Purchasing and Supply Chain Management: Strategies and Realities

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management: Strategies and Realities

Michael Quayle (University of Glamorgan, UK)
Release Date: December, 2005|Copyright: © 2006 |Pages: 360
ISBN13: 9781591408994|ISBN10: 1591408997|EISBN13: 9781591409014|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-899-4


Through case studies and practical examples, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management: Strategies and Realities illustrates how organizations worldwide can apply strategies for supply chain implementation. This book shows readers how to develop a supply chain strategy and implementation plan and use it to gain an advantage in the 21st century competitive marketplace.

“…I found this to be a stunning book which will reach a wide audience since every supply chain, logistics, production, purchasing and service manager will need to have it as an office reference book.” - Sir Roger S. Jones, OBE, Chairman of the Welsh Development Agency, UK

Reviews and Testimonials

…I found this to be a stunning book which will reach a wide audience since every supply chain, logistics, production, purchasing and service manager will need to have it as an office reference book.

– Sir Roger S. Jones, OBE, Chairman of the Welsh Development Agency, UK

This is a timely and relevant publication. Professor Quayle has identified the changing and increasingly complex environment that is the global market place with its socio-political and environment contexts as the starting point for a detailed consideration of issues and fundamental aspects in respect of purchasing and supply chain management that impact upon the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations. Whilst this is considered under pertinent headings, it is analyzed and developed in the context of the integrated supply chain. Furthermore, as the title states, it recognizes concepts and strategic approaches yet clearly sets them in the reality of practical applications.

– David Moore, Cranfield University, UK

Quayle brings his obvious knowledge and expertise to bear in a comprehensive examination of the purchasing and supply chain field. A must buy for all those working in or studying purchasing and supply chain management.

– David Lamond, Sydney Graduate School of Management, Australia

Time to market is critical in today's globalized economies. In this book, Professor Quayle provides an excellent reference which brings together all the pieces of the value chain jigsaw, and clearly demonstrates the power of a well managed and integrated supply chain. An essential read.

– Tim Williams, Chief Executive, Welsh Automotive Forum, UK

This is a long-overdue book. I welcome a global perspective on supply chain management. The importance of the global supply chain is all-encompassing.

– Brian McGarrie, University of Newcastle upon Tyne Business School, UK

Using Case Studies and other practical examples, this volume illustrates a number of strategies for purchasing and supply chain management that may be applied by organizations worldwide.

– Book News, August 2006

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Table of Contents
Roger S. Jones
Chapter 1
Michael Quayle
The purpose of this chapter is to provide an overview of the differences between procurement, purchasing, outsourcing, supply, and, sustainable... Sample PDF
Developments in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management and Logistics
Chapter 2
Michael Quayle
Purchasing is at the heart of any supply chain. Purchasing needs to be strategic to facilitate an effective supply chain. Within this chapter, I... Sample PDF
Strategic Purchasing Management
Chapter 3
Purchasing Policy  (pages 50-88)
Michael Quayle
In this chapter I will cover purchasing and procurement policy, definition and structure, centralisation vs. decentralisation, consortia and... Sample PDF
Purchasing Policy
Chapter 4
Michael Quayle
This chapter provides a brief overview of a lengthy aspect of the supply chain — that of quality. After defining quality and the costs of failure... Sample PDF
Quality Management and Customer Service
Chapter 5
Supply Chain Management  (pages 104-119)
Michael Quayle
If your international supply chain management is the weakest link in your organisation, your board or chief executive will say good-bye — without a... Sample PDF
Supply Chain Management
Chapter 6
Michael Quayle
The supply chain manager is concerned with not only managing the flow of materials and resources, he or she is also concerned with managing the... Sample PDF
Managing the Supply Chain Function
Chapter 7
Operating Environments  (pages 138-160)
Michael Quayle
Understanding the supply chain and logistics in operating environments is important to understanding the total concept, and we need to examine a new... Sample PDF
Operating Environments
Chapter 8
Michael Quayle
Provisioning and inventory control is crucial to a wide range of organisations in ensuring a smooth operation of the supply chain. Getting it wrong... Sample PDF
Provisioning and Inventory Control
Chapter 9
Stores Management  (pages 228-263)
Michael Quayle
Stores management is a crucial part of the supply chain in terms of location, stock held, storage, and replenishment. Sample PDF
Stores Management
Chapter 10
Transport  (pages 264-302)
Michael Quayle
Shipping, transport, and distribution in terms of supply chain management can be grouped under one heading: Logistics. Logistics planning involves... Sample PDF
Chapter 11
Physical Distribution  (pages 303-319)
Michael Quayle
We have, so far, looked at the operation of stores and stockyards, transport operation, and the various samples of legislation with which the stores... Sample PDF
Physical Distribution
Chapter 12
E-Business  (pages 320-341)
Michael Quayle
In this chapter, I examine electronic data interchange and the phenomenon of e-business with a focus on e-procurement. Sample PDF
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Michael Quayle is Directorate Advisor Business & Industry and Robert Bosch Professor (Chair) in Purchasing & Supply Chain Management at the University of Glamorgan, UK. Before entering academia, he gained significant procurement and project management experience in European electronics and defence industries. An adviser to the UK Office of Government Commerce (OGC) & the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG), Michael is a registered purchasing and supply management specialist and a senior consultant to the United Nations (UNCTAD) International Trade Centre (ITC). He has been published extensively in the fields of management development, purchasing, procurement, supply chain management, materials management and logistics His primary research and consultancy interests are leadership, development of procurement expertise in the emerging nations, development of smaller organisation’s procurement expertise, sustainable supply chains and the use of public sector procurement to drive the economic development agenda. He is a member of the Wales Management Council and is also the UK Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply Ambassador to Wales.