Innovation Diffusion and E-Collaboration: The Effects of Social Proximity on Social Information Processing

Innovation Diffusion and E-Collaboration: The Effects of Social Proximity on Social Information Processing

Shaila M. Miranda (University of Oklahoma, USA) and Pamela E. Carter (Florida State University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-939-7.ch176
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Organizational arrangements such as telework are often believed to disrupt workers’ social networks. This raises a concern regarding teleworkers’ abilities to adjust to technological changes in organizations. Based on innovation diffusion theory, this chapter considers telework and interdependence as parallel dimensions of social proximity that may be expected to affect the diffusion of innovation in terms of users’ social information processing (i.e., their technology beliefs, communication channels, and information sources). This proposition is investigated in a field-study conducted during the migration of a business unit to a new communications system. Technology users at the business unit were surveyed three times over a 12-week period—right before the conversion to the new system and at two six-week intervals following the conversion. These surveys assessed the impact of telework on respondents’ beliefs toward the communication technology. Findings partially supported our hypotheses regarding the negative effect of remoteness on beliefs about technology. Users were then surveyed to investigate the media and sources they utilized to stay informed about the new technology. As anticipated, telework was related to an increased use of electronic media and of individual and authority information sources. Contrary to our expectations, though, results indicated a positive effect of telework on the use of collective sources and face-to-face media. Therefore, we conclude that teleworkers make a special effort to preserve their social networks.

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Chapter 1
Alexander Osterwalder, Mathias Rossi, Minyue Dong
The bridging of the so-called digital divide is an important issue in today’s development efforts of international and non-governmental... Sample PDF
A Framework for Narrowing the Digital Divide
Chapter 2
Sokkien Leeane Chhai, Yi-chen Lan
A proposed framework for making decisions dynamically in a global organisation has been developed. This framework enables data to be retrieved and... Sample PDF
A Proposed Framework for Making Decisions Dynamically in a Global Organisation
Chapter 3
Y. Inoue, S. Bell
The question of finding the right information is perhaps even more important, and it requires a new organizing principle of information for the... Sample PDF
Academic Online Resources and Global Implications
Chapter 4
An Open Source Primer  (pages 37-51)
Brian Still
This chapter serves as an introductory overview of Open Source Software (OSS) and the Open Source movement. It is geared primarily for technical... Sample PDF
An Open Source Primer
Chapter 5
Pierre F. Tiako
Deficient information and communication technologies (ICT) infrastructure, lack of awareness on e-commerce issues, network payment and secure... Sample PDF
An Overview of E-Commerce Security and Critical Issues for Developing Countries
Chapter 6
Ioannis Tarnanas, Vassilios Kikis
That portion of the Internet known as the World Wide Web has been riding an exponential growth curve since 1994 (Network Wizards, 1999; Rutkowski... Sample PDF
Bridging the Growing Digital Divide
Chapter 7
Hakikur Rahman
The information era refers to a period in this globalized world when economies, social dimensions, and demography are largely dominated and driven... Sample PDF
Community-Based Information Networking in Developing Countries
Chapter 8
Daniel J. Weitzner, Jim Hendler, Tim Berners-Lee, Dan Connolly
In this chapter, we describe the motivations for, and development of, a rule-based policy management system that can be deployed in the open and... Sample PDF
Creating a Policy-Aware Web: Discretionary, Rule-Based Access for the World Wide Web
Chapter 9
Annemijn van Gorp
The explosive growth of information and communication technologies has become a worldwide phenomenon. However, merely countries in the West as well... Sample PDF
Developing Country Perspective on Women's ICT Adoption
Chapter 10
The Digital Citizen  (pages 108-115)
Zizi Papacharissi
The objective of this article is to sketch out the profile of the digital citizen. The premise for this article rests upon utopian views that... Sample PDF
The Digital Citizen
Chapter 11
Farhad Hossain
Once properly managed, e-governance can add tremendous dynamism in reforming public administration and can change the mode of interaction between... Sample PDF
Digital Divides and Grassroots-Based E-Government in Developing Countries
Chapter 12
Richard Groper
There seems to be a consensus among scholars and pundits that the lack of access to the Internet among African-Americans and Latinos has created a... Sample PDF
Digital Government and the Digital Divide
Chapter 13
Janet Toland, Fuatai Purcell, Sid Huff
All governments face difficulties in trying to ensure the full participation of every citizen. The further a citizen is located from the centre of... Sample PDF
Digital Government in Remote Locations
Chapter 14
Elvis Wai Chung Leung, Qing Li
In response to the government’s push toward a “knowledge-based economy society”, the development and applications of e-learning technologies have... Sample PDF
Distance Learning in Hong Kong
Chapter 15
Peter V. Raven, Xiaoqing Huang, Ben B. Kim
The Internet has changed the way many companies do business, but has also tended to increase the disparity between firms in developed countries and... Sample PDF
E-Business in Developing Countries: A Comparison of China and India
Chapter 16
Janet Toland
Internet access in developing countries is growing rapidly. Developing countries accounted for one-third of Internet users worldwide by the end of... Sample PDF
E-Commerce in Developing Countries
Chapter 17
Nabeel A.Y. Al-Qirim
This chapter calls for further e-commerce (EC) research in small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and to address this phenomenon at a more global... Sample PDF
Electronic Business Research in Small Businesses: A Global Perspective
Chapter 18
Yi-Chen Lan, B. Unhelkar
We have discussed, thus far, the vision of a global enterprise and the process of achieving that vision. However, it is the technologies available... Sample PDF
Enabling Technologies for Enterprise Globalizations
Chapter 19
Ian W. Gibson
This chapter explores the evolution of thinking about learning, resulting from the increasingly ubiquitous presence of instructional technology and... Sample PDF
Enhanced Learning and Leading in a Technology Rich, 21st Century Global Learning Environment
Chapter 20
Alemayehu Molla
This chapter explores the impact of organizational and environmental e-readiness factors on the successful diffusion of e-commerce. It presents a... Sample PDF
E-Readiness and Successful E-Commerce Diffusion in Developing Countries
Chapter 21
Esperanza Huerta
Fotogenika is a small e-business that was born out of the idea of two young Mexican entrepreneurs. It started its operations in March 2004, and... Sample PDF A Small Virtual Organization Serving the Mexican Market
Chapter 22
The CRM-KDD Nexus  (pages 270-277)
Nikhilesh Dholakia, Jounghae Bang, Lutz Hamel, Seung-Kyoon Shin
Customer relationships are increasingly central to business success (Kotler, 1997; Reichheld & Sasser, 1990). Acquiring new customers is five to... Sample PDF
The CRM-KDD Nexus
Chapter 23
Gender and ICTs in Zambia  (pages 278-284)
Kutoma Jacqueline Wakunuma
This article looks at gender equality combined with social and economic empowerment within the context of information communication technologies... Sample PDF
Gender and ICTs in Zambia
Chapter 24
Chrisan Herrod
This chapter describes why it is important for organizations to develop and implement an IT risk management function and use best practice risk... Sample PDF
Global IT Risk Management Strategies
Chapter 25
William J. McIver Jr.
This chapter surveys issues and priorities being raised internationally by governments, civil society and the private sector in conceptualizing a... Sample PDF
Global Perspectives on the Information Society
Chapter 26
Mahesh S. Raisinghani, Denise Taylor
The World Wide Web opened the door for many organizations with international ambitions to go global. Organizations that did not have a global... Sample PDF
Going Global: A Technology Review
Chapter 27
John Sagi, Elias Carayannis, Subhashish Dasgupta, Gary Thomas
Many authors argue that information and communications technology (ICT) in this New Economy is causing a globalized, unified society. Others take... Sample PDF
ICT and Business in the New Economy: Globalization and Attitudes Towards eCommerce
Chapter 28
Saundarjya Borbora, Mrinal Kanti Dutta
Economic development and information and communication technology (ICT) are found to move together in the present day era of globalization. ICT can... Sample PDF
ICT in Regional Development
Chapter 29
William Wresch
While e-commerce would seem to be a unique opportunity for poor countries with limited local markets to sell goods to richer nations, limited... Sample PDF
Initial E-Commerce Efforts in Nine Least Developed Countries: A Review of National Infrastructure, Business Approaches, and Product Selection
Chapter 30
Vicente D. Mariano
The Philippines has recently identified five key reform packages where information and communications technology (ICT) will play a key role: job... Sample PDF
Introducing Electronic Governance in the Philippines
Chapter 31
Al P. Mizell, Cecil Sugarman
We all know that technology has become a dominant force in today’s society for people of all ages. However, certain elements of society have less... Sample PDF
Overcoming the Digital Divide
Chapter 32
Andrea L. Edmundson
This exploratory study examined the effects of cross-cultural learning dimensions on e-learning outcomes for employees in functionally equivalent... Sample PDF
The Cross-Cultural Dimensions of Globalized E-Learning
Chapter 33
Yeslam Al-Saggaf
This chapter looks at the effects of the widening of the gap between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’, in terms of the digital divide, in Saudi Arabia.... Sample PDF
The Digital Divide within the Digital Community in Saudi Arabia
Chapter 34
Serge S. Azarov
In order to assess the prospects for the development of the information society in Ukraine, there is a need to consider the possible directions or... Sample PDF
The Information Society in Ukraine
Chapter 35
José Manuel Ortega Egea, Manuel Recio Menedez
This chapter examines the impact of the Internet and related technologies on global marketing activities (global e-marketing), under consideration... Sample PDF
The Internet and Global Markets
Chapter 36
Alessandro Narduzzo, Alessandro Rossi
Software design and development in Free/Open Source projects are analyzed through the lens of the theory of modularity applied to complex systems.... Sample PDF
The Role of Modularity in Free/Open Source Software Development
Chapter 37
Kholekile L. Gwebu, Jing Wang
Improvements in technology have led to innovations in training such as Electronic Learning (E-learning). E-learning aims to help organizations in... Sample PDF
The Role of Organizational, Environmental and Human Factors in E-Learning Diffusion
Chapter 38
Peter G. Mwesige
n recent years, Uganda has witnessed an astronomical growth in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector. For example, between... Sample PDF
The State of Internet Access in Uganda
Chapter 39
Stacie Petter, Galen Sevcik, Detmar Straub
The potential for technology growth in lesser developed countries (LDCs), particularly within the Arab World, is enormous (Loch, Straub, & Kamel... Sample PDF
Transferring Technology to the Developing World
Chapter 40
Sheryl Burghstahler
Web-based distance learning programs promise learning options anywhere, anytime, to anyone. However, some individuals with disabilities are locked... Sample PDF
Web-Based Distance Learning and the Second Digital Divide
Chapter 41
Tim Stockheim, Michael Schwind, Kilian Weiss
This article presents a simulation framework that analyzes the diffusion of communication standards in different supply networks. We show that... Sample PDF
A Diffusion Model for Communication Standards in Supply Networks
Chapter 42
Merrill Warkentin, April M. Adams
This chapter provides a framework for evaluating and mitigating the risks associated with IT outsourcing projects. Outsourcing projects have been... Sample PDF
A Framework for Evaluating Outsourcing Risk
Chapter 43
James J. Hoffman, Eric Walden, Mark L. Hoelscher
The current chapter explores the role that one factor, social capital, may have on the success of IT outsourcing. It extends current understanding... Sample PDF
Outsourcing Information Technology: The Role of Social Capital
Chapter 44
Julio Abascal, Myriam Arrue, Markel Vigo
Web design and evaluation are currently framed by legal restrictions and social demands for full accessibility. The main reason is that currently... Sample PDF
A Methodology for Web Accessibility Development and Maintenance
Chapter 45
Michael Hahsler
Several successful projects (Linux, Free-BSD, BIND, Apache, etc.) showed that the collaborative and self-organizing process of developing open... Sample PDF
A Quantitative Study of the Adoption of Design Patterns by Open Source Software Developers
Chapter 46
Chris Jarvis, John Kupiec
This chapter highlights the importance that the Environment Agency places on the provision of information and the key part it plays in achieving... Sample PDF
Accessing Public Sector Environmental Data and Information: Development and Demonstration of a National Portal
Chapter 47
H. Keith Edwards, Varadharajan Sridhar
Businesses that are involved in offshore software development often operate in a virtual project environment in which peer teams located at customer... Sample PDF
Analysis of Software Requirements Engineering Exercises in a Global Virtual Team Setup
Chapter 48
Leone Wheeler, Cheryl Lewis-Fitzgerald
Learning networks is a unit within Community & Regional Partnerships (C&RP) at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University).... Sample PDF
Building a Framework for the Development of RMIT Learning Networks
Chapter 49
Rajesh Mirani
This article presents an evolutionary framework for the establishment and progression of client-vendor relationships in the context of offshore... Sample PDF
Client-Vendor Relationships in Offshore Applications Development: An Evolutionary Framework
Chapter 50
Sagren Moodley
Both the production and use of ICT are unevenly distributed across countries and regions. While this is typical of emerging and fast evolving... Sample PDF
Clustering Dynamics of the ICT Sector in South Africa
Chapter 51
Stefan Dietze
This chapter discusses typical collaborative requirements definition processes as they are performed in open source software development (OSSD)... Sample PDF
Collaborative Requirements Definition Processes in Open Source Software Development
Chapter 52
Anneleen Cosemans
How to integrate ICT into schools in an appropriate and meaningful way remains one of the most fraught questions in education today as teachers and... Sample PDF
Connecting the Unconnected in Rural Ireland
Chapter 53
Chern Li Liew
Part of the worldwide appeal for digital libraries (DLs) lies in their potential to preserve cultural heritage resources, to expand access to... Sample PDF
Cross-Cultural Design and Usability of a Digital Library Supporting Access to Maori Cultural Heritage Resources
Chapter 54
Melih Kirlidog
Virtual Communities (VC), as defined by Rheingold (2000), are the social groups formed in the cyberspace when enough people carry on public... Sample PDF
Developing Regional Communities in Turkey
Chapter 55
Tony Carrizales, Marc Holzer, Seang-Tae Kim, Chan-Gon Kim
This article highlights the research findings of a digital governance survey conducted in the fall of 2005. The study replicates a 2003 survey of... Sample PDF
Digital Governance Worldwide: A Longitudinal Assessment of Municipal Web Sites
Chapter 56
I. P. Antoniades, I. Samoladas, I. Stamelos, L. Angelis
This chapter will discuss attempts to produce formal mathematical models for dynamical simulation of the development process of Free/Open Source... Sample PDF
Dynamical Simulation Models of the Open Source Development Process
Chapter 57
Mohammed Jabed Sarwar
Numerous factors, like political stability, physical infrastructure, basic healthcare, and so forth influence the extent and speed of social and... Sample PDF
E-Development in Bangladesh
Chapter 58
Wayne Huang
Computer-aided instruction (CAI) has existed for decades. Its third generation system using Internet and Web technologies to deliver university... Sample PDF
How to Compete in a Global Education Market Effectively: A Conceptual Framework for Designing a New Generation eEducation System
Chapter 59
Allison J. Morgan, Eileen M. Trauth
This chapter will encourage the consideration of the role of individual differences in determining Web behavior and performance, which could inform... Sample PDF
Impact of Individual Differences on Web Searching Performance: Issues for Design and the Digital Divide
Chapter 60
Fred Niederman, Sumit Kundu, Sylvia Salas
The offshoring of IT development is a significant global economic phenomenon. It influences the lives and fortunes of individuals, organizations... Sample PDF
IT Software Development Offshoring: A Multi-Level Theoretical Framework and Research Agenda
Chapter 61
Adekunle Okunoye
Information technology (IT) transfer to developing countries is often affected by various problems. Most available application packages are too... Sample PDF
Large-Scale Sustainable Information Systems Development in a Developing Country: The Making of an Islamic Banking Package
Chapter 62
Nikhilesh Dholakia, Morten Rask, Ruby Roy Dholakia
In this keynote chapter, we provide an overview of the emerging global landscape of mobile communications and mobile commerce, circa 2005. We... Sample PDF
Mobile Communications and Mobile Commerce: Conceptual Frames to Grasp the Global Tectonic Shifts
Chapter 63
Stephen Hawk, Kate Kaiser
Until the global economic downturn of the new millennium, demand for information technology (IT) professionals exceeded supply mostly due to... Sample PDF
Offshore Software Development Outsourcing
Chapter 64
Jaroslav Kral, Michal Zemlicka
Many (especially the large) software systems tend to be virtual peer-to-peer (P2P) networks of permanent autonomous services (e.g., e-government... Sample PDF
Software Confederation - An Architecture for Global Systems and Global Management
Chapter 65
Y. Lan, B. Unhelkar
Having argued for and created a vision of the global entity, we now consider the system and process framework for GET. During global transition... Sample PDF
Systems and Processes Framework in Global Business Transition
Chapter 66
Vanessa Phala
The “information revolution” has not only transformed the world as we know it, but also its future potential. Information and Communication... Sample PDF
Telecommunications Sector and Internet Access in Africa
Chapter 67
Anna Persson, Henrik Gustavsson, Brian Lings, Bjorn Lundell, Anders Mattsson, Ulf Arlig
Many companies are using model-based techniques to offer a competitive advantage in an increasingly globalised systems development industry. Central... Sample PDF
Adopting Open Source Development Tools in a Commercial Production Environment: Are We Locked In?
Chapter 68
Thomas Basset
This chapter tackles the issue of the distribution of work in an open source project through the influence of social relationships among developers.... Sample PDF
Coordination and Social Structures in an Open Source Project: VideoLAN
Chapter 69
Alexander Anisimov
This chapter is dedicated to the major managerial, organizational and technological aspects of development of data warehouses in a global... Sample PDF
Decision Support and Data Warehousing: Challenges of a Global Information Environment
Chapter 70
Jef Van den Ende, Stefano Laganà, Koenraad Blot, Zeno Bisoffi, Erwin Van den Enden, Louis Vermeulen, Luc Kestens
KABISA is a computer-based program for training in diagnostic problems in (sub-) tropical regions. It challenges the individual student with a... Sample PDF
Development of KABISA: A Computer-Based Training Program for Clinical Diagnosis in Developing Countries
Chapter 71
Nikhilesh Dholakia, Nir Kshetri
This chapter presents a comparative view of e-business systems designed to extend the benefits of e-business to the poor demographic segments of the... Sample PDF
Electronic Architectures for Bridging the Global Digital Divide: A Comparative Assessment of E-Business Systems Designed to Reach the Global Poor
Chapter 72
Vladimir Tosic, Wei Ma, Babak Esfandiari, Bernard Pagurek, Hanan Lutfiyya
The Web Service Offerings Infrastructure (WSOI) is a monitoring and management infrastructure for the Web Service Offerings Language (WSOL). It... Sample PDF
Extending Apache Axis for Monitoring of Web Service Offerings
Chapter 73
Yu-Wei Lin
As some scholars claim, the digital divide, referring to the perceived gap between those who have access to the latest information technologies and... Sample PDF
Free/Libre Open Source Software for Bridging the Digital Divide
Chapter 74
Balqies Sadoun
The rapid progress in information technology (IT) has moved computing and the Internet to the mainstream. Today’s personal laptop computer has... Sample PDF
GIS Applications to City Planning Engineering
Chapter 75
Martin Schell
Considering that 347 languages have over 1 million speakers each and account for 94% of the world’s population, localization is unsustainable as a... Sample PDF
How to Globalize Online Course Content
Chapter 76
Ran Neuman
This chapter discusses the impact of mobile and wireless technologies on developing countries. The new technological advances and capabilities allow... Sample PDF
Impact of Mobile and Wireless Technologies on Developing Countries
Chapter 77
G. Brent Hall, Michael G. Leahy
In the last half decade, there has been growing interest in the concept of collaborative geographic information systems (GIS) in support of decision... Sample PDF
Internet-Based Spatial Decision Support Using Open Source Tools
Chapter 78
Herman Balsters
Businesses can change their business structure by merging with other companies or, on the other end of the spectrum, by smoothly outsourcing some of... Sample PDF
Merging and Outsourcing Information Systems with UML
Chapter 79
Helle Zinner Henriksen
Organizational adoption of innovations does not always follow easily comprehendible patterns. This is often the case with interorganizational... Sample PDF
Motivators for IOS Adoption in Denmark
Chapter 80
Kirk St. Amant
This chapter examines the role of open source software (OSS) in international outsourcing practices that involve the transfer of knowledge work from... Sample PDF
Open Source and Outsourcing: A Perspective on Software Use and Professional Practices Related to International Outsourcing Activities
Chapter 81
Stamatis Karnouskos, András Vilmos, Antonis Ramfos, Balázs Csik, Petra Hoepner
Many experts consider that efficient and effective mobile payment solutions will empower existing e- and m-commerce efforts and unleash the true... Sample PDF
SeMoPS: A Global Secure Mobile Payment Service
Chapter 82
Sameer Verma
This chapter introduces the open source software development process from a software quality perspective. It uses the attributes of software quality... Sample PDF
Software Quality and Open Source Process
Chapter 83
Tineke M. Egyedi, Ruben van Wendel de Joode
Open-source software (OSS) offers programmers the opportunity to elaborate and adapt source code. It is an opportunity to diverge. We would... Sample PDF
Standardization and Other Coordination Mechanisms in Open Source Software
Chapter 84
Michael Rosemann, Amelia A. Maurizio
This chapter focuses on the most popular enterprise system — SAP — and summarizes the outcomes of a global survey on the status quo of SAP-related... Sample PDF
The Status of SAP-Related Education: Results of a Global Survey
Chapter 85
Babita Gupta, Lakshmi S. Iyer
Customer service is emerging as a key differentiator among competitors as the explosive growth of e-commerce is changing the nature of competition... Sample PDF
Theoretical Framework for CRM Outsourcing
Chapter 86
Thomas Wilsdon, Jill Slay
With the continual convergence of analogue technologies with those either simulated or implemented in digital based equivalents, future benefits... Sample PDF
Voice Over IP for Rural Telecommunication Provision
Chapter 87
Wireless in Vietnam  (pages 1167-1175)
A. Lee Gilbert
Although every infant industry is risky, investors are attracted by the growth potential for wireless data services in emerging economies. Access to... Sample PDF
Wireless in Vietnam
Chapter 88
Y. Y. Jessie Wong, R. Gerber, K. A. Toh
Examined and compared in this chapter is the diffusion of WBE in Singapore and Australia. These two countries were chosen in this study because of... Sample PDF
A Comparative Study of Diffusion of Web-Based Education (WBE) in Singapore and Australia
Chapter 89
Nancy Muturi
Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have made the global village a reality with the Internet, cell phones and other digital... Sample PDF
Access and the Use of ICTs Among Women in Jamaica
Chapter 90
N. K. Kwak, Chang Won Lee
An appropriate outsourcing and supply-chain planning strategy needs to be based on compromise and more objective decision-making procedures.... Sample PDF
An Application of Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Model for Strategic Outsourcing for Effective Supply-Chain Linkages
Chapter 91
Yong Ki Yoon, Kun Shin Im
Many companies recently have been choosing information technology (IT) outsourcing in response to complicated information systems and various... Sample PDF
An Evaluation System for IT Outsourcing Customer Satisfaction Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process
Chapter 92
Qile He, Yanqing Duan, Zetian Fu, Daoliang Li
Adoption of IT innovations is attracting increasing attention. Researchers are particularly interested in factors that affect the adoption of IS and... Sample PDF
An Innovation Adoption Study of Online E-Payment in Chinese Companies
Chapter 93
Jonah C. Tyan
This chapter introduces the applications of collaborative transportation and consolidation management in global third-party logistics. These... Sample PDF
Applications: Collaborative Transportation and Consolidation in Global Third Party Logistics
Chapter 94
Leigh Jin, Daniel Robey, Marie-Claude Boudreau
Open source software has rapidly become a popular area of study within the information systems research community. Most of the research conducted so... Sample PDF
Beyond Development: A Research Agenda for Investigating Open Source Software User Communities
Chapter 95
Anna Malina, Ann Macintosh
Examined in this chapter is action to address the “digital divide,” and possibilities for extending e-democracy to support wider democratic... Sample PDF
Bridging the Digital Divide: Developments in Scotland
Chapter 96
A. K Aggarwal, Ron Legon
Web-based education is diffusing across universities, disciplines, globes and educational levels. Many institutions are at the crossroad whether or... Sample PDF
Web-Based Education Diffusion: A Case Study
Chapter 97
Christine V. Bullen, Thomas Abraham, Kevin Gallagher, Kate M. Kaiser, Judith Simon
The increasingly global sourcing of IT work and other socio-economic trends are prompting fundamental changes in the availability of IT skills... Sample PDF
Changing IT skills: The Impact of Sourcing Strategies on In-House Capability Requirements
Chapter 98
Barbara J. Crump, Keri Logan, Andrea McIlroy
Governments and international organisations have expressed concern regarding what has been labeled the digital divide, that is, the gap between... Sample PDF
Computing in a New Zealand Urban Community
Chapter 99
Jeanette Nasem Morgan
This chapter commences with a discussion of corporate and government decision-making processes and the management sciences that support development... Sample PDF
Decision-Making Methods in MIS Outsourcing: Case Studies of Successes and Failures
Chapter 100
Xiaobai Shen
This chapter looks at implications of the emerging global intellectual property (IP) regime for developing countries (DCs) and their attempts to... Sample PDF
Developing Country Perspectives on Software: Intellectual Property and Open Source. A Case Study of Microsoft and Linux in China
Chapter 101
Zhimin Huang, Shuqin Cai
The 20-year economic reform in China has bred a new group of medium- or small-sized enterprises whose businesses are largely based on scientific and... Sample PDF
Developing Medium and Small Technological Enterprises in China: Informatization Issues and Counter-Measures
Chapter 102
Ellen Whybrow
The digital divide is a complex phenomenon inextricably linked to income security and not easily addressed through programs that provide simple... Sample PDF
Digital Access, ICT Fluency, and the Economically Disadvantages: Approaches to Minimize the Digital Divide
Chapter 103
Tarmo Kalvet
A multitude of writings have appeared since the 1970s describing how societies have undergone “information revolutions” (Bell, 1973; Castells, 1998;... Sample PDF
Digital Divide and the ICT Paradigm Generally and in Estonia
Chapter 104
Anastasia Papazafeiropoulou, Anastasia Pouloudi
Following an initial euphoria about the power of the information superhighway to provide better access to information and wealth for all, what we... Sample PDF
Digital Divide Challenge: How Stakeholder Analysis Can Be Used to Formulate Effective IT Diffusion Policies
Chapter 105
Rekha Pande
Information technology is being perceived as the magical wand and the harbinger of prosperity as it can guarantee access to global markets and... Sample PDF
Digital Divide, Gender and the Indian Experience in IT
Chapter 106
Deborah L. Wheeler
Making the choice to be an Internet society is not a process governed simply by a state’s attitudes towards computers and the data that flows... Sample PDF
Digital Governance and Democratization in the Arab World
Chapter 107
James Melitski, Marc Holzer, Seang-Tae Kim, Chan-Gun Kim, Seung-Yong Rho
This article evaluates the current practice of digital government in large municipalities worldwide. The study assesses 84 cities from around the... Sample PDF
Digital Government Worldwide: An E-Government Assessment of Municipal Web Sites
Chapter 108
Mahesh S. Raisinghani, Lisa Bari Herwick, Ramesh Pullamsetti, Thomas Hegel Gunther, Vanessa Caisan, An Wang, Andrzej Koszut
This chapter reviews the components of e-business from a procurement perspective in order to explore the key value propositions of e-business... Sample PDF
E-Business in the Global Automotive Industry: Key Value Propositions
Chapter 109
Varadharajan Sridhar, Kala Seetharam Sridhar
This chapter presents a conceptual model that explains how e-commerce adoption in developing countries is affected by various infrastructure... Sample PDF
E-Commerce Infrastructure and Economic Impacts in Developing Countries: Case of India
Chapter 110
Heather Arthur-Gray, John Campbell
There is a “deep-rooted inequality situation in the Thai economy and society” (Krongkaewa & Kakwanib, 2003). This inequality permeates all aspects... Sample PDF
Education Trends in Thai Businesses Utilizing Information Technology
Chapter 111
Wen-Jang Jih, Shu-Yeng Wong, Tsung-Bin Chang
Banking services primarily involve the creation, processing, storage, and distribution of financial information. Most of these services can be... Sample PDF
Effects of Perceived Risks on Adoption of Internet Banking Services: An Empirical Investigation in Taiwan
Chapter 112
Ramanie Samaratunge, Dianne Waddell
Even though there is an emerging literature on information age reform of the public sector, research focused on potential and problems related to... Sample PDF
E-Government in Developing Countries: A Sri Lankan Experience
Chapter 113
Yi-chen Lan, Bhuvan Unhelkar
Enactment is the application of the theory of the Global Enterprise Transition (GET) process in practice. Thus, while the discussion up to the... Sample PDF
Enacting Global Enterprise Transitions
Chapter 114
Pui Yuk Chan, Xinping Shi
This chapter explores and evaluates the performance of supply chain management (SCM) (i.e., effectiveness and efficiency) in using global logistics... Sample PDF
Evaluation of the SCM Performance in Using of Global Logistics Information Technologies: A Research Study in Hong Kong
Chapter 115
Jonathan M. Smith, Michael B. Greenwald, Sotiris Ioannidis, Angelos D. Keromytis, Ben: Maughan Laurie, Dale Rahn, Jason Wright
This chapter reports on our experiences with POSSE, a project studying “Portable Open Source Security Elements” as part of the larger DARPA effort... Sample PDF
Experiences Enhancing Open Source Security in the POSSE Project
Chapter 116
Robin Teigland, Andrew Schenkel
In the past two decades, the related concepts of regional innovation systems and clusters have become widely circulated in both academic and policy... Sample PDF
Exploring the Role of Communities of Practice in Regional Innovation Systems
Chapter 117
Ana Rosa del Aguila-Obra, Antonio Padilla-Melendez
There have been numerous studies about business-to-business (B2B) electronic commerce and market structure, most of them analyzing the relationships... Sample PDF
Exploring Trust Building Mechanisms in Global B2B Electronic Markets
Chapter 118
Christopher Payne, Bhuvan Unhelkar
This chapter discusses how globalization in the publishing domain is achieved through global information and communication systems. Global... Sample PDF
Global Information Systems in the Publishing Domain: An Experience Report
Chapter 119
John Sagi, Elias Carayanis, Subhasish Dasgupta, Gary Thomas
Many authors argue that information and communications technology (ICT) in this New Economy is causing a globalized, unified society. Others take... Sample PDF
Globalization and E-Commerce: A Cross-Cultural Investigation of User Attitudes
Chapter 120
Wayne Pease, Lauretta Wright, Malcolm Cooper
In regional Australia there is a growing interest and investment in community capacity building and this is beginning to be formalised in a desire... Sample PDF
Hervey Bay in Transition: The Role of Community-Based Information Technology in Overcoming the Great Digital Divide
Chapter 121
Saundarjya Borbora
This chapter examines the role of technology in economic and social development in developing countries, with a particular emphasis on India as an... Sample PDF
ICT Growth and Diffusion: Concepts, Impacts and Policy Issues in the Indian Experience with Reference to the International Digital Divide
Chapter 122
Vashti Galpin
International research has shown that in most countries, there are few women studying towards information technology (IT) careers (Galpin, 2002)... Sample PDF
Women in Technology in Sub-Saharan Africa
Chapter 123
Chiara Giorgi, Dieter Schürch
Since the end of 20th Century, the introduction of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has deeply influenced many aspects of everyday... Sample PDF
ICT, Education, and Regional Development in Swiss Peripheral Areas
Chapter 124
Anesh Maniraj Singh
South Africa, like most of its African neighbors, has a dual economy that sees formal and informal trading taking place side by side. Walking down... Sample PDF
Information Systems and Technology in South Africa
Chapter 125
Asghar Sabbaghi, Ganesh Vaidyanathan
The purpose of this chapter is to develop a conceptual insight and an integrated framework to global supply chain management through strategic... Sample PDF
Integration of Global Supply Chain Management with Small to Mid-Size Suppliers
Chapter 126
Arjun Kalyanpur, Firoz Latif, Sanjay Saini, Surendra Sarnikar
Advances in healthcare information technology have enabled new models for electronic delivery of healthcare services. In this article, we present... Sample PDF
Inter-Organizational E-commerce in Healthcare Services: The Case of Global Teleradiology
Chapter 127
Ye-Sho Chen, Guoqing Chen, Soushan Wu
The third industrial revolution, combining Internet technology with globalization, produces an increasingly complicated e-business environment.... Sample PDF
Issues and Opportunities in E-Business Research: A Simonian Perspective
Chapter 128
Mahesh S. Raisinghani
The concept of Knowledge Management concerns the creation of structures that combine the most advanced elements of technological resources and the... Sample PDF
Knowledge Management of E-Business Initiatives Within Two Global Organizations: A Comparative Case Study Analysis
Chapter 129
James Griffin
This chapter adopts a ‘technology cluster’ perspective in examining Internet usage within SMEs, analyzing Internet usage in terms of three distinct... Sample PDF
Mapping the Diffusion of the Internet Technology Cluster: An Examination of Irish SMEs
Chapter 130
Ahmed Ali
This case study examined the effectiveness and significance of the Internet and interactive video broadcasting as instructional and communication... Sample PDF
Modern Technology and Mass Education: A Case Study of a Global Virtual Learning System
Chapter 131
June K. Hilton
Empirical data from a secondary school that took steps to increase technology integration in its classrooms with the long-term goal of raising... Sample PDF
Narrowing the Digital Divide: Technology Integration in a High-Poverty School
Chapter 132
Anil Shaligram
For social development to take place in rural areas it is necessary to involve the people and assist them in becoming technology-enabled and... Sample PDF
One Village One Computer Campaign in India
Chapter 133
Aditya Johri
Online collaborative learning is a situated activity that occurs in complex settings. This study proposes a sociocultural frame for theorizing... Sample PDF
Online, Offline, and In-Between: Analyzing Meditated-Action Among American and Russian Students in a Global Online Class
Chapter 134
Julie E. Kendall, Kenneth E. Kendall
Many firms outsource creation of program code for management information systems, but not all experiences are successful. Although some researchers... Sample PDF
Outsourcing and Information Systems Development: How Complementary Corporate Cultures Minimize Risks of Outsourced Systems Projects
Chapter 135
Magnus Homqvist, Kalevi Pessi
E-business has been highly debated during the last years, often based on assumptions. This chapter is based on results from several years of... Sample PDF
Strategy Turned into Action: A Case from Global Implementation of B2B E-Business
Chapter 136
Louis Sanzogni, Heather Arthur-Gray
The phrase “leapfrogging development” reflects the belief, especially in the 1980’s, among policymakers and theoreticians that information... Sample PDF
Technology Leapfrogging in Thailand
Chapter 137
Anne Daly
This chapter presents data from the 2001 Census of Population and Housing to highlight the low levels of computer and Internet usage by indigenous... Sample PDF
The Diffusion of New Technologies: Community Online Access Centres in Indigenous Communities in Australia
Chapter 138
Irwin Brown, Rudi Hoppe, Pauline Mugera, Paul Newman, Adrie Stander
The widespread diffusion of the Internet globally has prompted most retail banks to offer Internet banking services. A recent study in Singapore... Sample PDF
The Impact of National Environment on the Adoption of Internet Banking: Comparing Singapore and South Africa
Chapter 139
Jayapragas Gnaniah, Peter Songan, Alvin W. Yeo, Hushairi Zen, Khairuddin Ab. Hamid
The Malaysian government, through many initiatives, has seriously looked into reducing and if possible eliminating, the digital divide that exists... Sample PDF
The Need for Community Informatics in Malaysia
Chapter 140
Michelle Rowe
Many multinational firms have located in developing countries to develop their overseas and industrial markets and to take advantage of the low cost... Sample PDF
The Role of Multinationals in Recent IT Developments in China
Chapter 141
Khaled Dahawy, Sherif Kamel
The use of information and communication technology has become an integral component and a vital tool in teaching accounting. Over the last few... Sample PDF
The Use of Information Technology in Teaching Accounting in Egypt: Case of Becker Professional Review
Chapter 142
Kristy Williamson, Sharman Lichtenstein, Jen Sullivan, Don Schauder
This paper explores Australian domestic customers’ choices with regard to Internet banking, examining why it is taken up by some Australians and not... Sample PDF
To Choose or Not to Choose: Exploring Australians' Views about Internet Banking
Chapter 143
Toward U-Government in Japan  (pages 1985-2006)
Toshio Obi, Jingle Concon
Japan is set to move forward to developing a broadband and ubiquitous network society as envisioned under the concept of an advanced information... Sample PDF
Toward U-Government in Japan
Chapter 144
Robert M. Davison, Yuan Li, Carol S.P. Kam
Many large organizations are increasingly outsourcing their IT functions. Factors like lower costs, improved productivity, higher quality, higher... Sample PDF
Web-Based Data Collection in China
Chapter 145
Yining Chen, Wayne Huang, D. Li, H. Z. Shen, P.Z. Zhang, Lori Klamo
Over the last decade, the Internet has become one of the most important means of communication in all social areas. The success of Web technology... Sample PDF
A Comparative Study of Strategic Issues of Digital Government Implementations Between Developed and Developing Countries
Chapter 146
Jonathan Trusler, Jean-Paul Van Belle
There is an increasing focus on the growing disparity between the involvement of developed and developing societies in the new “information age.”... Sample PDF
A Rural Multi-Purpose Community Centre in South Africa
Chapter 147
Mahesh S. Raisinghani, Mahboob ur Rahman
The revolutionary advent of IT has accelerated the pace of day-to-day office, personal and corporate communication. However, even now, Bangladesh... Sample PDF
A Socio-Technical Case Study of Bangladesh
Chapter 148
David Ruppel, Cynthia Ruppel
Companies want employees with core values who ascribe to corporate values. Emotional intelligence (EQ) is used by companies in recruitment (Foote... Sample PDF
A University/Community Partnership to Bridge the Digital Divide
Chapter 149
Pamela McLean
Development initiatives in Nigeria tend to be delivered down through layers of administration, from federal government, to state government, to... Sample PDF
An ICT Enabled "Community" in Rural Nigeria and the UK
Chapter 150
Kim Virborg Henriksen, Helle Zinner Andersen
The chapter explores the role of institutional discourse on B2B e-commerce diffusion. Using the case of EDI in the Danish business environment, the... Sample PDF
B2B E-Commerce Diffusion: The Efficacy of Institutional Discourse
Chapter 151
Yi-chen Lan, Bhuvan Unhelkar
This chapter demonstrates the application of the GET process in the area of Tele-health, to a hospital. The reason for selecting the domain of... Sample PDF
Case Study in Globalization of Hospitals
Chapter 152
Peter Songan, Khairuddin Ab. Hamid, Alvin W. Yeo, Jayapragas Gnaniah, Hushairi Zen
Community Informatics (CI) is the application of ICT to overcome the “digital divide” both within and among communities (Gurstien, 2000). Taylor... Sample PDF
Challenges to Community Informatics to Bridging the Digital Divide
Chapter 153
Elizabeth Wellburn, Gregory Claeys
Through information technologies, there is an increasing connectedness of people in both economic and educational domains. The globalized... Sample PDF
Community-Based Distributed Learning in a Globalized World
Chapter 154
Cecily Mason, Tanya Castleman, Craig Parker
This article provides a conceptual argument that the knowledge management (KM) approach of communities of practice (CoPs), and their virtual... Sample PDF
Creating Value with Regional Communities of SMEs
Chapter 155
Clem Herman
This article examines the role of community-based training initiatives in enabling women to cross the so-called digital divide and become confident... Sample PDF
Crossing the Digital Divide in a Women's Community ICT Centre
Chapter 156
Panagiotis Damaskopoulos, Rimantas Gatautis
This article explores key sets of drivers of formation of virtual communities in transition economies with particular reference to recent... Sample PDF
Developing Virtual Communities in Transition Economies
Chapter 157
Ali Fawaz Shareef, Kinshuk
Small island nations, especially Maldives, encounter a number of limitations in providing services to their people due to their size. These services... Sample PDF
Distance Education in Small Island Nations
Chapter 158
Sirkku K. Hellsten
A new world governance and economy characterised by globalisation has an increasing emphasis on knowledge and knowledge-transfer as the primary... Sample PDF
E-Democracy and E-Economy in Africa
Chapter 159
Jeffrey P. Roy
The objectives of this chapter are threefold: first, to first provide a conceptual framework for understanding e-government as a set of four... Sample PDF
E-Government, Democratic Governance and Integrative Prospects for Developing Countries: The Case for a Globally Federated Architecture
Chapter 160
Tan Yigitcanlar, Scott Baum
Many governments world wide are attempting to increase accountability, transparency, and the quality of services by adopting information and... Sample PDF
E-Government and the Digital Divide
Chapter 161
Susana Martínez Naharro, Mónica Alagón Labarta
Since 2000, the Open Polytechnic University has been working at e-learning methods as a commitment to introduction of Communication Technologies... Sample PDF
E-Learning at the Polytechnic University of Valencia: A Bet for Quality
Chapter 162
Mohamed El El Louadi
Learning and knowledge dissemination using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is becoming increasingly prevalent in schools and... Sample PDF
E-Mail as a Teaching Supplement in Tunisia
Chapter 163
Monideepa Tarafdar
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems integrate various functions and processes in organizations. ERP software is developed in the form of... Sample PDF
ERP Adoption in Indian Organizations
Chapter 164
Rose Melville
E-social policy is an important aspect of the information society development and e-governance agenda (Fitzpatrick, 2000, 2003; Loader, 1998). To... Sample PDF
E-Social Policy and E-Social Service Delivery
Chapter 165
László A. Pook, Norman E. Pence
The paper examines the developmental status of four of the next candidate countries’ information infrastructures for accession into the European... Sample PDF
Evaluation of Information Infrastructures and Social Development Among the Visegrad-Four Countries of Central Europe
Chapter 166
Janice A. Osbourne, Malcolm Clarke
This paper discusses the use of three published models, the Technology acceptance model (TAM), Rogers diffusion of Innovation theory (IDT), and the... Sample PDF
Factors Motivating the Acceptance of New Information and Communication Technologies in UK Healthcare: A Test of Three Models
Chapter 167
David Kreps, Alison Adam
The focus of this chapter is Web accessibility for disabled people, given that much of the Web remains inaccessible or difficult to access. The... Sample PDF
Failing the Disabled Community: The Continuing Problem of Web Accessibility
Chapter 168
Cisco M. Magagula
The challenges facing the world, especially developing countries like Swaziland, are many and varied. The United Nations Development Programme... Sample PDF
Forging Partnerships to Provide Computer Literacy in Swaziland
Chapter 169
Nurul I. Sarkar, Catherine Byrne, Nabeel A.Y. Al-Qirim
Although Ethernet technology is still the most popular LAN technology in use today at the desktop, the throughput offered by the 10 and 100 Mbps... Sample PDF
Gigabit Ethernet Implementation: The Case of a Large New Zealand Organization
Chapter 170
Yi-chen Lan, Bhuvan Unhelkar
Globalization, especially in the business world of the 21st century, is inevitable. Today, almost all businesses face intense competition all around... Sample PDF
Global Enterprise Transitions
Chapter 171
Yi-chen Lan, Bhuvan Unhelkar
Successful globalization requires good strategic vision and its implementation. Strategic vision refers to what an enterprise expects to be its... Sample PDF
Global Enterprises: Visions and Structures
Chapter 172
Peter J. Smith, Elizabeth Smythe
This chapter examines how information technologies have been used by non-governmental organizations to contest economic globalization. The chapter... Sample PDF
Globalization, Citizenship and New Information Technologies: From the MAI to Seattle
Chapter 173
Al P. Mizell
The Internet has become an essential element of all society today. Those who can access the World Wide Web have become active participants in the... Sample PDF
Helping Close the Digital Divide for Financially Disadvantaged Seniors
Chapter 174
Colin R. Latchem, Ajit Maru
About 2 billion people in low-income countries are dependent upon smallholding farming for their livelihoods. These are among the world’s poorest... Sample PDF
ICT and Distance Learning for Agricultural Extension in Low Income Countries
Chapter 175
Marilyn Lewis
Information and communication technology (ICT) allows users to access information without taking geographic position into account. These users are... Sample PDF
ICT in Medical Education in Trinidad and Tobago
Chapter 176
Shaila M. Miranda, Pamela E. Carter
Organizational arrangements such as telework are often believed to disrupt workers’ social networks. This raises a concern regarding teleworkers’... Sample PDF
Innovation Diffusion and E-Collaboration: The Effects of Social Proximity on Social Information Processing
Chapter 177
Robert Kelso
Australia is a nation of 20 million citizens occupying approximately the same land mass as the continental U.S. More than 80% of the population... Sample PDF
Inter-Governmental Relations in the Provision of Local E-Services
Chapter 178
Anastasia Papazafeiropoulou, Reshma Gandecha
Interpretive flexibility is a term used to describe the diverse perspectives on what a technology is and can or can not do during the process of... Sample PDF
Interpretive Flexibility Along the Innovation Decision Process of the UK NHS Care Records Service (NCRS): Insights from a Local Implementation Case Study
Chapter 179
Frances S. Grodzinsky, Herman T. Tavani
We examine some pros and cons of online communities with respect to two main questions: (1) Do online communities promote democracy and democratic... Sample PDF
Online Communities, Democratic Ideals, and the Digital Divide
Chapter 180
Tom Kern
The chapter deals with the inefficiency of classical business systems in a dynamic global business environment. The main reasons for inefficiency... Sample PDF
Organizational Structure Without Hierarchy in a Dynamic Global Business Environment
Chapter 181
Sarah Parkinson
This chapter focuses on the importance of social structures in enabling equitable access opportunities and useful applications of ICTs. It further... Sample PDF
Social Structures for Access, Use, and Development
Chapter 182
Audley Genus, Mohd Ali Mohamad Nor
The digital divide is a phenomenon associated with disparities between groups and societies in the adoption and diffusion of electronic information... Sample PDF
Socialising the Digital Divide: Implications for ICTs and E-Business Development
Chapter 183
Lynette Kvasny
During the 1990s, the digital divide figured prominently in the discourses of academics, corporate leaders, educators, and policymakers worldwide.... Sample PDF
The Existential Significance of the Digital Divide for America's Historically Underserved Populations
Chapter 184
Steve McCarty
This chapter examines what criteria, conditions, or characteristics actually constitute a globalized classroom. A graduate course on online... Sample PDF
Theorizing and Realizing the Globalized Classroom
Chapter 185
Bernard Kamel
New online learning techniques lead to improved ways to investing in larger numbers of people and optimizing the use of resources. Respectively... Sample PDF
Virtual Organizations in Post-Graduate Education in Egypt
Chapter 186
Agustí Cerrill i Martinez
Information in the hands of public administrations plays a fundamental role in developing democracies and carrying out daily tasks—not only the... Sample PDF
Accessing Administration's Information via Internet in Spain
Chapter 187
Ganesh Vaidyanathan
Can knowledge capture and dissemination be managed efficiently? Is there a framework that addresses distributed knowledge management from creation... Sample PDF
Networked Knowledge Management Dimensions in Distributed Projects
Chapter 188
Jianxin Jiao, Xiao You, Arun Kumar
This chapter applies the multi-agent system paradigm to collaborative negotiation in a global manufacturing supply chain network. Multi-agent... Sample PDF
An Agent-Based Collaborative Negotiation System for Global Manufacturing Supply Chain Management
Chapter 189
Yi-chen Lan
This chapter investigates issues related to the global transition of an enterprise through the application of information technology and information... Sample PDF
An Investigation of GISM Issues for Successful Management of the Globalization Process
Chapter 190
Steve Cartland
This chapter examines the relevance of business continuity to supply chain management. Business continuity has focused on the business processes of... Sample PDF
Business Continuity Challenges in Global Supply Chains
Chapter 191
Rosann Webb Collins, Stanley J. Birkin
The trend toward globalization of business has increased the need for global information systems that enable and support global operations. In order... Sample PDF
Challenges of Managing the Global IS/IT Workforce
Chapter 192
Mingfang Li
Competitive strategies remain a central topic of research in strategic management. Recent conceptual developments and practices reveal possible... Sample PDF
Competitive Strategies and Global Management: Linking with Technology
Chapter 193
Haiyan Huang, Eileen M. Trauth
This chapter discusses cultural diversity challenges in globally distributed software development and the implications for educating and managing... Sample PDF
Cultural Diversity Challenges: Issues for Managing Globally Distributed Knowledge Workers in Software Development
Chapter 194
Wole Michael Olatokun, Isola Ajiferuke
Electronic commerce (or e-commerce) is the popular term for doing business electronically. According to Haag, Cummings, and McCubbrey (1998), for... Sample PDF
E-Commerce Challenges and Policy Considerations in Nigeria
Chapter 195
Richard M. Escalante
The global environment of e-commerce is revolutionizing business practices and reshaping traditional business transactions over “computer-mediated... Sample PDF
E-Commerce Challenges for Caribbean Businesses
Chapter 196
Lynda Roberson Louis
Little research exists that address employee perceptions of information technology (IT) outsourcing, and its effects on IT employees. This chapter... Sample PDF
Employee Perceptions of Outsourcing of Information Technology Operations: An Empirical Investigation
Chapter 197
Gopalkrishnan R. Iyer
This chapter explores some key managerial issues in the development and implementation of a global Internet marketing strategy. While it appears... Sample PDF
Global Internet Marketing Strategy: Framework and Managerial Insights
Chapter 198
Ambika Zutshi, Samar Zutshi, Amrik Sohal
The Internet has become an integral part of our everyday lives and it is often difficult to imagine how we ever functioned without it. This chapter... Sample PDF
How E-Entrepreneurs Operate in the Context of open Source Software
Chapter 199
Tapasya Patki, A. B. Patki
Internet technology has impelled us to develop faith in the modern practices of business, commerce, and trade. Offshoring has been viewed as a... Sample PDF
Innovative Technological Paradigms for Corporate Offshoring
Chapter 200
Adekunle Okunoye
Information technology and social-cultural, organizational variables are considered major components to support knowledge processes in knowledge... Sample PDF
Managing Information Technology Component of Knowledge Management: Outsourcing as a Strategic Option in Developing Countries
Chapter 201
Leonardo Legorreta, Rajneesh Goyal
Outsourcing is one of the most talked about and widely debated topics. Over the past few years, firms have been outsourcing their IT operations at... Sample PDF
Managing Risks of IT Outsourcing
Chapter 202
Magdy K. Serour
Although there are a large number of contemporary software development processes/methodologies available to assist and guide software professionals... Sample PDF
Planning and Managing the Human Factors for the Adoption and Diffusion of Object-Oriented Software Development Processes
Chapter 203
Kathy Stewart Schwaig, Stephen H. Gillam, Elke Leeds
Global partnerships are forming to take advantage of the cost savings associated with offshoring as well as other strategic benefits. Not all... Sample PDF
Project Management Issues in IT Offshore Outsourcing
Chapter 204
Somnath Vaghjiani, Kallol Teoh
In this chapter we explore the concept of enterprise, or organisational mobility. We examine how mobility in a business can provide a competitive... Sample PDF
Comprehensive Impact of Mobile Technology on Business
Chapter 205
Rafael Prikladnicki, Roberto Evaristo, Jorge Luis Nicolas Audy, Marcelo Hideki Yamaguti
Distributed IT projects exhibit certain features that make them fundamentally different from traditional co-located projects, not only involving... Sample PDF
Risk Management in Distributed IT Projects: Integrating Strategic, Tactical, and Operational Levels
Chapter 206
Brian A. Polin, Marvin D. Troutt, William Acar
We review the evolving literature on globalization with three aims in mind. First, we introduce the concept of globalization within the context of... Sample PDF
Supply Chain Globalization and the Complexities of Cost-Minimization Strategies
Chapter 207
William Wresch
This chapter examines well-known technological shortages in developing countries in the context of Amartya Sen’s capabilities approach. The... Sample PDF
500 Million Missing Web Sites: Amartya Sen's Capabilities Approach and Measures of Technological Deprivation in Developing Countries
Chapter 208
Alexander Yap, Jayoti Das, John Burbridge, Kathryn Cort
Why are some countries successful with e-commerce while others flounder? The purpose of this article is to study the impact of technology, cultural... Sample PDF
A Composite-Model for E-Commerce Diffusion: Integrating Cultural and Socio-Economic Dimensions to the Dynamics of Diffusion
Chapter 209
Victor W. Mbarika, Peter N. Meso, Philip F. Musa
With the dynamic and meteoric rise in teledensity diffusion across Sub Saharan Africa, one would expect a departure in the perceptions of... Sample PDF
A Disconnect in Stakeholders' Perceptions from Emerging Realities of Teledensity Growth in Africa's Least Developed Countries
Chapter 210
Anne C. Rouse, Brian. J. Corbitt
Much of the research that has been carried out into outsourcing is based on relatively successful case studies. Yet drawing inferences from case... Sample PDF
Analysis of a Large-Scale IT Outsourcing "Failure": What Lessons Can We Learn?
Chapter 211
Mary Kirk
Dale Spender compares the contemporary growth of digital information (due to computer technology) with the centuries-old growth of written... Sample PDF
Bridging the Digital Divide: A Feminist Perspective on the Project
Chapter 212
Simon Fraser
With the explosion of public awareness of the Internet in the early 1990s, much attention has been focused on ways in which these new technologies... Sample PDF
Caribbean Companies and the Information Superhighway
Chapter 213
Ashlyn M. Schniederjans, Dara G. Schniederjans
Most business organizations have recognized the importance of outsourcing information systems and related business processes. As the industry of... Sample PDF
Conceptual Evolution of Business Organizations into Outsourcing-Insourcing Alliance Networks
Chapter 214
Abdulwahed Mohammed Khalfan, Majed Z. Al-Hajery, Khamis Al-Gharbi
As organisations need diverse and high quality IS/IT services to survive and excel in the rapidly changing business environment (Lacity & Willcocks... Sample PDF
Contracting Mechanisms in the IS/IT Outsourcing Phenomenon
Chapter 215
Eulace Scott Rhoten
“Since ancient times philosophers, politicians, and social critics have debated the nature of community” (Parrish, 2002, p. 260; Bunn, 1998).... Sample PDF
Cultural Diversity and the Digital Divide
Chapter 216
David Gefen, Gregory M. Rose, Merrill Warkentin, Paul A. Pavlou
To trust means to have expectations about others’ (the trustees’) socially acceptable behavior. One of the central effects of this trust in the... Sample PDF
Cultural Diversity and Trust in IT Adoption: A Comparison of Potential e-Voters in the USA and South Africa
Chapter 217
Emma Rooksby, John Weckert
This chapter considers the social and ethical significance of digital divides, where a digital divide is taken to be an intra- or international... Sample PDF
Digital Divides: Their Social and Ethical Implications
Chapter 218
Carlos Ferran
This chapter uses information theory to study the effect of the Internet and e-business over the digital divide. It develops a framework that... Sample PDF
Electronic Business in Developing Countries: The Digitalization of Bad Practices
Chapter 219
Don Fallis
The digital divide refers to inequalities in access to information technology. Those people who do not have access to information technology are at... Sample PDF
Epistemic Value Theory and the Digital Divide
Chapter 220
David Wiencek
This chapter reviews the historical, technological and economic factors driving IT organizational design and resulting staffing patterns within the... Sample PDF
Ethical Challenges of Information Systems: The Carnage of Outsourcing and Other Technology-Enabled Organizational Imperatives
Chapter 221
Gillian M. Marcelle
There is little shared understanding of the term “digital divide,” but this has not prevented the international community from investing a great... Sample PDF
A Feminist Agenda for Reducing the Gender Digital Divide
Chapter 222
Sirkku Kristiina Hellsten
This chapter is about the role of ICT in global justice. It will analyze, firstly, the epistemological relationship between new information... Sample PDF
From Information Society to Global Village of Wisdom? The Role of ICT in Realizing Social Justice in the Developing World
Chapter 223
Franz Barjak
This chapter investigates whether the internet has improved information access for scientists who did not participate fully in the transfer of... Sample PDF
From the "Analogue Divide" to the "Hybrid Divide": The Internet Does Not Ensure Equality of Access to Information in Science
Chapter 224
Wole Michael Olatokun
Information technology (IT) has become a potent force in transforming social, economic and political life globally (Hafkin & Taggart, 2001). Without... Sample PDF
Gender and National IT Policy in Nigeria
Chapter 225
Hiroshi Ono, Madeline Zavodny
As information technology (IT) has become more common in everyday use, so too have concerns about the digital divide—unequal access to and use of IT... Sample PDF
Gender Differences in IT Use in the U.S. and Japan
Chapter 226
Stefania Boiano, Ann Borda, Jonathan P. Bowen, Xristine Faulkner, Giuliano Gaia, Sarah McDaid
We consider the design and provision of Web sites, with respect to gender issues, from various perspectives. A general view of the field is given... Sample PDF
Gender Issues in HCI Design for Web Access
Chapter 227
Soraj Hongladarom
The problem of global digital divide, namely disparity in internet access and use among the various regions of the world, is a growing concern. Even... Sample PDF
Global Digital Divide, Global Justice, Cultures and Epistemology
Chapter 228
Bhuvan Unhelkar
With increasing ability to interact globally through the electronic medium, businesses are able to tap into newer business opportunities externally... Sample PDF
Global E-Business Alliances: The Soci-Cultural Perspectives, Influence, and Mitigation
Chapter 229
Margaret L. Sheng
Supply chain functions must operate in an integrated manner in order to optimize performance. However, the dynamics of the organization and the... Sample PDF
Global Integrated Supply Chain Implementation: The Challenges of E-Procurement
Chapter 230
Heberto Ochoa-Morales
The Andean Community of Nations (CAN) and others countries in Latin America (LA), as any less developed countries (LDCs), are located by inception... Sample PDF
The Globalization Paradigm and Latin America's Digital Gap
Chapter 231
Ahmed El Gody
Information communication technologies (ICT) have become an effective force for accelerating political, economic, and social development, decreasing... Sample PDF
ICT and Gender Inequality in the Middle East
Chapter 232
Larry P. English
Information Quality Management is critical for national security not just because of the myriad information types, including textual, audio, video... Sample PDF
Information Quality: Critical Ingredient for National Security
Chapter 233
Larry P. Kvasny
Information and communication technologies (ICT) such as the World Wide Web, e-mail, and computers have become an integral part of America’s... Sample PDF
Minorities and the Digital Divide
Chapter 234
Gregory Madey, Vincent Freeh, Renee Tynan
In this chapter we summarize the latest results from an ongoing study examining Free/Open Source Software (F/OSS) Development communities as... Sample PDF
Modeling the Free/Open Source Software Community: A Quantitative Investigation
Chapter 235
Linda Sioui
In the 17th century, an important period of contact with Europeans, the Wendat nation (Iroquoian linguistic family) lived in the Georgian Bay area... Sample PDF
Reunification of the Wendat/Wyandotte Nation at a Time of Globalization
Chapter 236
Irene Henriques, Perry Sadorsky
In this chapter, quantitative modeling and simulation techniques are used to estimate various risk measures and the associated cost of equity for... Sample PDF
Risk and Investment in the Global Telecommunications Industry
Chapter 237
Marwa M. Hafez
This chapter includes discussions pertaining to the role of culture in influencing electronic business diffusion in developing countries. In this... Sample PDF
Role of Culture in Electronic Business Diffusion in Developing Countries
Chapter 238
Bernd Carsten Stahl
A book on the topic of information technology and social justice would seem to be based on several implicit assumptions. One of these is that there... Sample PDF
Social Justice and Market Metaphyics: A Critical Discussion of Philosophical Approaches to Digital Divides
Chapter 239
M. Lynne Markus, Christina Soh
An important line of research on global information management examines the effects of national culture on IT development, operations, management... Sample PDF
Structural Influences on Global E-Commerce Activity
Chapter 240
Yuwei Lin
Current debate on women in free/libre open source software (FLOSS) tends to fall into the gender stereotype of men and women when coming across to... Sample PDF
Techno-Feminist View on the Open Source Software Development
Chapter 241
Colin R. Latchem
Dial-up Internet access, wireless mobile services, cybercafés, etc., are fundamentally changing the nature of communications and knowledge and... Sample PDF
Telecentres in Low-Income Nations
Chapter 242
Emma Rooksby, John Wekert, Richard Lucas
In this paper, the authors examine the problem of the digital divide in Australia, drawing substantially on a study by carried out for the... Sample PDF
The Digital Divide in Australia: Is Rural Australia Loosing Out?
Chapter 243
Jack S. Cook, Laura Cook
Web accessibility is really not a technological issue but rather a cultural problem. A Web site is said to be Web accessible if anyone, regardless... Sample PDF
The Ethics of Web Design: Ensuring Access for Everyone
Chapter 244
Bhuvan Unhelkar
This chapter explores the impact of Web services in creating a paradigm shift in the way businesses strive to globalize. This fundamental shift in... Sample PDF
Web Services and Their Impact in Creating a Paradigm Shift in the Process of Globalization
Chapter 245
Zlatko J. Kovacic
This chapter reports research results on the relationship between e-government readiness and its components and the level of democracy, corruption... Sample PDF
A Brave New E-World? An Exploratory Analysis of Worldwide E-Government Readiness, Level of Democracy, Corruption, and Globalization
Chapter 246
Kelly Hutchinson
This article explores how urban Cambodian youth are creating connections and exploring the opportunities that new technology offers for their social... Sample PDF
Cambodian Youth Making Connections
Chapter 247
Wai K. Law, Karri Perez
GHI, an international service conglomerate, recently acquired a new subsidiary in an Asian country. A new information system was planned to... Sample PDF
Cross-Cultural Implementation of Information System
Chapter 248
A. Hoecst, P. Trott
In this chapter we argue that firms have responded to the intense pressure from markets and financial operators to reduce asset investments by... Sample PDF
Does Strategic Outsourcing Undermine the Innovative Capability of Organizations?
Chapter 249
Arjun K. Paiu, Subhajit Basu
The practice of information systems/information technology (IS/IT) outsourcing is a major issue which has received much attention, as shown by the... Sample PDF
Emerging Legal Challenges in Offshore Outsourcing of IT-Enabled Services
Chapter 250
Helen Partridge
This chapter will explore the human dimension of the digital divide. It argues that existing digital divide research takes primarily a... Sample PDF
Establishing the Human Dimension of the Digital Divide
Chapter 251
Sadayoshi Takaya
This chapter focuses on the function of international currencies as foreign exchange vehicles, which has a character of the network externality. On... Sample PDF
Evolution of the Euro and Currency Competition in the Global ICT Age
Chapter 252
Nikhilesh Dholakia, Ruby Roy Dholakia, Mark Lehrer, Nir Kshetri
Mobile phones, mobile Internet access, and mobile commerce (m-commerce) are growing much faster than their fixed counterparts. Several... Sample PDF
Global Heterogeneity in the Emerging M-Commerce Landscape
Chapter 253
R. Brent Tan, R.Brent Gallupe
A growing body of knowledge is being accumulated in the area of global information management (GIM). Research in this area has grown significantly... Sample PDF
Global Information Management Research: Current Status and Future Directions
Chapter 254
V.S. Venkatesan, Robyn Eversole, Kem Robinson
The concept of ‘digital divide’ draws attention to the social context of technology usage. Current IT solutions are technology driven and are... Sample PDF
Information Access in Rural Communities: Bridging the Digital Divide
Chapter 255
Anil Shaligram
At “One Village One Computer Campaign” (1V1C) in India we are resolved to tackle the gender question using information technology. The strategic... Sample PDF
IT for Emancipation of Women in India
Chapter 256
Nikhilesh Dholakia, Morten Rask, Ruby Roy Dholakia
n this concluding chapter, we gather together the lessons emerging from the patterns of mobile commerce evident in the preceding chapters. Mobile... Sample PDF
It's an M-World After All: Lessons from Global Patterns of Mobile Commerce
Chapter 257
Fjodor Ruzic
In today’s dynamic e-business environment where fast time to market is imperative, where information and telecommunications technology is costly and... Sample PDF
New Ethics for E-Business Offshore Outsourcing
Chapter 258
Purva Kansal, Amit Kumar Kaushik
In an attempt to influence their pace of development, developing countries around the world try and influence the rate of investment (especially... Sample PDF
Offshore Outsourcing: An E-Commerce Reality (Opportunity for Developing Countries)
Chapter 259
Amar Gupta, Satwik Seshasai, Sourav Mukherji, Auroop Ganguly
The changing economic and labor conditions have motivated firms to outsource professional services activities to skilled personnel in less expensive... Sample PDF
Offshoring: The Transition From Economic Drivers Toward Strategic Global Partnership and 24-Hour Knowledge Factory
Chapter 260
Neil Anderson
A chance meeting with Jhai foundation founder, Lee Thorn, over breakfast during the 2003 “UN World Summit on the Information Society” in Geneva has... Sample PDF
Pedal Powered Wireless Internet in the Laotion Jungle
Chapter 261
Savvas Papagiannidis, Joanna Berry, Feng Li
The Internet started as a project by the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the U.S. Department of Defense in the late 1960s. Since then, it has... Sample PDF
Potential Implications of IPv6 for Regional Development
Chapter 262
Herbert Kubicek, Hilmar Westholm
Many ICT-based tools for supporting democratic participation that have been developed with public funds and applied in pilot projects have not yet... Sample PDF
Scenarios for Future Use of E-Democracy Tools in Europe
Chapter 263
Erran Carmel, Brian Nicholson
It seems surprising that small firms engage in offshore outsourcing given that they lack the resources that large firms possess to overcome the... Sample PDF
Small Firms and Offshore Software Outsourcing: High Transaction Costs and Their Mitigation
Chapter 264
Hongxin Zhao, Seung Kim, Taewon Suh, Jianjun Du
This study attempts to examine empirically how social institutional factors relate to Internet diffusion in 39 countries. Based on nine-year... Sample PDF
Social Institutional Explanations of Global Internet Diffusion: A Cross-Country Analysis
Chapter 265
Yunwen Ye, Kumiyo Nakakoji, Yasuhiro Yamamoto, Kouichi Kishida
Because a Free and Open Source Software (F/OSS) project is unlikely to sustain a long-term success unless there is an associated community that... Sample PDF
The Co-Evolution of Systems and Communities in Free and Open Source Software Development
Chapter 266
Bernd Carsten Stahl
This chapter discusses the impact that open source software has on our perception and use of intellectual property. The theoretical foundation of... Sample PDF
The Impact of Open Source Development on the Social Construction of Intellectual Property
Chapter 267
Subrata Chakrabarty
This chapter introduces a prescriptive conceptual framework from the practitioner’s perspective for the “offshore-insourcing” journey. In the... Sample PDF
The Journey to New Lands: Utilizing the Global IT Workforce Through Offshore-Insourcing
Chapter 268
Mohamed El Louadi, Andrea Everard
The digital divide manifests itself on the one hand in the lag in Arab world nations vis-à-vis other more developed countries and on the other hand... Sample PDF
Women and ICTs in the Arab World
Chapter 269
Olukunle Babatunde Daramola, Bright E. Oniovokukor
Despite the rapid and revolutionized development of communication and media around the world in the last few decades, which culminated in the term... Sample PDF
Women's Access to ICT in an Urban Area of Nigeria
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