The Meaning of Culture in Online Education: Implications for Teaching, Learning and Desgin

The Meaning of Culture in Online Education: Implications for Teaching, Learning and Desgin

Chun-Min Wang (University of Georgia, USA) and Thomas C. Reeves (University of Georgia, USA)
Copyright: © 2007 |Pages: 17
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-301-2.ch001
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Individual online learning courses and even entire online degree programs are increasingly a part of the mainstream in higher education. Steadily-improving online delivery systems and an emphasis on globalization have encouraged more and more higher education institutions to try to reach diverse learners around the world. In light of the growing population of learners from various cultural backgrounds engaged in online education, there is an urgent need to understand how culture affects online education. This chapter presents a review of the literature regarding cultural dimensions in online education, and draws implications from this literature for design and research in this area.

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Table of Contents
Gert Jan Hofstede
Andrea Edmundson
Chapter 1
Chun-Min Wang, Thomas C. Reeves
Individual online learning courses and even entire online degree programs are increasingly a part of the mainstream in higher education.... Sample PDF
The Meaning of Culture in Online Education: Implications for Teaching, Learning and Desgin
Chapter 2
Bolanle Olaniran
The integration of communication technologies and the Internet has created an explosion in the use of e-learning both locally and globally. The... Sample PDF
Challenges to Implementing E-Learning in Lesser Developed Countries
Chapter 3
Youmei Liu
This chapter focuses on four main areas: (1) the relationship between cultural value systems and education, (2) the influence of cultural values on... Sample PDF
Designing Quality Online Education to Promote Cross-Cultural Understanding
Chapter 4
Wanjira Kinuthia
Culture affects individuals’ responses to learning and instruction. It also influences the acceptance, use, and impact of e-learning environments... Sample PDF
Africa Education Perspectives on Culture and E-Learning Convergence
Chapter 5
Nektaria Palaiologou
Nowadays, it is a common ascertainment that information and communication technologies (ICTs) and networked learning are not easy to access for many... Sample PDF
Intercultural Dimensions in the Information Society: Reflection on Designing and Developing Culturally Oriented Learning
Chapter 6
Steve McCarty
This chapter examines what criteria, conditions, or characteristics actually constitute a globalized classroom. A graduate course on online... Sample PDF
Theorizing and Realizing the Globalized Classroom
Chapter 7
David Catterick
A product of its historical origins, online learning is firmly rooted in the educational values that dominate post-secondary education in Britain... Sample PDF
Do the Philosophical Foundations of Online Learning Disadvantage Non-Western Students?
Chapter 8
Lyn Henderson
This chapter demonstrates the inadequacy of multicultural and internationalization instructional design models as the solution for equitable... Sample PDF
Theorizing a Multiple Cultures Instructional Design Model for E-Learning and E-Teaching
Chapter 9
Martin Schell
Considering that 347 languages have over 1 million speakers each and account for 94% of the world’s population, localization is unsustainable as a... Sample PDF
How to Globalize Online Course Content
Chapter 10
Meng-Fen (Grace) Lin, Mimi Miyoung Lee
The power of Internet provides unprecedented opportunities for learners to obtain diverse content and for educators to quickly distribute resources.... Sample PDF
E-Learning Localized: The Case of the OOPS Project
Chapter 11
Ruth Gannon Cook, Caroline M. Crawford
The question raised in this chapter, “What can cave walls teach us?” is essential because education is increasingly taught within a ubiquitous... Sample PDF
What Can Cave Walls Teach Us?
Chapter 12
Katherine Watson
Psychologists and linguists agree that communicative elements other than words alone transmit more than 65% of the meaning of any linguistic... Sample PDF
Electronic Paralanguage: Interfacing with the International
Chapter 13
Catherine McLoughlin
The chapter will, first of all, consider the challenges for educational designers of the need to maximise the opportunities of e-learning by... Sample PDF
Adapting E-Learning Across Cultural Boundaries: A Framework for Quality Learning, Pedagogy, and Interaction
Chapter 14
Jane H. Eberle, Marcus D. Childress
This chapter outlines a framework for designing online learning using the principles of universal design. The authors define and give practical... Sample PDF
Universal Design for Culturally-Diverse Online Learning
Chapter 15
Patrick Dunn, Alessandra Marinetti
Instructional systems are products of the cultures in which they are developed. Culture, which we define here as “the collective programming of the... Sample PDF
Beyond Localization: Effective Learning Strategies for Cross-Cultural E-Learning
Chapter 16
Andrea Edmundson
At the conclusion of the study, The Cross-Cultural Dimensions of Globalized E-Learning (Edmundson, 2004), the cultural adaptation process (CAP)... Sample PDF
The Cultural Adaptation Process (CAP) Model: Designing E-Learning for Another Culture
Chapter 17
Rita Zaltsman
The present chapter assesses the key questions of communication barriers in distance learning virtual communities. To examine their cultural... Sample PDF
Communication Barriers and Conflicts in Cross-Cultural E-Learning
Chapter 18
Datta Kaur Khalsa
Virtual teamwork in the e-learning classroom has provided opportunities for merging social theory and learning theory, mixing technology, culture... Sample PDF
Multi-Cultural E-Learning Teamwork: Social and Cultural Characteristics and Influence
Chapter 19
Ahmed Ali
This case study examined the effectiveness and significance of the Internet and interactive video broadcasting as instructional and communication... Sample PDF
Modern Technology and Mass Education: A Case Study of a Global Virtual Learning System
Chapter 20
The Treasure Trove  (pages 341-342)
Andrea Edmundson
Referring back to Gert Jan Hofstede’s words in the Foreword, we have a treasure-trove of ideas and concepts to sort through with respect to... Sample PDF
The Treasure Trove
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