Video Surveillance Techniques and Technologies

Video Surveillance Techniques and Technologies

Vesna Zeljkovic (New York Institute of Technology, Nanjing Campus, China)
Release Date: December, 2013|Copyright: © 2014 |Pages: 369
ISBN13: 9781466648968|ISBN10: 1466648961|EISBN13: 9781466648975|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-4896-8


Security video surveillance systems, such as homeland security and national defense, rely on specific mathematical algorithms in order to run effectively. It is essential for these parameters to be understood in order to design and create a successful system.

Video Surveillance Techniques and Technologies presents empirical research and acquired experience on the original solutions and mathematical algorithms for motion detection and object identification problems. Emphasizing a wide variety of applications of security systems, this book is an essential tool for graduate students and professionals in the field of signal and image processing applied in static/moving object detection, tracking, and identification.

Topics Covered

  • Automated Video Surveillance Systems
  • Automatic Pattern Classification
  • Integrated Multimedia
  • Moving Object Detection
  • Novel Algorithms
  • Technological Components
  • Video Surveillance

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Table of Contents
Vesna Zeljkovic
Vesna Zeljkovic
Chapter 1
A new, simple, fast, and effective method for moving object detection to an outdoor environment, invariant to extreme illumination changes, is... Sample PDF
Illumination Independent Moving Object Detection Algorithm
Chapter 2
A real time change detection technique is proposed in order to detect the moving objects in a real image sequence. The described method is... Sample PDF
Improved Illumination Independent Moving Object Detection Algorithm
Chapter 3
The problem of edge-based classification of natural video sequences containing buildings and captured under changing lighting conditions is... Sample PDF
Application of Improved Illumination Invariance Algorithm in Building Detection
Chapter 4
An integrated multimedia supported intelligent video surveillance system is proposed. The system alleviates the disadvantages of the existing... Sample PDF
Multimedia Supported Intelligent Video Surveillance System
Chapter 5
The resistance of the improved moving objects detection algorithm to various types of additive and multiplicative noise is discussed. The... Sample PDF
Improved Spatial-Temporal Moving Object Detection Method Resistant to Noise
Chapter 6
Performance of the moving objects detection algorithm on infrared videos is discussed. The algorithm consists of two phases: the noise suppression... Sample PDF
Improved Illumination Independent Moving Object Detection Algorithm Applied to Infrared Video Sequences
Chapter 7
A technique for detection of building images in real-world video sequences is presented. The proposed technique uses information extracted from... Sample PDF
Classification of Building Images in Video Sequences
Chapter 8
Two new algorithms, optimal and sub-optimal solution algorithm, for shape recognition using geometric calculations are proposed. They are... Sample PDF
Shape Recognition Methods Used for Complex Polygonal Shape Recognition
Chapter 9
A two-step process for removing noise from polygonal shapes is presented in this chapter. A polygonal shape is represented as its turning function... Sample PDF
Nonlinear Diffusion Filters Combined with Triangle Method Used for Noise Removal from Polygonal Shapes
Chapter 10
Two different novel methods for classification of aircraft categories of Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR) images are presented. The first... Sample PDF
Algorithms for ISAR Image Recognition and Classification
Chapter 11
Automatic body detection and identification of a person is one of the most recent research topics that has gained a lot of attention from... Sample PDF
Anthropometric Algorithm Used for Automatic Body Dimensions and Skin Color Detection Aimed for Homeland Security Systems
Chapter 12
A comparative study of ability of two novel image retrieval algorithms to provide automated touch-free identification of persons by iris recognition... Sample PDF
Algorithm for Automated Iris Recognition Using Biorthogonal Wavelets
Chapter 13
The problem of automatic pattern classification in real metallographic images from the steel plant ArcelorMittal Ostrava is addressed. The goal is... Sample PDF
Algorithm for Automatic Pattern Classification Designed for Real Metallographic Images
Chapter 14
Steel companies use a ladle furnace refining process. The main feature of this ladle technology exists in refining under non-oxidizing atmosphere... Sample PDF
Algorithm for Monitoring Impact of Intensity of Inert Gas Blowing to Visual Character of Molten Steel Surface
Chapter 15
A new heuristic algorithm for porosity segmentation for the colored petro-graphic images is proposed. The proposed algorithm automatically detects... Sample PDF
Algorithm for Petro-Graphic Color Image Segmentation Used in Oil Exploration
Chapter 16
A comparative study of ability of the proposed novel image retrieval algorithms is performed to provide automated object classification invariant of... Sample PDF
Automatic Object Classification and Image Retrieval by Sobel Edge Detection
Chapter 17
Video System Overview  (pages 203-218)
This chapter is a description of the technology with which we can: capture an image, transform the image to the video signal format, transmit this... Sample PDF
Video System Overview
Chapter 18
High definition television is becoming ever more popular, opening up the market to new high-definition technologies. Image quality and color... Sample PDF
High Definition Television (HDTV) and Video Surveillance
Chapter 19
New Video Technologies  (pages 224-231)
Industry experts are predicting that the advancement of video security technology will lead to a general increase in demand for surveillance... Sample PDF
New Video Technologies
Chapter 20
A video surveillance system design requires making decisions that demand knowledge of basic options and the rationale for selecting from different... Sample PDF
Video Surveillance System Design
Chapter 21
Cameras  (pages 239-263)
The very first element in the video surveillance system is the device that captures the images, which is the camera. This is a very important... Sample PDF
Chapter 22
The chapter is a summary of IP surveillance systems: basic functions, the advantages of network video, customizing surveillance applications, and... Sample PDF
IP Video Surveillance System
Chapter 23
Motion Detectors  (pages 290-310)
The first five sections represent the foundation and offer various intelligent algorithms that are the basics for motion detectors and their... Sample PDF
Motion Detectors
Chapter 24
The fact that video surveillance is such an effective system especially when one thinks of its widespread use attests to its low investment cost.... Sample PDF
Video Surveillance System Applications
Vesna Zeljkovic
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Dr Vesna Zeljkovic is a researcher in the field of signal and image processing with more than fifteen years of experience, developing mathematical models and novel algorithms for the analysis of images that have applications in video surveillance, analysis of complex optical spectra, public health, homeland security, industry and national defense. This work is reflected in more than 60 published scientific papers, one book chapter, as well as one published book in these fields. She taught engineering courses at undergraduate and graduate level in five countries on three different continents.