Space as a Learning Context: The Role of Dwelling in the Development of Academic Reflection

Space as a Learning Context: The Role of Dwelling in the Development of Academic Reflection

Ellen Chistiansen (Aalborg University, Denmark)
Copyright: © 2006 |Pages: 14
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-488-0.ch005
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The concept of “dwelling” is offered as a foundation for learning and for under-standing the role of space in educational settings. This chapter is a first attemptto connect the concept of dwelling, perceived as power over space in the phe-nomenological sense, with the concept of meta-learning as researched in exper-imental psychology, in distributed cognition, and in experiential learning, allfields sharing the idea that for learning to become self-regulated individualexperiences should be acknowledged, some freedom of choice should be offered,and change should be stimulated. Examples of learning environments with adwelling quality are presented together with a list of behavioral patternstrating the role of space. In this way the chapter shows education managers howto take the quality of dwelling into account in evaluating and designing contextsof learning.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1
António D.D. Figueiredo
This chapter presents a philosophical framework to help understand the essence oflearning contexts. It starts with a brief historical account of the... Sample PDF
Context and Learning: A Philosophical Framework
Chapter 2
Philip Duchastel, Markus Molz
Afourfold model of the main contextual factors to be taken into account in learn-ing is presented, with the view to examining how they interrelate... Sample PDF
Virrtual Settings: E-Learning as Creating Context
Chapter 3
Licínio Roque
The authors present a view of the problems related to the role of context in learn-ing and development, individual and organizational, influenced by... Sample PDF
Context Engineering for Learning: A Sociotechnical Approach
Chapter 4
Bernard Blandin
This chapter presents some outcomes of current research on the role of contextwhen implementing learning environments. It first sets the theoretical... Sample PDF
The Role of Context When Implementing Learning Environments: Some Key Issues
Chapter 5
Ellen Chistiansen
The concept of “dwelling” is offered as a foundation for learning and for under-standing the role of space in educational settings. This chapter is... Sample PDF
Space as a Learning Context: The Role of Dwelling in the Development of Academic Reflection
Chapter 6
Ke Zhang, Xun Ge
This chapter aims to help readers build a solid understanding of the complexdynamics of online collaborative learning from multiple perspectives... Sample PDF
The Dynamics of Online Collaboration: Team Task, Team Development, Peer Relationship, and Communication Media
Chapter 7
Mark Schofield, Andrew Sackville, John Davey
This chapter argues that more attention needs to be given to problematizing designat the level of purpose, audience, and form of online interactions... Sample PDF
Designing for Unique Online Learning Contexts: The Alignment of Purpose, Audience, and Fom of Interactivity
Chapter 8
Ana P. Afonso
This chapter addresses the use of communities as a context-creating approach forthe management of learning in virtual settings. It stresses the lack... Sample PDF
Communities as Context Providers for Web-Based Learning
Chapter 9
Laura G. Farres, Colla J. MacDonald
Constructivist instructional design (ID) models have emerged with more frequencywithin e-learning. These models offer guiding principles congruent... Sample PDF
Activity Theory and Context: An Understanding of the Development of Constructivist Instructional Design Models
Chapter 10
Martin Weller
This chapter argues that the Internet is built around key technology design featuresof openness, robustness, and decentralization. These design... Sample PDF
The Distance from Isolation: Why Communities are the Logical Conclusion in E-Learning
Chapter 11
Patricia Arnold, John D. Smith, Beverly Trayner
In this chapter we consider the role played by narrative in negotiating and reveal-ing contexts: we explore how narrative can help make more visible... Sample PDF
Narrative: Designing for Context in Virtual Settings
Chapter 12
Kathy L. Milhauser
This chapter examines the role of context in online settings from the perspectiveof the online learner. The chapter attempts to situate the reader... Sample PDF
The Voice of the Online Learner
Chapter 13
Hitendra Pillay, John A. Clarke, Peter G. Taylor
The Bandurian concept of learner agency was originally embedded in a para-digm where behavior, self and environment influenced each other... Sample PDF
Learning Agency in New Learning Environments: An Australian Case Study of the Influence Context
Chapter 14
Michael Forret, Elaine Khoo, Bronwen Cowie
This chapter presents findings from research into the nature of successful, onlinetertiary teaching and learning. The project is part of a larger... Sample PDF
New Wine or New Bottles: What's New about Online Teaching?
Chapter 15
Rita M. Vick, Brent Auernheimer, Marie K. Iding, Martha E. Crosby
This case study describes the design and delivery of a collaborative asynchronous-synchronous, graduate-level, cross-university computer science... Sample PDF
Quality Assurance During Distributed Collaboration: A Case Study in Creating a Cross-Institutional Learning Community
Chapter 16
Sulayman K. Sowe, Athanasis Karoulis, Ioannis Stamelos
This chapter addresses a learning environment that is manifested in the domain offree/open source software development. It provides the base for the... Sample PDF
A Constructivist View of Knowledge Management in Open Source Virtual Communities
Chapter 17
Tessa Owens, Petra Luck
This chapter reviews a pilot e-learning project at Liverpool Hope University Col-lege. It will illustrate an approach to online learning aimed at... Sample PDF
Building a Learning Community Online
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