Media and Familiarity Effects on Assessing Trustworthiness: “What Did They Mean By That?”

Media and Familiarity Effects on Assessing Trustworthiness: “What Did They Mean By That?”

Mark A. Fuller (Washington State University, USA) and Roger C. Mayer (University of Akron, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-495-8.ch005
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This chapter explores the role media effects and familiarity play in the development of trust in CMC environments. As team members interact with one another via technology, each team member assesses information and makes assessments about the trustworthiness of their teammates. Such trustworthiness assessments are known to influence trust, a factor which has been established to have significant effects on the functioning of teams. This research uses media synchronicity theory and the concept of interpersonal familiarity to examine virtual team interactions and the formation of trust. Implications are drawn for researchers and managers as they seek to understand how teams operate in virtual environments.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Susan K. Lippert
This chapter explores the concepts of trust as they relate to computer-aided communications. The author defines trust for interpersonal and for... Sample PDF
Trust in Computer-Mediated Communications: Implications for Individuals and Organizations
Chapter 2
Alfonso Miguel Márquez-García
This chapter deals with how IT influences the different levels and types of trust that arise in business cooperation relationships. Trust is... Sample PDF
Trust Types and Information Technology in the Process of Business Cooperation
Chapter 3
Nabila Jawadi, Mohamed Daassi
This chapter analyses how to build and maintain trust in virtual teams. Based on literature on trust and leadership in virtual teams, the purpose of... Sample PDF
Virtual Teams: The Role of Leadership in Trust Management
Chapter 4
Martha C. Yopp
The purpose of this chapter is to examine ways to help build trust in virtual environments. More business and decision-making is being accomplished... Sample PDF
An Examination of Team Trust in Virtual Environments
Chapter 5
Mark A. Fuller, Roger C. Mayer
This chapter explores the role media effects and familiarity play in the development of trust in CMC environments. As team members interact with one... Sample PDF
Media and Familiarity Effects on Assessing Trustworthiness: “What Did They Mean By That?”
Chapter 6
Terry R. Adler
This chapter suggests that computer-mediated technologies (CMTs) facilitate organizational trust and distrust by leading to what we introduce as... Sample PDF
Designing and Assessing Virtual Assurance: The Role of Computer-Mediated Technologies in Facilitating High Levels of Trust and Distrust
Chapter 7
Beverly Leeds
This chapter examines the nature of trust from a number of theoretical bases, with reference to remote workers more often referred to as teleworkers... Sample PDF
Trusting Remote Workers
Chapter 8
Iris C. Fischlmayr
This chapter analyses the phenomenon of trust with regard to its significance for virtual teams. Guided by the existing literature on trust, this... Sample PDF
Trust in Virtual Multicultural Teams
Chapter 9
Tom E. Julsrud, John W. Bakke
As organizations grow and become multi-national, distributed work, i.e. work where members are located in different sites, cities or countries... Sample PDF
Building Trust in Networked Environments: Understanding the Importance of Trust Brokers
Chapter 10
Noam Ebner
As the global market expands and business and personal relationships are increasingly taking place online, it is common to conduct negotiation... Sample PDF
Trust Building in E-Negotiation
Chapter 11
Dan J. Kim
Despite the importance of trust in electronic commerce including mobile commerce, there is insufficient theory and model concerning the determinants... Sample PDF
Antecedents of Consumer Trust in B2C Electronic Commerce and Mobile Commerce
Chapter 12
Loong Wong
This chapter examines the importance of trust in business-to-consumer e-commerce. The author explores the issue of trust in the development and... Sample PDF
Trust in E-Commerce: Risk and Trust Building
Chapter 13
Gianluigi Guido
This chapter tries to evaluate the effects of the propagation of a trust-based marketing message through selected below-the-web technologies, which... Sample PDF
When Is a Duck Not a Duck? When It Is a Euro! Trust-Based Marketing Communications in Virtual Communities
Chapter 14
Robert M. Easter, Linda L. Brennan
This chapter discusses paradoxes, which have arisen in response to society’s dependence on the Internet and the new business models that attempt to... Sample PDF
Overcoming Hurdles to Trust: Infomediaries and Public Records
Chapter 15
G. Scott Erickson, Helen N. Rothberg
This chapter focuses on trust issues relating to knowledge management. Knowledge management is increasingly reliant on information systems to... Sample PDF
Knowledge Management and Trust in E-Networks
Chapter 16
Dominika Latusek
The chapter focuses on the dynamics of trust and distrust through presenting a qualitative field study of interorganizational collaboration between... Sample PDF
When Trust Does Not Matter: The Study of Communication Practices Between High-Tech Companies and Their Clients in the Environment of Distrust
Chapter 17
Rachna Kumar
This chapter explores the issues and challenges faced in establishing trust among individuals and teams participating in offshore outsourcing of... Sample PDF
Establishing Trust in Offshore Outsourcing of Information Systems and Technology (IST) Development
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