Handbooks of Research

About the Collection

Consisting of 1-3 volumes of careful examination, Handbooks of Research contain large chapters of exceptionally focused research. Containing at least 25 chapters, these incisive titles provide a comprehensive assessment on inclusive topics and present research methodologies that thoroughly describe the discipline of focus. These edited titles contain contributions from the world’s leading experts and offer well-rounded coverage of some of the most cutting-edge and trending concepts.

These forward-thinking titles are significant additions to libraries of every discipline due to their noteworthy descriptions regarding the newest emerging research. Academicians and researchers will greatly benefit from the informed summaries and conclusions that can be drawn from these titles.

Handbooks of Research Publications:

Handbook of Research on Modeling, Analysis, and Application of Nature-Inspired Metaheuristic Algorithms
Sujata Dash (North Orissa University, India), B.K. Tripathy (VIT University, India), Atta ur Rahman (Barani Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan)
Release Date: September 2017. Copyright © 2018. 400 pages. $265.00
The digital age is ripe with emerging advances and applications in technological innovations. Mimicking the structure of complex systems in nature can provide new id...
Handbook of Research on Women's Issues and Rights in the Developing World
Nazmunnessa Mahtab (University of Dhaka, Bangladesh), Ishrat Khan Barsha (University of Dhaka, Bangladesh), Md. Mynul Islam (University of Dhaka, Bangladesh), Ishret Binte Wahid (BRAC, Bangladesh)
Release Date: September 2017. Copyright © 2018. 400 pages. $245.00
Equal rights for women are an essential aspect for establishing strong societies. By making strides on these issues, nations are helping to create valuable civilizat...
Handbook of Research on Geospatial Science and Technologies
Joyce Maphanyane (University of Botswana, Botswana), Read Mapeo (University of Botswana, Botswana), Modupe Akinola (University of Lagos, Nigeria)
Release Date: September 2017. Copyright © 2018. 500 pages. $345.00
The impacts of climate change are beginning to be felt throughout the world, yet there is no clear explanation as to how these changes will alter our future. The res...
Handbook of Research on Mobile Devices and Smart Gadgets in K-12 Education
Amar Ali Khan (National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) SEECS, Pakistan), Sajid Umair (National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan)
Release Date: August 2017. Copyright © 2018. 400 pages. $265.00
The use of technology can significantly enhance educational environments for students. It is imperative to study new software, hardware, and gadgets for the improvem...
Handbook of Research on Trends and Digital Advances in Engineering Geology
Nurcihan Ceryan (Balikesir University, Turkey)
Release Date: August 2017. Copyright © 2018. 662 pages. $345.00
Engineering geologists face the task of addressing geological factors that can affect planning with little time and with few resources. A solution is using the right...
Handbook of Research on Human Development in the Digital Age
Valerie C. Bryan (Florida Atlantic University, USA), Ann T. Musgrove (Florida Atlantic University, USA), Jillian R. Powers (Florida Atlantic University, USA)
Release Date: August 2017. Copyright © 2018. 490 pages. $275.00
The rapid evolution of technology continuously changes the way people interact, work, and learn. By examining these advances, researchers can further optimize the va...
Handbook of Research on Advanced Concepts in Real-Time Image and Video Processing
Md. Imtiyaz Anwar (National Institute of Technology Jalandhar, India), Arun Khosla (National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar, India), Rajiv Kapoor (Delhi Technological University, India)
Release Date: August 2017. Copyright © 2018. 330 pages. $265.00
Technological advancements have created novel applications for image and video processing. With these developments, real-world processing problems can be solved more...
Handbook of Research on Sociopolitical Factors Impacting Economic Growth in Islamic Nations
Suleyman Ozdemir (Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University, Turkey), Seyfettin Erdogan (Istanbul Medeniyet University, Turkey), Ayfer Gedikli (İstanbul Medeniyet University, Turkey)
Release Date: August 2017. Copyright © 2018. 400 pages. $275.00
Over the years, the dissemination of technology across society has increased exponentially. As technology continues to improve worldwide connectivity, positive relat...
Handbook of Research on Digital Content, Mobile Learning, and Technology Integration Models in Teacher Education
Jared Keengwe (University of North Dakota, USA)
Release Date: August 2017. Copyright © 2018. 414 pages. $225.00
While many facets of our lives are rapidly becoming more digital, educational institutions are now faced with the task of finding new and innovative ways to incorpor...
Handbook of Research on Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to Action Research and Action Learning
Tome Awshar Mapotse (University of South Africa, South Africa)
Release Date: July 2017. Copyright © 2018. 380 pages. $255.00
The complexity of 21st century lifestyle makes collaborative research and learning essential for all of the population, both in well-resourced and socio-economically...