcomes of a global survey on the status quo of SAP-related... Sample PDF
The Status of SAP-Related Education: Results of a Global Survey
Chapter 19
Janelle Daugherty, Sandra B. Richtermeyer
This chapter discusses how enterprise systems supported by the Microsoft Dynamics™ Academic Alliance can be used by higher educational institutions... Sample PDF
Supporting Enterprise Systems Across the Business Curriculum: The microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance
Chapter 20
Frank Lin, Tony Coulson
SAP and Oracle (including PeopleSoft and J.D. Edwards) are the major enterprise systems vendors in the marketplace. Yet most of the universities... Sample PDF
Enterprise Systems Education: A Vendor's Approach - Oracle University's Practice
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