Media Ensembles and New Product Team Creativity: A Tree-Based Exploration

Media Ensembles and New Product Team Creativity: A Tree-Based Exploration

Roger Th. A.J. Leenders (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-129-2.ch004
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New product development (NPD) project members are increasingly dispersed across the globe. As a result, traditional face-to-face communication is often substituted and supplemented by more “virtual” media. A common concern is whether NPD teams that frequently use virtual media can be truly creative. In this chapter we attempt to explain why the creativity of some teams is above average, whereas others perform below the average. By using classification trees, we conduct an empirical study of the media ensembles employed by 46 teams involved in hi-tech NPD. We find that being above or below average cannot be explained by theories that focus on single media: the creative performance of NPD teams is a function of the media ensembles used. Some ensembles afford much higher probabilities for above-average creativity than others. These findings enrich theories of media choice and may provide managers with some ideas of how team creativity can be managed.

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Table of Contents
Larry Leifer
Steven P. MacGregor, Teresa Torres-Coronas
Chapter 1
Steven P. MacGregor
Based on two case studies originally conducted to develop process support for virtual (distributed) design, this chapter models the virtual process... Sample PDF
Modeling Work Processes and Examining Failure in Virtual Design Organizations
Chapter 2
Rosalie J. Ocker
Three related experiments, involving nearly 100 teams and 400 graduate students, found that virtual teams communicating strictly asynchronously... Sample PDF
Creativity in Asynchronous Virtual Teams: Putting the Pieces Together
Chapter 3
Roman Žavbi, Jože Tavcar, Jouke Verlinden
Integrated product development is a set of complex activities and its level of difficulty is additionally increased by the ever-changing business... Sample PDF
Educating Future Product Developers in Virtual Collaboration: Five Years of the E-GPR Course
Chapter 4
Roger Th. A.J. Leenders
New product development (NPD) project members are increasingly dispersed across the globe. As a result, traditional face-to-face communication is... Sample PDF
Media Ensembles and New Product Team Creativity: A Tree-Based Exploration
Chapter 5
Jill Nemiro
As the popularity of virtual teams continues to rise, those who manage and are part of virtual teams must be aware of how to enhance the... Sample PDF
The Building Blocks for Creativity in Virtual Teams
Chapter 6
Margaret Oertig
This chapter presents insights from conversations with global team leaders on how to foster creativity in global virtual project teams in the field... Sample PDF
Fostering Creativity in Global Virtual Teams: Conversations with Team Leaders
Chapter 7
Andreas Larsson, Tobias Larsson
Much of the research on creative teams tends to focus mainly on relatively small teams working in the fuzzy front-end of product development. In... Sample PDF
Rethinking Virtual Teams for Streamlined Development
Chapter 8
Avril Thomson
Many SMEs struggle to support virtual teams effectively within distributed design projects, hindering their creative potential. It is not uncommon... Sample PDF
Enabling Creative Virtual Teams in SMEs
Chapter 9
Javier Fínez
For companies in this age of globalization and innovation, creativity is a core activity in a growing section of the economy. Since virtual teams... Sample PDF
Virtual Teams and Creativity in the Mondragón Cooperative Corporation
Chapter 10
John M. Feland
A growing number of enterprises are building virtual teams to assist in crafting new opportunities in the fuzzy front end of the innovation process.... Sample PDF
Virtual Teams in Practice: Tales from the Battlefront of the Fuzzy Front End of the Innovation Process
Chapter 11
Julian Malins, Stuart Watt
This chapter examines the ways in which currently available software applications can support the creative process in general, and designers, in... Sample PDF
Tools and Technology to Support Creativity in Virtual Teams
Chapter 12
Preston G. Smith
Highly creative product development teams are exploring the unknown. Initial plans are likely to change as they understand better how the customer... Sample PDF
Enhancing Flexibility in Dispersed Product Development Teams
Chapter 13
Thomas Leerberg
This chapter offers a spatial concept of the way virtual design team work. It is concerned with two problems that face creative teams today: (1)... Sample PDF
A Spatial Environment for Design Dialogue
Chapter 14
Terry Rosenberg
As it becomes increasingly important to work in new sociotechnological formations such as the virtual spaces across networks, so does the... Sample PDF
iCE: Interactive Coinnovation Environment
Chapter 15
Robert Ian Whitfield
An overview of a virtual design environment (virtual platform) developed as part of the European Commission funded VRShips-ROPAX (VRS) project is... Sample PDF
A Virtual Environment to Support the Distributed Design of Large Made-to-Order Products
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