Audio Watermarking: Properties, Techniques and Evaluation

Audio Watermarking: Properties, Techniques and Evaluation

Andrés G. Acevedo (Georgetown University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-192-6.ch003
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The recent explosion of the Internet as a collaborative medium has opened the door for people who want to share their work. Nonetheless, the advantages of such an open medium can pose very serious problems for authors who do not want their works to be distributed without their consent. As new methods for copyright protection are devised, expectations around them are formed and sometimes improvable claims are made. This chapter covers one such technology: audio watermarking. First, the field is introduced, and its properties and applications are discussed. Then, the most common techniques for audio watermarking are reviewed, and the framework is set for the objective measurement of such techniques. The last part of the chapter proposes a novel test and a set of metrics for thorough benchmarking of audio watermarking schemes. The development of such a benchmark constitutes a first step towards the standardization of the requirements and properties that such systems should display.

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Table of Contents
Chun-Shien Lu
Chapter 1
Mohamed A. Suhail
Digital watermarking techniques have been developed to protect the copyright of media signals. This chapter aims to provide a universal review and... Sample PDF
Digital Watermarking for Protection of Intellectual Property
Chapter 2
Mauro Barni, Franco Bartolini, Alessia De Rosa
The idea of embedding some information within a digital media, in such a way that the inserted data are intrinsically part of the media itself, has... Sample PDF
Perceptual Data Hiding in Still Images
Chapter 3
Andrés G. Acevedo
The recent explosion of the Internet as a collaborative medium has opened the door for people who want to share their work. Nonetheless, the... Sample PDF
Audio Watermarking: Properties, Techniques and Evaluation
Chapter 4
Changsheng Xu, Qi Tian
This chapter provides a comprehensive survey and summary of the technical achievements in the research area of digital audio watermarking. In order... Sample PDF
Digital Audio Watermarking
Chapter 5
Martin Steinbach, Jana Dittmann
Active fingerprinting combines digital media watermarking and codes for collusion-secure customer identification. This requires specialized... Sample PDF
Design Principles for Active Audio and Video Fingerprinting
Chapter 6
Ching-Yung Lin
Multimedia authentication distinguishes itself from other data integrity security issues because of its unique property of content integrity in... Sample PDF
Issues on Image Authentication
Chapter 7
Der-Chyuan Lou, Jiang-Lung Liu, Chang-Tsun Li
This chapter is intended to disseminate the concept of digital signature-based image authentication. Capabilities of digital signature-based image... Sample PDF
Digital Signature-Based Image Authentication
Chapter 8
Minya Chen, Nasir Memon, Edward K. Wong
With the proliferation of digital media such as images, audio, and video, robust digital watermarking and data hiding techniques are needed for... Sample PDF
Data Hiding in Document Images
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