Managing Large Modules - E-mail or Web Sites

Managing Large Modules - E-mail or Web Sites

Elayne Coakes (University of Westminster, UK) and Dianne Willis (Leeds Metropolitan University, UK)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-930708-18-1.ch012
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This chapter addresses issues concerning the suitability of particular media as mass communication tools in an UK higher education setting. It looks firstly at the use of e-mail as a communication method whilst managing two large modules. The paper then goes on to examine the use of a Web site to provide a mass communication method more suited to the needs of both the staff and the students.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Guus G.M. Pijpers
The Internet and information technology (IT) have received considerable attention from senior executives, yet they still have not committed... Sample PDF
Understanding Senior Executives' Use of Information Technology and the Internet
Chapter 2
Lyndal Stiller-Hughes, Ivan T. Robertson
Introducing and capitalizing on the Internet for business gain is engulfing modern day business thought. Yet little is available to guide the... Sample PDF
Predictors of Internet Usage for Work Tasks
Chapter 3
Murugan Anandarajan, Claire A. Simmers
As more and more organizations provide employees access to the Web, the level of abuse is on the rise. Structured equation modeling was used to... Sample PDF
Factors Influence Web Access Behavior in the Workplace: A Structural Equation Approach
Chapter 4
Uzoamaka P. Anakwe
Using the Internet in the developed part of the world has become a necessity or a matter of choice. However, for the majority in countries of... Sample PDF
Internet Usage in Sub-Saharan Africa
Chapter 5
Shin-Ping Liu, Dennis Tucker
E-commerce offers speed, convenience, and often cost-effectiveness for today’s busy shopper, but most e-commerce sites are still too hard to use.... Sample PDF
E-commerce System: An Examination of User Experiences of the E-commerce Site with the Standard User Interface
Chapter 6
Bay Arinze, Christopher Ruth
Searching for and purchasing personal goods and services on the Internet, termed hereafter as “Web shopping,” has seen tremendous growth over the... Sample PDF
Factors Affecting Behavior Intentions to Adopt Electronic Shopping on the World Wide Web: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach
Chapter 7
Kristin R. Eschenfelder
The extraordinary growth of individual and organizational use of the Internet, particularly the Web, during the past decade has led scholars to... Sample PDF
Organizational Impacts and Social Shaping of Web Management Practice
Chapter 8
Mark Griffiths
According to a recent report carried out by the company SurfControl (Snoddy, 2000), office workers who while away one hour a day at work on various... Sample PDF
Internet Gambling in the Workplace
Chapter 9
Claire A. Simmers, Murugan Anandarajan
The relationships among Internet user satisfaction (IUS), job satisfaction, and user’s Internet background are examined. Internet user satisfaction... Sample PDF
Internet User Satisfaction, Job Satisfaction and Internet Background: An Exploratory Study
Chapter 10
Magid Igbaria, Patrick W. Devine, Eunyoung Cheon
Telecommuting provides various benefits to a number of constituents. However, the rate of telecommuting implementation is low due to the difficulty... Sample PDF
The Measurement of Telecommuting Performance
Chapter 11
Murugan Anandarajan
The ubiquitous nature of the World Wide Web (commonly known as the Web) is dramatically revolutionizing the manner in which organizations and... Sample PDF
Classifying Web Usage Behavior in the Workplace: An Artificial Neural Network Approach
Chapter 12
Elayne Coakes, Dianne Willis
This chapter addresses issues concerning the suitability of particular media as mass communication tools in an UK higher education setting. It looks... Sample PDF
Managing Large Modules - E-mail or Web Sites
Chapter 13
Keng Siau, Shane Meakim
What would you do if I told you that I could read your mind? Given that I am not a psychic, but a Web site administrator, you would probably not... Sample PDF
Managing E-business: Security Issues and Solutions
Chapter 14
Claire A. Simmers, Adam Bosnian
The increased reliance on the Internet exposes organizations to a number of legal, financial, and operational risks through inappropriate workplace... Sample PDF
Reducing Legal, Financial, and Operational Risks: A Comparative Discussion of Aligning Internet Usage with Business Priorities through Internet Policy Management
Chapter 15
Beth Archibald Tang
At least 15% of the American population has a disability (Kaye, 1998); some estimate it is as high as one in five. For research studies, the United... Sample PDF
Universal Site Accessibility: Barrier Free for All
Chapter 16
Asokan Anandarajan, C. A. Srinivasan
Current accounting methods used by companies do not charge departments appropriately for Internet usage. The problem is compounded because... Sample PDF
An Accounting Framework for Identifying Internet Abuse
Chapter 17
Steve Clarke
This chapter seeks to apply learning from the fields of social theory and information systems to the specific context of the Internet. Key to this... Sample PDF
Web Management and Usage: A Critical Social Perspective
Chapter 18
Andrew Wenn
In 1997, attempting to focus attention on the imploding boundaries between organism and machine Mizuko Ito wrote about multi-user dungeons (MUDs).... Sample PDF
Fuzzy Boundaries, Strange Negotiations: Problems of Space, Place and Identity in Cyberspace
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