RFID and Wireless Personal Area Networks for Supply Chain Management

RFID and Wireless Personal Area Networks for Supply Chain Management

D. Wright (University of Ottawa, Canada)
Copyright: © 2007 |Pages: 4
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-002-8.ch138
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Efficient supply chain management relies on knowing where products in the supply chain are located. The ability to track items from manufacturing plant to warehouse to distribution center to wholesaler to retailer is currently provided by RFID, radio frequency identification (Weinstein, 2005). Case examples of commercial applications of RFID in supply chain management are evaluated by Jones et al. (2004). A recent development, low power wireless personal area networking, WPAN, can offer advantages over RFID in certain circumstances. It is the purpose of this article to evaluate RFID and wireless personal area networks with respect to each other and to identify the features that give one an advantage over the other. We first describe the two technologies.

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Ismail Khalil Ibrahim
David Taniar
David Taniar
Chapter 1
V. Kaldanis
Personal networking has already become an increasingly important aspect of the unbounded connectivity in heterogeneous networking environments.... Sample PDF
Academic Activities Based on Personal Networks Deployment
Chapter 2
Panjak Kamthan
The increasing affordability of devices, advantages associated with a device always being handy while not being dependent on its location, and being... Sample PDF
Accessibility of Mobile Applications
Chapter 3
V. Khashchanskiy
One of the applications of m-commerce is mobile authorization, that is, rights distribution to mobile users by sending authorization data (a token)... Sample PDF
Acoustic Data Communication with Mobile Devices
Chapter 4
A. Alexiou
As communications technology is being developed, users’ demand for multimedia services raises. Meanwhile, the Internet has enjoyed tremendous growth... Sample PDF
Adaptive Transmission of Multimedia Data over UMTS
Chapter 5
Panjak Kamthan
Mobile access has opened new vistas for various sectors of society including businesses. The ability that anyone using (virtually) any device could... Sample PDF
Addressing the Credibility of Mobile Applications
Chapter 6
R. Kini
Mobile commerce (or in short, m-commerce) is currently at the stage where e-commerce was a decade ago. Many of the concerns consumers had regarding... Sample PDF
Adoption and Diffusion of M-Commerce
Chapter 7
H. Hung
The Internet has undoubtedly introduced a significant wave of changes. The increased electronic transmission capacity and technology further paves a... Sample PDF
Adoption of M-Commerce Devices by Consumers
Chapter 8
M. Ruta
New mobile architectures allow for stable networked links from almost everywhere, and more and more people make use of information resources for... Sample PDF
Advanced Resource Discovery Protocol for Semantic-Enabled M-Commerce
Chapter 9
Anycast-Based Mobility  (pages 51-56)
I. Dudás
We have entered the new millennium with two great inventions, the Internet and mobile telecommunication, and a remarkable trend of network evolution... Sample PDF
Anycast-Based Mobility
Chapter 10
A . Flores, M. Polo Usaola
Pervasive computing (PvC) environments should support the continuity of users’ daily tasks across dynamic changes of operative contexts. Pervasive... Sample PDF
Applications Suitability on PvC Environments
Chapter 11
M. El-Said
In the current 3G systems and the upcoming 4G wireless systems, missing neighbor pilot refers to the condition of receiving a high-level pilot... Sample PDF
Bio-Inspired Approach for the Next Generation of Cellular Systems
Chapter 12
D. Liberati
In the near future, mobile computing will benefit from more direct interfacing between a computer and its human operator, aiming at easing the... Sample PDF
Brain Computer Interfacing
Chapter 13
L. Oliveira, Emerson Loureiro, Hyggo Almeida, Angelo Perkusich
In this article, we discuss several issues on bridging mobile devices and service-oriented computing in the context of smart spaces. Since smart... Sample PDF
Bridging Together Mobile and Service-Oriented Computing
Chapter 14
G. Fleet, J. Reid
Lately, we have seen the use of a number of new technologies (such as Javascript, XML, and RSS) used to show how Web content can be delivered to... Sample PDF
Browser-Less Surfing and Mobile Internet Access
Chapter 15
J. Guan, S. Zhou, J. Zhou
We explore the techniques of building Web services systems in a P2P environment. By fitting Web services into a P2P environment, we aim to add more... Sample PDF
Building Web Services in P2P Networks
Chapter 16
D. Wright
A major development in the enabling technologies for mobile computing and commerce is the evolution of wireless communications standards from the... Sample PDF
Business and Technology Issues in Wireless Networking
Chapter 17
I. Bose
With the appearance of advanced and mature wireless and mobile technologies, more and more people are embracing mobile “things” as part of their... Sample PDF
Business Strategies for Mobile Marketing
Chapter 18
S. Lim
In this article, we describe the use of caching that allows coping with the characteristics of the mobile environment. We concentrate particularly... Sample PDF
Cache Invalidation in a Mobile Environment
Chapter 19
O. Hussain, E. Chang, F. Hussain, T. Dillon
The Australian and New Zealand Standard on Risk Management, AS/NZS 4360:2004 (Cooper, 2004), states that risk identification is the heart of risk... Sample PDF
Communicating Recommendations in a Service-Oriented Environment
Chapter 20
S. Koukia, M. Rigou
The contribution of context information to content management is of great importance. The increase of storage capacity in mobile devices gives users... Sample PDF
Content Personalization for Mobile Interfaces
Chapter 21
I. Antonellis, C. Bouras
The expansion of the Web is enormous and, more and more, people everyday access its content trying to make their life easier and their informational... Sample PDF
Content Transformation Techniques
Chapter 22
C. Kaspar
Currently, the concept of context-awareness and context-adaptation has attracted particular attention in the area of mobile communication. This is... Sample PDF
Context-Adaptive Mobile Systems
Chapter 23
S. Djordjevic-Kajan
A new breed of computing devices is taking more and more ground in the highly dynamic market of computer hardware. We refer to smart phones and... Sample PDF
Context-Aware Mobile Geographic Information Systems
Chapter 24
Context-Aware Systems  (pages 138-142)
C. Chin Wong
This article examines market aspects, user requirements, and usage scenarios to come up with a roadmap and suggestions on how to deal with this... Sample PDF
Context-Aware Systems
Chapter 25
R. Willis, A. Serenko, O. Turel
This article will present implications for both scholarship and practice. In terms of academia, it is believed that researchers conducting empirical... Sample PDF
Contractual Obligations between Mobile Service Providers and Users
Chapter 26
G. Sivaradje
Today, we find a large number of wireless networks based on different radio access technologies (RATs). Every existing RAT has its own merits. Now... Sample PDF
Convergence Technology for Enabling Technologies
Chapter 27
S. Lim
In this article, we concentrate particularly on cooperative caching, which is basically a type of caching strategy that not only allows mobile... Sample PDF
Cooperative Caching in a Mobile Environment
Chapter 28
CORBA on Mobile Devices  (pages 160-164)
M. Aleksy
While CORBA has been very successful in the domain of enterprise computing, its adoption for mobile devices is obstructed by a central problem: the... Sample PDF
CORBA on Mobile Devices
Chapter 29
A. Gyasi-Agyei
Scheduling is the dynamic process of allocating a shared resource to multiple parallel users in order to optimize some desirable performance... Sample PDF
Cross-Layer RRM in Wireless Data Networks
Chapter 30
N. Chand
Mobile wireless networks allow a more flexible communication structure than traditional networks. Wireless communication enables information... Sample PDF
Data Caching in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Chapter 31
K. Lin, C. Lin, H. Leu
The objectives of this article are to: (1) describe basic components of a mobile computing and commerce device, RFID; and (2) explore the current... Sample PDF
Decision Analysis for Business to Adopt RFID
Chapter 32
E. Jeong, D. Kim
This article is designed to contribute insights into these barriers in three ways. Firstly, the article provides narrow and broad definitions of... Sample PDF
Definitions, Key Characteristics, and Generations of Mobile Games
Chapter 33
Z. Maamar, Q. Mahmoud
In this article, we report on the rationale of having a method for designing and developing mobile information systems. This method includes a... Sample PDF
Design Methodology for Mobile Information Systems
Chapter 34
K. Chetan, P. Venkataram, R. Sircar
Providing support for QoS at the MAC layer in the IEEE 802.11 is one of the very active research areas. There are various methods that are being... Sample PDF
Distributed Approach for QoS Guarantee to Wireless Multimedia
Chapter 35
H. Huang
This article is organized as follows. We first describe WSN infrastructures required to support distributed computing, followed by a description of... Sample PDF
Distributed Computing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Chapter 36
M. Tuceryan
This article describes a software framework for realizing such a distributed tracking environment by discovering independently deployed, possibly... Sample PDF
Distributed Heterogeneous Tracking for Augmented Reality
Chapter 37
Distributed Web GIS  (pages 213-219)
J. Guan, S. Zhou, J. Zhou, F. Zhu
This article presents the MADGIS (Mobile Agent-based Distributed Geographic Information System) project, which aims at integrating distributed Web... Sample PDF
Distributed Web GIS
Chapter 38
N. Srikhutkhao
In the past few years, the mobile phone’s performance has increased rapidly. According to IDC’s Worldwide Mobile Phone 2004-2008 Forecast and... Sample PDF
Dynamic Pricing Based on Net Cost for Mobile Content Services
Chapter 39
Y. Wang
Multicast is an efficient paradigm to support group communications, as it reduces the traffic by simultaneously delivering a single stream of... Sample PDF
Efficient and Scalable Group Key Management in Wireless Networks
Chapter 40
Z. Abdul-Mehdi, A. Mamat, H. Ibrahim, M. Dirs
In this article, we consider the distributed database that can make up mobile nodes as well as peer-to-peer concepts. These nodes and peers may be... Sample PDF
Efficient Replication Management Techniques for Mobile Databases
Chapter 41
J. Bradley
This article will focus on the current state of the art in the deployment of multi-agent systems on mobile devices and smart phones. A number of... Sample PDF
Embedded Agents for Mobile Services
Chapter 42
A. Guedes, Jerônimo Silva Rocha, Hyggo Almeida, Angelo Perkusich
In this article, we discuss design and implementation issues related to the application development using a Symbian-based cellular phone and the C++... Sample PDF
Enabling Mobile Chat Using Bluetooth
Chapter 43
S. Azzuhri
With the explosive growth in Internet usage over the last decade, the need for a larger address space is unavoidable, since all the addresses in... Sample PDF
Enabling Mobility in IPv6 Networks
Chapter 44
Raul Fernandes Herbster, Hyggo Almeida, Angelo Perkusich, Marcos Morais
In this article we propose a layered architecture that makes possible the visualization of large videos, and even other multimedia documents, in... Sample PDF
Enabling Multimedia Applications in Memory-Limited Mobile Devices
Chapter 45
K. Curran
Mobile communications is a continually growing sector in industry, and a wide variety of visual services such as video-on-demand have been created... Sample PDF
Enabling Technologies for Mobile Multimedia
Chapter 46
J. Kleinschmidt
Bluetooth (Bluetooth SIG, 2004) and ZigBee (ZigBee Alliance, 2004) are short-range radio technologies designed for wireless personal area networks... Sample PDF
Enabling Technologies for Pervasive Computing
Chapter 47
Panjak Kamthan
The liberty, expediency, and flexibility that come with mobile access have led to proliferation of mobile applications. At the same time, these... Sample PDF
Extreme Programming for Mobile Applications
Chapter 48
F. Yim, A. Tse, K. Wong
In the following, we would briefly summarize what the literature says about important factors that affect online shopping, which forms the basis for... Sample PDF
Factors Affecting Mobile Commerce and Level of Involvement
Chapter 49
M. Massimi, C. Ganoe, J. Carroll
Mobile systems need fast, inexpensive ways of prototyping and gathering usability results. This entry describes previous work in rapid prototyping... Sample PDF
Game-Based Methodology for Collaborative Mobile Applications
Chapter 50
S. Okazaki
The rapid pace of adoption of Web-enabled mobile handsets in worldwide markets has become an increasingly important issue for information systems... Sample PDF
Gender Difference in the Motivations of Mobile Internet Usage
Chapter 51
W. Hu, J. Yeh, I. Kao, Y. Zhong
This article gives a study of handheld computing, especially J2ME (Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition) programming, for mobile commerce. Various... Sample PDF
Handheld Computing and J2ME for Internet-Enabled Mobile Handheld Devices
Chapter 52
S. Keegan, C. Byrne, P. O’Hare, G. O’Hare
U-commerce encompasses concepts that are ubiquitous, universal, unique, and unison. We take this opportunity to explore each of these in some depth. Sample PDF
An Infrastructural Perspective on U-Commerce
Chapter 53
D. Kennedy, D. Vogel
In this article the approach adopted for the design of m-learning tools and infrastructure is predicated on the idea that there will be intermittent... Sample PDF
Integrating Pedagogy, Infrastructure, and Tools for Mobile Learning
Chapter 54
H. Malik, E. Shakshuki, M. Denko
This article reports an ongoing research that proposes an approach to the expansion of sensor-MAC (S-MAC), a cluster-based contention protocol to... Sample PDF
Intelligent Medium Access Control Protocol for WSN
Chapter 55
S. Guan
We present a generic approach to capture individual user responding towards product attributes including non-quantifiable ones. The proposed... Sample PDF
Intelligent User Preference Detection for Product Brokering
Chapter 56
D. Santos, Jose Luis do Nascimento, Hyggo Almeida, Angelo Perkusich
In the past few years, industry has introduced cellular phones with increasing processing capabilities and powerful wireless communication... Sample PDF
Interactive Multimedia File Sharing Using Bluetooth
Chapter 57
S. Guan, Y. Tay
We propose a product catalog where browsing is directed by an integrated recommender system. The recommender system is to take incremental feedback... Sample PDF
Interactive Product Catalog for M-Commerce
Chapter 58
C. Yang, L. Chuang, C. Yang, J. Chang
Morse code has been shown to be a valuable tool in assistive technology, augmentative and alternative communication, and rehabilitation for some... Sample PDF
An Interactive Wireless Morse Code Learning System
Chapter 59
I. Politis, T. Dagiuklas, M. Tsagkaropoulos, S. Kotsopoulos
The complex and demanding communications needs of modern humans led recently to the deployment of the 3G/UMTS mobile data networks and the wireless... Sample PDF
Interworking Architectures of 3G and WLAN
Chapter 60
K. Patel
With the increasing use of digital media together with the handheld devices, this iPod application will eliminate the need for human guides and will... Sample PDF
iPod as a Visitor's Personal Guide
Chapter 61
Z. Abdul-Mehdi
This article will highlight the framework opted by the authors in developing a database query system for usage on mobile phones. As the development... Sample PDF
Keyword-Based Language for Mobile Phones Query Services
Chapter 62
Panjak Kamthan
We first outline the background necessary for the discussion that follows and state our position. This is followed by the introduction of a... Sample PDF
Knowledge Representation in Semantic Mobile Applications
Chapter 63
A. Sotiriou
This article presents a location-based multimedia content delivery system (LMCDS) for monitoring purposes, which incorporates media processing with... Sample PDF
Location-Based Multimedia Content Delivery System for Monitoring Purposes
Chapter 64
Panagiotis Kalliaras, Athanasios-Dimitrios Sotiriou, P. Papageorgiou, S. Zoi
This article presents the AVATON system. AVATON aims at providing citizens with ubiquitous user-friendly services, offering personalized... Sample PDF
Location-Based Multimedia Services for Tourists
Chapter 65
Location-Based Services  (pages 393-397)
P. Hegedüs
There are several unsolved problems in LBS, in management and low surfaces. Most of them are in quick progress, but some need new developments. The... Sample PDF
Location-Based Services
Chapter 66
M-Advertising  (pages 398-402)
M. Decker
According to our comprehension, mobile advertising (also called “wireless advertising” or “mobile marketing”) is the presentation of advertising... Sample PDF
Chapter 67
M. Kvasnica
This article focuses on the current state-of-the-art assistive technologies in man-machine interface and its applications in robotics. This work... Sample PDF
Man-Machine Interface with Applications in Mobile Robotic Systems
Chapter 68
R. Iris, E. Menipaz
This article presents a tool for assessing the probability of adopting a new technology or product before it is marketed. Specifically, the research... Sample PDF
M-Commerce Technology Perceptions on Technology Adoptions
Chapter 69
S. So
In this article, the context of m-learning in relation to e-learning and d-learning is presented. Because of the great importance in Web-based... Sample PDF
M-Learning with Mobile Phones
Chapter 70
Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks  (pages 424-428)
M. Lim Sim, C. Ming Chin, C. Min Tan
In the future, communication devices, communication-capable devices or sensors and home electronic appliances will have the capability to form... Sample PDF
Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Chapter 71
S. Guan
The introduction of the mobile Internet is probably one of the most significant revolutions of the 20th century. With a simple click, one can... Sample PDF
Mobile Agent Protection for M-Commerce
Chapter 72
R. Raje, J. Gandhamaneni, A. Olson, B. Bryant
For reasons of economy and scalability, many of the current distributed computing systems (DCSs) are realized as an integration of prefabricated and... Sample PDF
Mobile Agent-Based Discovery System
Chapter 73
C. Lee
As an increasing number of organizations and individuals are dependent on mobile technologies to perform their tasks, various mobile applications... Sample PDF
Mobile Business Applications
Chapter 74
H. Basi
The designer of the cellular network must evaluate the possible configurations of the system components and their characteristics in order to... Sample PDF
Mobile Cellular Traffic with the Effect of Outage Channels
Chapter 75
Mobile Commerce  (pages 455-460)
J. Wang
The rapid development and deployment in wireless networks and mobile telecommunication systems are leading to a phenomenal growth of innovative and... Sample PDF
Mobile Commerce
Chapter 76
P. Mahatanankoon
The purpose of this article is to identify and explain different socio-psychological drivers and barriers affecting consumers’ motivations to use... Sample PDF
Mobile Commerce Adoption Barriers
Chapter 77
S. Teufel
This encyclopedia on mobile computing and commerce spans the entire nexus from mobile technology over commerce to applications and end devices. Due... Sample PDF
A Mobile Computing and Commerce Framework
Chapter 78
M. Raisinghani
A new form of technology is changing the way commerce is being done globally. This article provides an overall description of mobile commerce and... Sample PDF
Mobile E-Commerce as a Strategic Imperative for the New Economy
Chapter 79
R. Basole
Recent studies claim that mobile information and communication technologies (ICT) offer a plethora of new value propositions and promise to have a... Sample PDF
Mobile Enterprise Readiness and Transformation
Chapter 80
Mobile Entertainment  (pages 487-491)
C. Wong
This article presents a framework to examine mobile entertainment from multiple points of views concerning the service, network, and device-related... Sample PDF
Mobile Entertainment
Chapter 81
L. Yan
Currently, most P2P systems work on wired Internet, which depends on application layer connections among peers, forming an application layer overlay... Sample PDF
Mobile File-Sharing over P2P Networks
Chapter 82
Mobile Gaming  (pages 497-503)
K. Petrova
This short article investigates the relationship between mobile gaming customers and the mobile gaming value chain, and discusses the implications... Sample PDF
Mobile Gaming
Chapter 83
P. Olla
There are numerous wireless infrastructures available for healthcare providers to choose from. Mobile networks that provide connectivity within... Sample PDF
Mobile Healthcare Communication Infrastructure Networks
Chapter 84
Mobile Hunters  (pages 510-515)
J. Lonthoff
This article will first summarize the current state of research in this field and then present mobile location-based gaming. Then the reader will... Sample PDF
Mobile Hunters
Chapter 85
Mobile ICT  (pages 516-519)
D. McMeel
Focusing on the ICT technology of mobile phones, we reflect on three different roles within a construction project: a director of a large... Sample PDF
Mobile ICT
Chapter 86
Z. Zhang, S. Jasimuddin
This article attempts to propose mKM strategies by studying how mobile knowledge assets can be leveraged and mKM processes can be incorporated into... Sample PDF
Mobile Knowledge Management
Chapter 87
Mobile Learning  (pages 525-527)
D. Parsons
Mobile learning (variously shortened to M-Learning, M-learning, m-learning, mlearning, M Learning, or mLearning!) describes any form of education or... Sample PDF
Mobile Learning
Chapter 88
P. Crowther
Mobile learning requires a methodology for creating mobile learning scenarios and producing learning objects to implement them. It also requires a... Sample PDF
Mobile Learning Environments
Chapter 89
C. Tong, E. Wong
This article presents the implementation process of a high-quality teleradiology service using the third-generation (3G) wireless network. Sample PDF
Mobile Medical Image Viewing Using 3G Wireless Network
Chapter 90
Mobile Multicast  (pages 541-546)
T. Schmidt, M. Wählisch
In this review we will summarize the state of the art in current work to multicast to Mobile IPv6 networks. The principle conceptual problems are... Sample PDF
Mobile Multicast
Chapter 91
K. Pousttchi
According to the sweeping enthusiasm that characterized much of the news reporting in the years 1999 and 2000, mobile phones should by now have been... Sample PDF
Mobile Payment and the Charging of Mobile Services
Chapter 92
Mobile Phone Gambling  (pages 553-556)
M. Griffiths
It is often claimed by marketeers that online gambling (i.e., the combining of gambling and the Internet into one convenient package) makes... Sample PDF
Mobile Phone Gambling
Chapter 93
C. Gurau
This article presents an overview of the main privacy problems raised by mobile phones, both for their users and for society in general, and... Sample PDF
Mobile Phone Privacy Issues
Chapter 94
A. Bodomo
In this article, we focus on the relationship between communications technology and language change. Does the emergence of these new communications... Sample PDF
Mobile Phone Texting in Hong Kong
Chapter 95
H. Al-Khalifa, A. Al-Salman
Nowadays, the demand for mobile phones by people with special needs is evolving. Disabled people can utilize mobile phones for personal... Sample PDF
Mobile Phones for People with Disabilities
Chapter 96
K. Chalmers
Since the late 1990s there has been an explosion of new Internet technologies, making the Internet a primary medium for academic, business, and... Sample PDF
Mobile Processes and Mobile Channels
Chapter 97
I. Chochliouros, G. Lalopoulos, S. Chochliouros, A. Spiliopoulou
From today’s perspective, network and information security (European Commission, 2001) is about ensuring the availability of services and data;... Sample PDF
Mobile Public Key Infrastructures
Chapter 98
H. Cycon
The main new feature, scalability, addresses schemes for delivery of video to diverse clients over heterogeneous networks, particularly in scenarios... Sample PDF
Mobile Serverless Video Communication
Chapter 99
D. Tjondronegoro
Sports video is very popular thanks to its in-progress (live) information and entertainment values. Many users are motivated to access sports video... Sample PDF
Mobile Sports Video with Total Users Control
Chapter 100
P. Ifinedo
A mobile telephone is a telecommunications device that connects its user to a network using a wireless radio wave transmission technology. In some... Sample PDF
Mobile Telephony in Sub-Saharan Africa
Chapter 101
Mobile Television  (pages 611-615)
F. Hartung, M. Kampmann, U. Horn, J. Kritzner
This article gives an overview of the main technology and service trends in MobileTV. We start with an overview about existing MobileTV services. We... Sample PDF
Mobile Television
Chapter 102
C. Yang, L. Chuang, C. Yang, J. Chang
Morse code has been shown to be a valuable tool in assistive technology, augmentative and alternative communication, and rehabilitation for some... Sample PDF
Mobile Text Messaging Interface for Persons with Physical Disabilities
Chapter 103
L. Oliveira, Hyggo Almeida, Angelo Perkusich
In this article we define and present the basis of our work about dynamical services provisioning for mobile users in smart spaces. We present an... Sample PDF
Mobile Users in Smart Spaces
Chapter 104
A. Ahmad
This article examines the challenges and limitations that face video transcoding schemes in a mobile multimedia transporting network. Then we... Sample PDF
Mobile Video Transcoding Approaches and Challenges
Chapter 105
C. El Morr
The adoption of mobile phone technology on a large scale in today’s societies turned mobile phones into a universal tool. Phone companies are... Sample PDF
Mobile Virtual Communities
Chapter 106
S. Okazaki
The Internet-enabled mobile handset has rapidly achieved worldwide penetration. Combining personal telephony and sophisticated technologies, the... Sample PDF
Mobile-Based Advertising in Japan
Chapter 107
S. Okazaki, A. Katsukura, M. Nishiyama
The aim of this article is to propose a framework of mobile-based survey methodology. Specifically, we attempt to establish guidelines for a... Sample PDF
Mobile-Based Research Methods
Chapter 108
C. Pavlovski, S. Mitchell
In this article we discuss multimodal technologies that address the technical and usability constraints of the mobile phone or PDA. These... Sample PDF
Mobility and Multimodal User Interfaces
Chapter 109
M. Kvasnica
Presented here is a new unified modular sensory system. The subject of the article is the sampling and information processing used in the conversion... Sample PDF
Modular Sensory System for Robotics and Human-Machine Interaction Based on Optoelectronic Components
Chapter 110
D. Stojanovic, S. Djordjevic-Kajan, A. Papadopoulos, A. Alexandros Nanopoulos
Monitoring and tracking LBS applications require data-base and application support to model and manage moving objects in both database and... Sample PDF
Monitoring and Tracking Moving Objects in Mobile Environments
Chapter 111
Multilingual SMS  (pages 666-668)
M. Shirali-Shahreza
With the expanding use of mobile phones and the development of mobile telecommunications, telecommunication companies as well as companies... Sample PDF
Multilingual SMS
Chapter 112
H. Yan, L. Wang, Y. Ye
In this article, we provide an overview of multimedia contents for mobile entertainment applications. The objective is for the readers to become... Sample PDF
Multimedia Contents for Mobile Entertainment
Chapter 113
M. Caschera
This article introduces and discusses the problems and future scenarios and prospects of multimodality and mobile communication, analyzing the... Sample PDF
Multimodality in Mobile Applications and Services
Chapter 114
I. Al Kattan
The optimization of resource allocation in multi-user orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) has been of great concern to the mobile... Sample PDF
Multi-User OFDM in Mobile Multimedia Network
Chapter 115
M. El-Said
This article addresses another severe threat affecting the security of cellular systems, called pilot aliasing attack. This problem occurred due to... Sample PDF
Mutual Biometric Authentication
Chapter 116
Z. Abdul-Mehdi, A. Mamat, H. Ibrahim, M. Dirs
In this article, we consider the distributed database that can make up mobile nodes and the peer-to-peer concept. These nodes are peers and may be... Sample PDF
New Transaction Management Model
Chapter 117
C. Tan, C. Chin, M. Sim
This article aims to present the trends of convergence of different mobile technologies in order to meet the requirements in the provisioning of... Sample PDF
Next-Generation Mobile Technologies
Chapter 118
S. Karnouskos
An old saying coming from the telecom world states that nothing can be really considered as a service unless you are able to charge for it. As we... Sample PDF
NFC-Capable Mobile Devices for Mobile Payment Services
Chapter 119
M. Decker
In this article we introduce the concept of generalized notification services (NSs). NSs are a simple class of services for mobile and wireless... Sample PDF
Notification Services for Mobile Scenarios
Chapter 120
N. Amara-Hachmi, A. El Fallah-Seghrouchni
In a previous work (Amara-Hachmi & El Fallah-Seghrouchni, 2004), we proposed a component-based generic adaptive mobile agent (GAMA) architecture... Sample PDF
An Ontology-Based Approach for Mobile Agents' Context Awareness
Chapter 121
M. Alam
In this article, we depict some of the potential problem areas of a PoC server and provide an analytic model to ameliorate dimensioning of a PoC... Sample PDF
An Optimal Timer for Push to Talk Controller
Chapter 122
C. Chin, C. Tan, M. Sim
In the following sections we shall look into certain aspects of RRM schemes that address the provisioning of QoS in future mobile wireless... Sample PDF
Optimal Utilisation of Future Wireless Resources
Chapter 123
B. Seet
This article first overviews some of the most common P2P architectures in use today by Internet users, and then proceeds to evaluate and discuss... Sample PDF
P2P Models and Complexity in MANETs
Chapter 124
J. Jayaputera
The idea of this article is based on the parallel indexing concept (Taniar & Rahayu, 2002) in which an indexed object residing in a BS is either... Sample PDF
Partial Global Indexing for Location-Dependent Query Processing
Chapter 125
M. Aleksy
In this article, we present a pattern-based structure for the development of mobile applications. After a short description of the concept of... Sample PDF
Patterns for Mobile Applications
Chapter 126
C. Chow, H. Leong, A. Chan
An infrastructure-based mobile environment is formed with a wireless network connecting mobile hosts (MHs) and mobile support stations (MSSs). MHs... Sample PDF
Peer-to-Peer Cooperative Caching in Mobile Environments
Chapter 127
B. Garret
The original idea of a portable computer is credited to Alan Kay of the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center who suggested the idea in the 1970s (Kay... Sample PDF
Pen-Based Mobile Computing
Chapter 128
H. Koumaras, E. Pallis, G. Xilouris, A. Kourtis, D. Martakos
The scope of this article is to outline the existing procedures and methods for estimating the PQoS level of a multimedia service. Sample PDF
Perceived Quality Evaluation for Multimedia Services
Chapter 129
N. Arbaiy
In crops management, it is important to estimate the damage effected by pests since the degree of damage will determine the level of pest activity.... Sample PDF
Pest Activity Prognosis in the Rice Field
Chapter 130
M. O’Grady
In this review, we summarize some of the key technologies that enable the position of a mobile computer user to be determined. Sample PDF
Positioning Technologies for Mobile Computing
Chapter 131
L. Jiménez
Being able to locate artifacts and persons can raise privacy concerns. In fact, these privacy concerns represent one of the most important barriers... Sample PDF
Privacy Concerns for Indoor Location-Based Services
Chapter 132
M. Alam
In this article, we aim to discuss a few potential areas of the IMS that could be improved to provide better quality of service (QoS). Sample PDF
Protocol Analysis for the 3G IP Multimedia Subsystem
Chapter 133
V. Khashchanskiy, A. Kustov, J. Lang
Providing mobile Internet access in GPRS and UMTS networks is not an easy task. The main problem is in rather challenging network conditions... Sample PDF
Protocol Replacement Proxy for 2.5 and 3G Mobile Internet
Chapter 134
J. Guan, S. Zhou, J. Zhou, F. Zhu
Location-based services (LBSs) provide personalized services to the subscriber based on his or her current position. By combining information on the... Sample PDF
Providing Location-Based Services under Web Services Framework
Chapter 135
M. Tsagkaropoulos, I. Politis, T. Dagiuklas
With the opening of the telecommunication market and the emergence of low-cost and heterogeneous wireless access technologies, it is envisaged that... Sample PDF
Provisioning of Multimedia Applications across Heterogeneous All-IP Networks
Chapter 136
C. Liu
Bluetooth (2001) is one of the low-bandwidth, energy-efficient wireless technologies designed for mobile devices. As the technology spreads widely... Sample PDF
A QoS Routing Framework on Bluetooth Networking
Chapter 137
G. Sivaradje
Today we find a large number of wireless networks based on different radio access technologies (RATs) and standards. Furthermore, new RATs will be... Sample PDF
Radio Resource Management in Convergence Technologies
Chapter 138
D. Wright
Efficient supply chain management relies on knowing where products in the supply chain are located. The ability to track items from manufacturing... Sample PDF
RFID and Wireless Personal Area Networks for Supply Chain Management
Chapter 139
B. Huang
Many scatternet structures and routing algorithms have been proposed in recent years. The following paragraphs will analyze three scatternet... Sample PDF
Scatternet Structure for Improving Routing and Communication Performance
Chapter 140
S. Guan
Agent integrity is one such area crucial to the success of agent technology. The integrity protection for agent code is relatively straightforward.... Sample PDF
Secure Agent Data Protection for E-Commerce Applications
Chapter 141
Y. Wang
After a decade of exponential growth, wireless technologies have profoundly impacted people’s lifestyles. Wireless networks provide users with... Sample PDF
Secure Group Communications in Wireless Networks
Chapter 142
K. Grahn
Mobile Internet users expect the same network service quality as over a wire. Technologies, protocols, and standards supporting wired and wireless... Sample PDF
Security Architectures of Mobile Computing
Chapter 143
S. Lim
In this article, we describe the use of caching, which allows coping with the characteristic of the mobile environment. We concentrate particularly... Sample PDF
Semantic Caching in a Mobile Environment
Chapter 144
Vassileios Tsetsos, Christos Anagnostopoulos, Stathes Hadjiefthymiades
In this article, we describe issues related to the development of intelligent and human-centered LBS for indoor environments. We focus on the... Sample PDF
Semantic Enrichment of Location-Based Services
Chapter 145
O. Sekkas, S. Hadjiefthymiades, E. Zervas
During the past few years, several location systems have been proposed that use multiple technologies simultaneously in order to locate a user. One... Sample PDF
Sensor Data Fusion for Location Awareness
Chapter 146
C. Pavlovski
In this article we outline the fundamental principles of a service delivery platform and the business model to be addressed in mobile convergence.... Sample PDF
Service Delivery Platforms in Mobile Convergence
Chapter 147
E. Loureiro, Frederico Bublitz, Loreno Oliveira, Nadia Barbosa, Angelo Perkusich, Hyggo Almeida, Glauber Ferreira
The fast development on microelectronics has promoted the increase on the computational power of hardware components. On the other hand, we are... Sample PDF
Service Provision for Pervasive Computing Environments
Chapter 148
S. Okazaki
The proliferation of the Internet-enabled mobile device has extended into many parts of the world. Collectively, the mobile-network operators paid... Sample PDF
Short Message Service (SMS) as an Advertising Medium
Chapter 149
H. Xilouris Koumaras
This chapter will outline the various existing methods of boundary shot and scene change detection. Sample PDF
Shot Boundary Detection Techniques for Video Sequences
Chapter 150
J. Chen
The objective of this research is to find out the acceptance of sales drivers in logistic industry to use the smartphone in their work. This... Sample PDF
Smartphone Acceptance among Sales Drivers
Chapter 151
SMS-Based Mobile Learning  (pages 899-905)
K. Petrova
SMS (short message service, or text messaging) is an extremely popular and still growing 2G mobile data service, especially with young adults (Finn... Sample PDF
SMS-Based Mobile Learning
Chapter 152
C. Chin Wong
This article offers a compilation of wireless solutions in the Asia-Pacific in order to map possible future scenarios on the use of wireless... Sample PDF
Snapshot Assessment of Asia Pacific BWA Business Scenario
Chapter 153
K. Ju
Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME), .NET Compact Framework (.NET CF), and Active Server Pages .NET (ASP.NET) Mobile Controls are commonly used alternatives... Sample PDF
Software Platforms for Mobile Programming
Chapter 154
M. Peng
This article introduces a functional architecture supporting the wireless mesh networks for the IEEE 802.16 standard. Three essential... Sample PDF
Standard-Based Wireless Mesh Networks
Chapter 155
E. Jeong, D. Kim
In this article, mobile games are classified by several criteria (i.e., contents, platforms, and multi-layer based). Examples of mobile games are... Sample PDF
Taxonomies, Applications, and Trends of Mobile Games
Chapter 156
D. Lee
“What is the difference between mobile marketing and traditional marketing?” Will this new form of marketing be effective? How will consumers... Sample PDF
A Technology Intervention Perspective of Mobile Marketing
Chapter 157
3G Commercial Deployment  (pages 940-946)
M. Peng
In this article, the key techniques impacting on the radio network design of TD-SCDMA are introduced. Meanwhile, some special radio network design... Sample PDF
3G Commercial Deployment
Chapter 158
Z. Abdul-Mehdi, A. Mamat, H. Ibrahim, M. Dirs
Recent advances in wireless communications and computer technology have provided users the opportunity to access information and services regardless... Sample PDF
Transaction Management in Mobile Databases
Chapter 159
M. Bakhouya, J. Gaber
The recent evolution of network connectivity from wired connection to wireless to mobile access together with their crossing has engendered their... Sample PDF
Ubiquitous and Pervasive Application Design
Chapter 160
A. Sotiriou
The technical and ethical issues of these systems proved to be their weak point. Systems that have no central point of control and distribute... Sample PDF
The "Umbrella" Distributed Hash Table Protocol for Content Distribution
Chapter 161
S. Tarkoma, J. Korhonen
The aim of this article is to examine the addressing models and investigate cross-layer interactions of different mobility protocols. One of the... Sample PDF
Understanding Multi-Layer Mobility
Chapter 162
R. Herbster, Hyggo Almeida, Angelo Perkusich
In this article, we describe an architecture for mobile commerce which allows the use of mobile devices for electronic commerce. The architecture... Sample PDF
Using Mobile Devices for Electronic Commerce
Chapter 163
S. Marques, Sabrina Souto, Miguel Queiroga, Hyggo Almeida, Angelo Perkusich
In this article we describe the SM-FIT system that makes it possible for transit law enforcement officials to perform online queries about potential... Sample PDF
Using Mobile Devices to Manage Traffic Infractions
Chapter 164
P. Kalliaras
In modern broadband mesh networks, communication between two end nodes is carried out not directly, but through a number of intermediate nodes.... Sample PDF
Using Service Proxies for Content Provisioning
Chapter 165
E. Oliveira, E. Lima, J. Figueiredo
This article presents the formalization and analysis of three migration design patterns—itinerary, star-shaped, and branching—done by using of RPOO.... Sample PDF
Verifying Mobile Agent Design Patterns with RPOO
Chapter 166
E. Correia
A great deal of popular software is not designed for mobility (Griffiths, 2004). This is peculiar because many mobile users expect to have easy... Sample PDF
Virtualization and Mobility in Client and Server Environments
Chapter 167
C. Gurau
This article attempts to present the rationale and the advantages of this development, and to analyze the possible problems raised by the... Sample PDF
Voice Recognition Intelligent Agents Technology
Chapter 168
N. Wickramasinghe, S. Goldberg
The application of mobile commerce to healthcare—namely, m-health—appears to offer a way for healthcare delivery to revolutionize itself and... Sample PDF
The Wi-INET Model for Achieving M-Health Success
Chapter 169
Juliano Rodrigues Fernandes de Oliveira, Rodrigo Nóbrega Rocha Xavier, Yuri de Carvalho Gomes, Hyggo Almeida, Angelo Perkusich
This article presents an access control system that uses Bluetooth technology (Ericsson Bluetooth, 2006) to allow control of the entrance to... Sample PDF
Wireless Access Control System Using Bluetooth
Chapter 170
R. Singh
In this article we implement a client server model using limited-used key generation scheme (Kungpisdan, Le, & Srinivasan, 2004) to generate a set... Sample PDF
Wireless Client Server Application Model Using Limited Key Generation Technique
Chapter 171
Wireless Network Security  (pages 1022-1027)
K. Curran
Wireless networks have a number of security issues. Signal leakage means that network communications can be picked up outside the physical... Sample PDF
Wireless Network Security
Chapter 172
Wireless Security  (pages 1028-1033)
M. Belsis, A. Simitsis, S. Gritzalis
The fast growth of wireless technology has exponentially increased the abilities and possibilities of computing equipment. Corporate users can now... Sample PDF
Wireless Security
Chapter 173
Wireless Sensor Networks  (pages 1034-1037)
A. Ruzzelli
The origins of networks of sensors can be traced back to the 1980s when DARPA initiated the distributed sensor networks program. However, recent... Sample PDF
Wireless Sensor Networks
Chapter 174
D. Wright
This article identifies the capabilities needed for mobile computing and commerce and assesses their technology and business implications. It... Sample PDF
Wireless Technologies for Mobile Computing and Commerce
Chapter 175
F. Rosa
The widespread availability of network-enabled handheld devices (e.g., PDAs with WiFi) has made pervasive computing environment development an... Sample PDF
Workflow Management Systems in MANETs
Chapter 176
D. Avola
XML can be used to develop several languages taking the specific working context into account. It also plays an important role in the exchange of a... Sample PDF
XML-Based Languages for Multimodality in Mobile Environments
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