World Wide Web Search Engines

World Wide Web Search Engines

Wen-Chen Hu (University of North Dakota, USA) and Jyh-Haw Yeh (Boise State University, USA)
Copyright: © 2003 |Pages: 15
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-049-3.ch010
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The World Wide Web now holds more than 800 million pages covering almost all issues. The Web’s fast growing size and lack of structural style present a new challenge for information retrieval. Numerous search technologies have been applied to Web search engines; however, the dominant search method has yet to be identified. This chapter provides an overview of the existing technologies for Web search engines and classifies them into six categories: 1) hyperlink exploration, 2) information retrieval, 3) metasearches, 4) SQL approaches, 5) content-based multimedia searches, and 6) others. At the end of this chapter, a comparative study of major commercial and experimental search engines is presented, and some future research directions for Web search engines are suggested.

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Table of Contents
Nansi Shi, V.K. Murthy
Chapter 1
Daniel Brandon Jr.
This chapter presents globalization aspects of electronic commerce, describes the key issues in each area, and then analyzes approaches that could... Sample PDF
Issues in the Globalization of Electronic Commerce
Chapter 2
Nikhilesh Dholakia, Nir K. Kshetri
This chapter presents a comparative view of e-business systems designed to extend the benefits of e-business to the poor demographic segments of the... Sample PDF
Electronic Architectures for Bridging the Global Digital Divide: A Comparative Assessment of E-Business Systems Designed to Reach the Global Poor
Chapter 3
Xue Li
Portals can be regarded as an information gateway for exchanging business information over the Internet. They are for delivering the right... Sample PDF
Intelligent Business Portals
Chapter 4
Anthony Scime
The volume of data available on the World Wide Web makes it difficult for a domain novice to find reliable, accurate information. Such a novice may... Sample PDF
Expert Database Web Portal Architecture
Chapter 5
Michael J. Oudshoorn
As e-business applications become more commonplace and more sophisticated, there is a growing need to distribute the server side of the application... Sample PDF
Scheduling and Latency-Addressing the Bottleneck
Chapter 6
K. Selcuk Candan, Wen-Syun Li
The content of many Web sites changes frequently. Especially in most e-commerce sites, Web content is created on request, based on the current state... Sample PDF
Integration of Database and Internet Technologies for Scalable End-to-End E-Commerce Systems
Chapter 7
Shonali Krishnaswamy, Arkady Zaslavsky, Seng Wai Loke
The recent trend of Application Service Providers (ASP) is indicative of electronic commerce diversifying and expanding to include e-services. The... Sample PDF
Internet Delivery of Distributed Data Mining Services: Architectures, Issues and Prospects
Chapter 8
Richi Nayak
Web-enabled electronic business is generating massive amounts of data on customer purchases, browsing patterns, usage times, and preferences at an... Sample PDF
Data Mining for Web-Enabled Electronic Business Applications
Chapter 9
Zhixiang Chen, Binhai Zhu, Xiannong Meng
In this chapter, machine-learning approaches to real-time intelligent Web search are discussed. The goal is to build an intelligent Web search... Sample PDF
Intelligent Web Search through Adaptive Learning from Relevance Feedback
Chapter 10
Wen-Chen Hu, Jyh-Haw Yeh
The World Wide Web now holds more than 800 million pages covering almost all issues. The Web’s fast growing size and lack of structural style... Sample PDF
World Wide Web Search Engines
Chapter 11
Mohammed A. Moharrum, Stephan Olariu, Hussein Abdel-Wahab
The objective of this chapter is to introduce the reader to a general architectural framework for a broad array of retrievals of multimedia data... Sample PDF
Retrieval of Multimedia Data on the Web: An Architectural Framework
Chapter 12
Roland Hubscher, Tony Pittarese, Patricia Lanford
Two of the most important keys to successful Web sites, including e-business sites, are content and usability (Nielsen, 1999). Yet, many of these... Sample PDF
Navigation in E-Business Web Sites
Chapter 13
V. K. Murthy
This chapter describes the Operational Models, Programming Paradigms and Software Tools needed for building a Web- integrated network computing... Sample PDF
E-Business Transaction Management in Web-Integrated Network Environment
Chapter 14
Linda V. Knight, Theresa A. Steinbach, Vince Kellen
The fast-paced, rapidly changing e-business environment, coupled with its emphasis on brand image and the human-computer interface, and the creative... Sample PDF
System Development Methodologies for Web-Enabled E-Business: A Customization Framework
Chapter 15
David Lowe, Brian Henderson-Sellers
Expenditure on Web-based initiatives has grown rapidly over the last five years, with a growing trend towards integrating these systems into the... Sample PDF
Characterizing Web Systems: Merging Information and Functional Architectures
Chapter 16
Sherry Y. Chen, Marios C. Angelides
Internet multimedia information systems have become widespread in business and educational settings. However, much remains to be identified about... Sample PDF
Customisation of Internet Multimedia Information Systems Design through User Modelling
Chapter 17
David Kearney, Weiquan Zhao
Designed originally for document delivery, the Web is now being widely used as a platform for electronic commerce application software. The ad hoc... Sample PDF
A Software Model, Architecture and Environment to Support Web-Based Applications
Chapter 18
Frank Jung
This chapter provides information about current XML-related standards for the electronic interchange of business documents. The reader is introduced... Sample PDF
XML-Digital Glue for the Modern World-Electronic Business Standards Fuelling Intra- and Inter-Enterprise Interoperability for Global Collaboration
Chapter 19
V. K. Murthy
This chapter describes how to design agent-based negotiation systems in e-marketing. Such a negotiation scheme requires the construction of a... Sample PDF
Designing Agent-Based Negotiation for E-Marketing
Chapter 20
Chuen Hwee Ng, Sheng-Uei Guan, Fangming Zhu
This chapter proposes the architecture for a mobile agent-based virtual marketplace. As the Internet grows, the potential for conducting electronic... Sample PDF
Virtual Marketplace for Agent-Based Electronic Commerce
Chapter 21
Simpson Poon, Irfan Altas, Geoff Fellows
E-marketing is considered to be one of the key applications in e-business but so far there has been no sure-fire formula for success. One of the... Sample PDF
Integrated E-Marketing-A Strategy-Driven Technical Analysis Framework
Chapter 22
Leng oon. Sim, Sheng-Uei Guan
This chapter proposes the establishment of a trusted Trade Services entity within the electronic commerce agent framework. A Trade Services entity... Sample PDF
An Agent-Based Architecture for Product Selection and Evaluation under E-Commerce
Chapter 23
Wee Chye Yeo, Sheng-Uei Guan, Fangming Zhu
Agent-based e-commerce is a new technology being researched extensively by many academic and industrial organizations. The mobility and autonomy... Sample PDF
An Architecture for Authentication and Authorization of Mobile Agents in E-Commerce
Chapter 24
P. W. Lei, L. K. Lo, C. R. Chatwin, R. C.D. Young, M. I. Heywood, N. Zincir-Heywood
Internet trading is an irresistible business activity, which nevertheless is constrained by unresolved security issues. With e-tailers like... Sample PDF
Security and Trust of Online Auction Systems in E-Commerce
Chapter 25
Suliman Al-Hawamdeh, Schubert Foo
Until recently, digital libraries have provided free access to either limited resources owned by an organization or information available in the... Sample PDF
E-Commerce and Digital Libraries
Chapter 26
Richi Nayak, Anurag Nayak
Research and practices in electronic businesses over wireless devices have recently seen an exponential growth. This chapter presents the basic... Sample PDF
Electronic Business over Wireless Device: A Case Study
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