The Evolution of Comparison-Shopping Agents

The Evolution of Comparison-Shopping Agents

Yun Wan (University of Houston at Victoria, USA)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-588-7.ch002
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Comparison-shopping agents became the important link in the B2C ecommerce domain since late 90s. Since its emergence in 1995, the evolution of comparison-shopping agents experienced a few ups and downs. This chapter covers key events and issues of comparison-shopping agent evolution in three intertwined threads: the emergence of representative agents, the evolution of comparison-shopping agent technology, and the evolution of their business models.

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Table of Contents
Eldon Y. Li, Soe-Tsyr Yuan
Eldon Y. Li, Soe-Tsyr Yuan
List of Reviewers
Chapter 1
Michael Weiss
Agents are rapidly emerging as a new paradigm for developing software applications. They are being used in an increasing variety of applications... Sample PDF
Patterns for Designing Agent-Based e-Business Systems
Chapter 2
Yun Wan
Comparison-shopping agents became the important link in the B2C ecommerce domain since late 90s. Since its emergence in 1995, the evolution of... Sample PDF
The Evolution of Comparison-Shopping Agents
Chapter 3
Wen-Shan Lin
The Internet and World Wide Web are becoming more and more dynamic in terms of their contents and usage. Agent-based shopping support (ASS) aims at... Sample PDF
A study of intelligent shopping support: a case study of outbound group package-tour products in Taiwan
Chapter 4
Raymund J. Lin, Seng-Cho T. Chou
The theme of this chapter includes topics of matching, auction and negotiation. We have shown that the knowledge of game theory is very important... Sample PDF
Agent-¬based matching of demands and supplies in business transaction formation
Chapter 5
Zengchang Qin
Market mechanism or auction design research is playing an important role in computational economics for resolving multi-agent allocation problems.... Sample PDF
Evolutionary Auction Design for Agent-based Marketplaces
Chapter 6
Joseph Barjis, Samuel Chong
It is observed that agent (or software agent) based systems largely imitate organizations of human actors. Thus, the nature of agent based systems... Sample PDF
An Inter-Organizational Business Process Study from Agents Interaction Perspective
Chapter 7
Golenur Begum Huq, Robyn Lawson
This chapter explores the utilisation of a multi-agent system in the field of supply chain management for electronic business. It investigates the... Sample PDF
Application of Agent-base Technology as Coordination and Cooperation in the Supply Chain based e-business
Chapter 8
John Debenham
Emergent processes are business processes whose execution is determined by the prior knowledge of the agents involved and by the knowledge that... Sample PDF
An Agent-Based Framework for Emergent Process Management
Chapter 9
Walter Rodriguez, Janusz Zalewski, Elisa Kirche
This paper presents a new concept for supporting electronic collaboration, operations, and relationships among trading partners in the value chain... Sample PDF
Beyond Intelligent Agents: E-Sensors for Supporting Supply Chain Collaboration and Preventing the Bullwhip Effect
Chapter 10
Yee Ming Chen, Pei-Ni Huang
One consequence of market globalization has been the growing incidence of collaborative ventures among companies from different countries. Small and... Sample PDF
An Automated Negotiation Mechanism for Agents Based on International Joint Ventures
Chapter 11
Zongwei Luo, Minhong Wang, William Cheung, Jiming Liu, F. Tong, C. J. Tan
Service-oriented computing promises an effective approach to seamless integration and orchestration of distributed resources for dynamic business... Sample PDF
An Agent-mediated Middleware Service Framework for e-Logistics
Chapter 12
Kun Chang Lee, Lee Namho
This paper proposes a new type of multi-agent mobile negotiation support system named MAM-NSS in which both buyers and sellers are seeking for best... Sample PDF
A Multi-Agent System Approach to Mobile Negotiation Support Mechanism by Integrating Case-Based Reasoning and Fuzzy Cognitive Map
Chapter 13
Pinata Winoto, Tiffany Y. Tang
This chapter focuses on the issue of malicious agents in open multi-agent systems (MAS) with discussions in relation to the existing crime study... Sample PDF
A Study of Malicious Agents in Open Multi-Agent Systems: The Economic Perspective and Simulation
Chapter 14
Kieron O’Hara, Harith Alani, Yannis Kalfoglou, Nigel Shadbolt
There are certain features that distinguish killer apps from other ordinary applications. This chapter examines those features in the context of the... Sample PDF
Features for Killer Apps from a Semantic Web Perspective
Chapter 15
Soe-Tsyr Yuan, Pei-Hung Hsieh
A location model represents the inclusive objects and their relationships in a space, and helps engender the values of location based services... Sample PDF
Semantic Location Modeling for Mobile Enterprises
Chapter 16
Mohamed Bakhouya, Jaafar Gaber
This chapter describes and classifies service composition approaches according to ubiquitous and pervasive computing requirements. More precisely... Sample PDF
Service Composition Approaches for Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing: A Survey
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