An Optimization Model for Telecommunication Systems

An Optimization Model for Telecommunication Systems

Bahador Ghahramani (University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-038-7.ch011
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The Optimization Model for Telecommunication Systems (OMTS) is designed and developed to optimize System Designers and Developers (SD&D) efforts in the Telecommunication Industry (TI). Using the life-cycle process, OMTS continuously evaluates business value and utility of every activity in the systems design and development process. The primary objective of the OMTS is to increase business value of the TI system and improve their performance. Through OMTS, SD&D are able to answer such critical questions as “Do modern telecommunication technologies pay off?” and “How can we best use modern technologies in the TI?” The OMTS is capable of facilitating higher business profitability and productivity by enhancing systems’ strategic goals such as product position, product quality, and customer service.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Paul P. Tallon, Kenneth L. Kraemer
Although business executives remain skeptical about the extent of payoffs from investment in information technology (IT), strategic alignment or the... Sample PDF
Investigating the Relationship between Strategic Alignment and Information Technology Business Value: The Discovery of a Paradox
Chapter 2
Ra’ed M. Shams, Frederick P. Wheeler
The concept of strategic alignment between organizational policies for business and information systems (IS) has not been defined previously in... Sample PDF
Information-Induced Strategic Alignment: Toward a Semiological Analysis
Chapter 3
Kristina Setzekorn, Arun Rai, Arlyn J. Melcher
This chapter describes an empirical analysis of the mediating effects of supply chain coordination strategy and manufacturing IT infrastructure on... Sample PDF
Inventory Productivity Impacts of IT-Enabled Supply Chain Coordination in Manufacturing Environments
Chapter 4
Carlos J. Navarrete, James B. Pick
This chapter examines the relationship between IT expenditure and bank profitability, efficiency, productivity, and performance for Mexican banks.... Sample PDF
Information Technology Spending Association with Organizational Productivity and Performance: A Study of the Mexican Banking Industry, 1982-1992
Chapter 5
Namchul Shin
Most information systems (IS) research has examined the impact of information technology (IT) on the organization of economic activities by starting... Sample PDF
An Empirical Analysis of Productivity Gains from Information Technology's Reduction of Coordination Costs
Chapter 6
Carlos J. Navarrete, James B. Pick
This paper analyzes the relationship between IT expenditure and the monetary value of organizations. Based on the case of the Mexican banking... Sample PDF
Information Technology Spending and the Value of the Firm: The Case of Mexican Banks
Chapter 7
Jatinder N.D. Gupta, Sushil K. Sharma
Electronic commerce (E-Commerce) has been the world’s fastest growing industry and has made a big impact on businesses. The impact of e-commerce on... Sample PDF
Creating Business Value through E-Commerce
Chapter 8
Bernd C. Stahl
This chapter explores the question of the value of information technology from a wider angle than the usual financial perspective. The central... Sample PDF
The Moral and Business Value of Information Technology: What to do in Case of a Conflict?
Chapter 9
Susan J. Chinburg, Ramesh Sharda, Mark Weiser
Information technology (IT) has become a critical functionality for business today. Choosing the appropriate network security that will protect IT... Sample PDF
Establishing the Business Value of Network Security Using Analytical Hierarchical Process
Chapter 10
Bongsik Shin, Daniel C. Kinsella Jr.
An Internet-based Virtual Private Network (IVPN) is a system and service that enables secure communication within a controlled user group across the... Sample PDF
Increasing Business Value of Communications Infrastructure: The Case of Internet-based Virtual Private Networks
Chapter 11
Bahador Ghahramani
The Optimization Model for Telecommunication Systems (OMTS) is designed and developed to optimize System Designers and Developers (SD&D) efforts in... Sample PDF
An Optimization Model for Telecommunication Systems
Chapter 12
Ron Craig
Two important forces are at work today in the Canadian and global economies. First is the traditional force of small- and medium-sized enterprises... Sample PDF
Web Initiatives and E-Commerce Strategy: How Do Canadian Manufacturing SMEs Compare?
Chapter 13
Simpson Poon
The importance of management and Information Technology (IT) success had been repeatedly identified in small business IT studies (for example... Sample PDF
Management's Contribution to Internet Commerce Benefit - Experiences of Online Small Businesses
Chapter 14
Mohini Singh
Australian small businesses are increasingly adopting the Internet and the World Wide Web as a medium of doing business to reach new customers and... Sample PDF
Electronic Commerce Opportunities, Challenges and Organizational Issues for Australian SMEs
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