Global Media Convergence and Cultural Transformation: Emerging Social Patterns and Characteristics

Global Media Convergence and Cultural Transformation: Emerging Social Patterns and Characteristics

Dal Yong Jin (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea)
Release Date: November, 2010|Copyright: © 2011 |Pages: 476
ISBN13: 9781609600372|ISBN10: 1609600371|EISBN13: 9781609600396|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60960-037-2


New media and technology are firmly embedded in our contemporary society and culture. The application of the internet and mobile communications, including online gaming, has made a huge impact on political participation, business, education, and social relations.

Global Media Convergence and Cultural Transformation: Emerging Social Patterns and Characteristics aims to engage the complex relationship between technology, culture, and socio-economic elements by exploring it in a transnational, yet contextually grounded, framework. This book explores diverse perspectives and approaches, from political economy to cultural studies, and from policy studies to ethnography, In order to reflect varied perspectives on the convergence of culture and new media technology.

Topics Covered

The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to:

  • American Fandom and Asian Technology
  • Broadband
  • Chinese online game culture
  • Commercialization of the online gaming industry
  • Convergence of mobile multimedia
  • Convergence of Western culture and Asian new media
  • Corporate strategies in media convergence
  • Cross-generational media literacy
  • Cultural Interpretations
  • Fostering innovation in converging information industries
  • Japanese Console Game Industry and Culture
  • New communication technologies and ethno-political identity
  • New Media Hubs
  • New Media Polices
  • Online social interactions in the consumer context
  • Or
  • Social Networking
  • Social shaping of technology
  • Urban screens and transcultural consumption
  • Vernacular modernization
  • Web-portals

Table of Contents and List of Contributors

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Table of Contents
Dal Yong Jin
Chapter 1
Andrew J. Kirk
This chapter looks at “A Day in the Life of Miss McDonald”—a photography exhibit produced in the Philippines and disseminated online—to discuss how... Sample PDF
Super-Sized Fandom: Globalization, Popular Culture, and the Peculiar Case of “Miss Mcdonald”
Chapter 2
Audrey Yue, Sun Jung
This chapter examines urban screens as sites of media convergence and transcultural consumption. Using two case studies in Melbourne (Australia) and... Sample PDF
Urban Screens and Transcultural Consumption between South Korea and Australia
Chapter 3
Hudson Moura
Snack culture is the new phenomenon that shrinks media cultural products and can be easily shared on social networks of the Internet. Thus, it can... Sample PDF
Sharing Bites on Global Screens: The Emergence of Snack Culture
Chapter 4
D. Ndirangu Wachanga
Any meaningful debate on global media and information ethics is burdened with the complexity of dissecting various disjunctive dynamics that... Sample PDF
Global Media and Information Ethics: Challenges Re-Examined
Chapter 5
Lihyun Lin
Recently, Korean dramas have won popularity in East Asia and provoked public discussions in newspaper forums in Taiwan. This chapter analyzes how... Sample PDF
Public Discourses on the Korean Wave in Taiwan
Chapter 6
Peichi Chung
This chapter focuses on the emerging media regionalization that takes place in Asia in 2000s. Japan and Hong Kong used to be the dominant cultural... Sample PDF
The Emerging Media Exchange in the Cultural Regionalization of Asia
Chapter 7
Pi-Chun Chang
Although the preservation of cultural heritage has always been a primary task of cultural policy in many countries, the idea of combining digital... Sample PDF
New Imagined Community by Cultural Participation: A Study on Taiwan’s Digital Cultural Heritage
Chapter 8
Francis L. F. Lee
This chapter discusses how television captures and organizes the attention of the mass public in the age of media convergence. It is argued that... Sample PDF
New-Media-Based Attention Implosion and Television Publicness in the Era of Internet-TV Convergence
Chapter 9
Yasmin Ibrahim
The convergence of technologies brings a two-fold phenomenon into our technologically mediated world. Firstly, mobile technologies have enabled the... Sample PDF
Bearing Witness through Technology: War and Visual Culture in a Converged World
Chapter 10
Larissa Hjorth
In 2009, for the first time, Internet penetration rates in China have surpassed the global average level with over 298 million users (CINIC 2009).... Sample PDF
Mum’s the Word: A Case Study of Students’ Intergenerational New Media Literacy in Shanghai
Chapter 11
Aliaa Dakroury
Drawing from the work of Canadian political economist Harold Innis, as well as the French activist, Jean d’Arcy—the father of the right to... Sample PDF
The Electronic Pontifices Maximi: Social Networking and the Hope of a Right to Communicate
Chapter 12
Robert Farrell, Catalina Danis, Thomas Erickson, Jason Ellis, Jim Christensen, Mark Bailey, Wendy A. Kellogg
Mobile communication is a key enabler for economic, social and political change in developing regions of the world. The authors argue that engaging... Sample PDF
A Picture and A Thousand Words: Visual Scaffolding for Mobile Communications in Developing Regions
Chapter 13
Inkyu Kang
This chapter explores how the keitai (mobile) Internet has come to dominate Japan, marginalizing the PC-based Internet. The discussion focuses on... Sample PDF
Going Online in the PC Graveyard: The Sociocultural Evolution of Japan’s Mobile Internet
Chapter 14
Do Kyun Kim
From the early 2000s, the population mobility from Zimbabwe has drastically increased due to the collapse of the national economy and political... Sample PDF
Exploring the Diffusion of Mobile Phone among Zimbabwean Migrants in Botswana
Chapter 15
Mei Wu, Hongye Li
This chapter attempts to explore the connection between the popularity of shanzhai (no-name brand) mobile phones among urban youth and their social... Sample PDF
The Triumph of Shanzhai: No Name Brand Mobile Phones and Youth Identity in China
Chapter 16
Seung-Hyun Lee
Mobile communication technology has become one of the most popular technologies, profoundly associated with many users’ everyday life. Mobile... Sample PDF
Convergence of Mobile TV with Everyday Life1 and Culture
Chapter 17
Maheswar Satpathy
The establishment of myriad Customer service Centers, or as colloquially known, Call Centers have become a much accepted reality now in India. The... Sample PDF
Call Centers, India, and a New Politics: Cultural Interpretations
Chapter 18
Zixue Tai, Haifang Zeng
This chapter presents a critical analysis of China’s nascent but fast-evolving mobile game market. Through a penetrating examination of the... Sample PDF
Mobile Games in China: Formation, Ferment, and Future
Chapter 19
Sam Hinton
Games, like other technological artifacts, do not fall mysteriously from orbit. They are constructed by humans within a matrix of social, economic... Sample PDF
Cinema of the Gun: Science and Technology Studies and the First Person Shooter
Chapter 20
Ying-Chia H. Lin
The main goal of this chapter is to explore the dynamics and interactions between foreign producers, media technologies, and local consumers in the... Sample PDF
Playing as Producing: Convergence Culture and Localization of EA Digital Games in Taiwan
Chapter 21
Anthony Fung, Luzhou Li
With the advancement of media technologies, traditional media and new media converge at a pace faster than ever globally. In the People’s Republic... Sample PDF
TV Box on the Internet: The Interplay between Politics and Market in China
Chapter 22
Dal Yong Jin
This study is a historical documentation of the recent trends of Sony’s and Samsung’s engagement in the cultural industries mainly by examining... Sample PDF
Corporate Strategies in Media Convergence: A Comparative Study of Sony vs. Samsung as Transnational Cultural Industries
Chapter 23
Sergio Sparviero
The digitalization of media content and communication processes has been used as the main justification for an important turn in the design of... Sample PDF
Fostering Innovation in Converging Audiovisual Media Services: Do Mergers and Acquisitions Really Help?
Chapter 24
Paschal Preston, Jim Rogers
Drawing upon a recent examination of contemporary trends in the music industry, this chapter explores the evolving relationships between new digital... Sample PDF
The Three Cs of Key Music Sector Trends Today: Commodification, Concentration and Convergence
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