Edited References

About the Collection

Edited References are one of the most popular publication formats. These well-established titles feature previously unpublished, peer-reviewed scholarly chapters that are contributed by a variety of experts from around the world. Similar to Authored References in their concise discussions of the latest models and concepts within a specific area, Edited References utilize a more collaborative approach and include contributing authors with varying backgrounds and experience. These projects are led by one or a team of esteemed editors and include at least 15 chapters of descriptive and progressive research.

Providing thorough descriptions detailing the latest innovative and trending content, these collaborative publications accommodate the research needs of academicians, professionals, and practitioners, and are suitable supplements for graduate and undergraduate courses.

Edited Reference Publications:

Novel Applications of Virtual Communities in Healthcare Settings
Christo El Morr (York University, Canada)
Release Date: October 2017. Copyright © 2018. 300 pages. $235.00
Virtual communities have gained popularity in many growing fields and have continued to expand into healthcare environments. Analyzing the impact these communities h...
Developments and Trends in Intelligent Technologies and Smart Systems
Vijayan Sugumaran (Oakland University, USA)
Release Date: October 2017. Copyright © 2018. 300 pages. $215.00
Due to the exponential rise of emerging technology, there have been significant developments in intelligent systems. This has facilitated increasing opportunities fo...
Innovative Perspectives on Tourism Discourse
Magdalena Bielenia-Grajewska (University of Gdansk, Poland), Enriqueta Cortes de los Rios (Almeria University, Spain)
Release Date: September 2017. Copyright © 2018. 300 pages. $225.00
The application of linguistic optimization methods in the tourism, travel, and hospitality industry has improved customer service and business strategies within the...
Applications of CALL Theory in ESL and EFL Environments
James Perren (Alliant International University, USA), Ken Kelch (Alliant International University, USA), Jin-suk Byun (Alliant International University, USA), Seth Cervantes (Alliant International University, USA), Setareh Safavi (Alliant International University, USA)
Release Date: September 2017. Copyright © 2018. 335 pages. $195.00
Blended learning has recently been gaining popularity within educational fields. Examining the impact that computer-assisted techniques have on foreign language educ...
Nascent Entrepreneurship and Successful New Venture Creation
Antonio Carrizo Moreira (University of Aveiro, Portugal), Jose Guilherme Leitao Dantas (Politechnic Institute of Leiria, Portugal), Fernando Manuel Valente (Politechnic Institute of Setubal, Portugal)
Release Date: September 2017. Copyright © 2018. 334 pages. $235.00
Entrepreneurship is the backbone of a strong economy. Necessity-driven entrepreneurs make up a large portion of the employed population and analyzing their methods a...
Exploring the Convergence of Big Data and the Internet of Things
A.V. Krishna Prasad (K.L. University, India)
Release Date: September 2017. Copyright © 2018. 338 pages. $245.00
The growth of Internet use and technologies has increased exponentially within the business sector. When utilized properly, these applications can enhance business f...
Social Considerations of Migration Movements and Immigration Policies
Sefika Sule Erçetin (Hacettepe University, Turkey)
Release Date: September 2017. Copyright © 2018. 274 pages. $195.00
In the globalized era, a higher level of attention is given to various migration, immigration, and refugee movements. By undertaking research on these concepts, thei...
Educational Development and Infrastructure for Immigrants and Refugees
Şefika Şule Erçetin (Hacettepe University, Turkey)
Release Date: September 2017. Copyright © 2018. 282 pages. $195.00
Education is a pivotal influence on all members of society. However, in the case of immigrants and refugees integrating into a new country, allowing proper learning...
Exploring Journalism Practice and Perception in Developing Countries
Abiodun Salawu (North-West University, South Africa), Toyosi Olugbenga Samson Owolabi (Lagos State University, Nigeria)
Release Date: September 2017. Copyright © 2018. 322 pages. $185.00
Media outlets play a pivotal role in fostering the positive and beneficial development of countries in modern society. By properly informing citizens of critical nat...
Engaged Scholarship and Civic Responsibility in Higher Education
Sharon L. Burton (Grand Canyon University, USA)
Release Date: September 2017. Copyright © 2018. 300 pages. $195.00
Beyond their educational value, university institutions can play a pivotal role in community improvement. By utilizing academic resources, these organizations can po...