Fact or Fiction: Notes of a Man Interviewing Women Online

Fact or Fiction: Notes of a Man Interviewing Women Online

Michael D. Ayers (New School for Social Research, USA)
Copyright: © 2004 |Pages: 12
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-152-0.ch014
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This chapter examines conditions that participants of online qualitative research might give false answers to a researcher. As research was conducted with feminist activists who were online, a number of the responses were highly suspect as to how true they could actually be. Because the researcher was not face to face with these participants, he had to either take the responses as true or discard them. The researcher argues his lack of face-to-face presence made it difficult to generate a good rapport with these participants, and because of this, received answers based on the only social marker that was evident: his name, or that he was male. Interview data is presented to show apparent discrepancies in our electronic conversations. The chapter concludes by suggesting for future online qualitative research, the researcher should have a more reflexive research design and approach to the project.

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Table of Contents
Elizabeth Buchanan
Chapter 1
Blaine F. Peden, Douglas P. Flashinski
This chapter presents a content analysis of Internet surveys and experiments. Our study explores guidelines for the conduct of online research by... Sample PDF
Virtual Research Ethics: A Content Analysis of Surveys and Experiments Online
Chapter 2
Charles Ess, Steven Jones
The AoIR ethics statement, developed by ethicists and researchers from 11 countries, articulates guiding questions for online research appropriate... Sample PDF
Ethical Decision-Making and Internet Research: Recommendations from the AoIR Ethics Working Committee
Chapter 3
Malin Sveningsson
Doing research and collecting data online is not the same as offline. This chapter discusses the wide range of possible ethical conflicts we are... Sample PDF
Ethics in Internet Ethnography
Chapter 4
M. Maczewski, M.-A. Storey, M. Hoskins
Research practices in Internet-mediated environments are influenced by the dynamic interplay of online, onground and technical research spheres.... Sample PDF
Conducting Congruent, Ethical Qualitative Research on Internet-Mediated Research Environments
Chapter 5
Danielle Lawson
As use of the Internet has grown, so to has the amount of research concerning various aspects of computer-mediated communication (CMC). In recent... Sample PDF
Blurring the Boundaries: Ethical Considerations for Online Research Using Synchronous CMC Forums
Chapter 6
Nadia Olivero, Peter Lunt
This chapter explores the methodological implications of using e-mail for qualitative interviews. It draws on computer-mediated communication (CMC)... Sample PDF
When the Ethic is Functional to the Method: The Case of E-Mail Qualitative Interviews
Chapter 7
Sandeep Krishnamurthy
E-mail is a low-cost and highly effective form of individual contact for primary research. However, researchers who contact strangers for their... Sample PDF
The Ethics of Conducting E-Mail Surveys
Chapter 8
W. Benjamin Porr, Robert E. Ployhart
This chapter presents a framework through which ethical Internet-based organizational research can be conducted. Organizational constraints that... Sample PDF
Organizational Research Over the Internet: Ethical Challenges and Opportunities
Chapter 9
Lynne Roberts, Leigh Smith, Clare Pollock
Online research introduces new ethical issues inherent to the medium. In this chapter we provide a case study of online research in action, focusing... Sample PDF
Conducting Ethical Research Online: Respect for Individuals, Identities and the Ownership of Words
Chapter 10
Mary K. Walstrom
This chapter asserts an engaged research approach that aims to meet the ethical challenges of public, online support group studies. First, the... Sample PDF
Ethics and Engagement in Communication Scholarship: Analyzing Public Online Support Groups as Researcher/Participant-Experiencer
Chapter 11
Monica Whitty
To date, there is a scarcity of literature available on the ethical concerns that accompany research into online relationships and sexuality. This... Sample PDF
Peering into Online Bedroom Windows: Considering the Ethical Implications of Investigating Internet Relationships and Sexuality
Chapter 12
Maximilian Forte
Ethnographic research ethics involved in bridging offline and online modes of action research are the focal point of this chapter, written from an... Sample PDF
Co-Construction and Field Creation: Website Development as both an Instrument and Relationship in Action Research
Chapter 13
David Clark
In this chapter, the author argues for a strict interpretation of research ethics when conducting online research, and in the process, discusses... Sample PDF
What If You Meet Face to Face? A Case Study in Virtual/Material Research Ethics
Chapter 14
Michael D. Ayers
This chapter examines conditions that participants of online qualitative research might give false answers to a researcher. As research was... Sample PDF
Fact or Fiction: Notes of a Man Interviewing Women Online
Chapter 15
Susannah R. Stern
Despite the enormous potential of the Internet as a research tool and environment, implementing youth research in online environments raises... Sample PDF
Studying Adolescents Online: A Consideration of Ethical Issues
Chapter 16
Magdalena Bober
By presenting findings from research into British online youth culture conducted by the author, the chapter critically evaluates how to study... Sample PDF
Virtual Youth Research: An Exploration of Methodologies and Ethical Dilemmas from a British Perspective
Chapter 17
Kirk St. Amant
The constant diffusion of online communication technology increasingly allows individuals from different cultural backgrounds to communicate with... Sample PDF
International Digital Studies: A Research Approaches for Examining International Online Interactions
Chapter 18
Maria Bakardjieva, Andrew Feenber, Janis Goldie
The current model of research ethics assumes an investigator, who holds expert status and superior knowledge, and a subject in a passive role. This... Sample PDF
User-Centered Internet Research: The Ethical Challenge
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