Interacting with Mobile and Pervasive Computer Systems

Interacting with Mobile and Pervasive Computer Systems

Vassilis Kostakos (University of Bath, UK) and Eamonn O’Neill (University of Bath, UK)
Copyright: © 2006 |Pages: 15
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-866-6.ch006
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In this chapter, we present existing and ongoing research within the Human-Computer Interaction group at the University of Bath into the development of novel interaction techniques. With our research, we aim to improve the way in which users interact with mobile and pervasive systems. More specifically, we present work in three broad categories of interaction: stroke interaction, kinaesthetic interaction, and text entry. Finally, we describe some of our currently ongoing work as well as planned future work.

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Table of Contents
Gabriele Kotsis
Ismail Khalil
Ismail Khalil
Chapter 1
Anastasis A. Sofokleous, Marios C. Angelides
Mobile communications and computing has changed forever the way people communicate and interact and it has made “any information, any device, any... Sample PDF
Mobile Computing: Technology Challenges, Constraints, and Standards
Chapter 2
Volker Derballa, Key Pousttchi, Klaus Turowski
Mobile technology enables enterprises to invent new business models by applying new forms of organization or offering new products and services. In... Sample PDF
Business Model Typology for Mobile Commerce
Chapter 3
Edgar R. Weippl
While security in general is increasingly well addressed, both mobile security and multimedia security are still areas of research undergoing major... Sample PDF
Security and Trust in Mobile Multimedia
Chapter 4
Panayotis Fouliras
Data dissemination today represents one of the cornerstones of network-based services and even more so for mobile environments. This becomes more... Sample PDF
Data Dissemination in Mobile Environments
Chapter 5
Say Ying Lim, David Taniar, Bala Srinivasan
In this chapter, we present an extensive study of database operations on mobile devices which provides an understanding and direction for processing... Sample PDF
A Taxonomy of Database Operations on Mobile Devices
Chapter 6
Vassilis Kostakos, Eamonn O’Neill
In this chapter, we present existing and ongoing research within the Human-Computer Interaction group at the University of Bath into the development... Sample PDF
Interacting with Mobile and Pervasive Computer Systems
Chapter 7
Reinhard Kronsteiner
This chapter investigates the potential of mobile multimedia for group decisions. Decision support systems can be categorized based on the... Sample PDF
Engineering Mobile Group Decision Support
Chapter 8
Spatial Data on the Move  (pages 103-118)
Wee Hyong Tok, Stéphane Bresan, Panagiotis Kalnis, Baihua Zhengl
The pervasiveness of mobile computing devices and wide-availability of wireless networking infrastructure have empowered users with applications... Sample PDF
Spatial Data on the Move
Chapter 9
Jennifer Blechar, Ioanna D. Constantiou, Jan Damsgaard
Advanced mobile service use and adoption remains low in most of the Western world despite impressive technological developments. Much effort has... Sample PDF
Key Attributes and the Use of Advanced Mobile Services: Lessons Learned from a Field Study
Chapter 10
Michael Welzl
This chapter will introduce three new IETF transport layer protocols in support of multimedia data transmission and discuss their usage. First, the... Sample PDF
New Internet Protocals for Multimedia Transmission
Chapter 11
Ioannis Priggouris, Evangelos Zervas, Stathes Hadjiefthymiades
The vision that wireless technology in the near future will provide mobile users with at least similar multimedia services as those available to the... Sample PDF
Location-Based Network Resource Management
Chapter 12
Zhou Wang, Hend Koubaa
Accessing multimedia services from portable devices in nomadic environments is of increasing interest for mobile users. Service discovery mechanisms... Sample PDF
Discovering Multimedia Services and Contents in Mobile Environments
Chapter 13
Jani Puttonen, Ari Viinikainen, Miska Sulander, Timo Hamalainen
Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) has been standardized for mobility management in the IPv6 network. When a mobile node changes its point of attachment in the... Sample PDF
A Fast Handover Method for Real-Time Multimedia Services
Chapter 14
Li-Pin Chang, Ai-Chun Pang
Recently, the Internet has become the most important vehicle for global information delivery. As consumers have become increasingly mobile in the... Sample PDF
Real-Time Multimedia Delivery for All-IP Mobile Networks
Chapter 15
Abdulhussain E. Mahdi, Dorel Picovici
In the context of multimedia communication systems, quality of service (QoS) is defined as the collective effect of service performance, which... Sample PDF
Perceptual Voice Quality Measurement - Can You Hear Me Loud and Clear?
Chapter 16
Robert Zehetmayer, Wolfgang Klas, Ross King
Today, mobile multimedia applications provide customers with only limited means to define what information they wish to receive. However, customers... Sample PDF
Modular Implementation of an Ontology-Driven Multimedia Content Delivery Application for Mobile Networks
Chapter 17
Ghita Kouadri Mostefaoui
Research on mobile multimedia mainly focuses on improving wireless protocols in order to improve the quality of services. In this chapter, we argue... Sample PDF
Software Engineering for Mobile Multimedia: A Roadmap
Chapter 18
Christos K. Georgiadis
Adaptive services based on context-awareness are considered to be a precious benefit of mobile applications. Effective adaptations however, have to... Sample PDF
Adaptation and Personalization of User Interface and Content
Chapter 19
Henrik Stormer
With the rise of mobile devices like cell phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs) in the last years, the demand for specialized mobile... Sample PDF
Adapting Web Sites for Mobile Devices - A Comparison of Different Approaches
Chapter 20
Chris Stary
This chapter shows how specifications of mobile multimedia applications can be checked against usability principles very early in software... Sample PDF
Ensuring Task Conformance and Adaptability of Polymorph Multimedia Systems
Chapter 21
Yuping Yang, M. Howard Williams
One current vision of future communication systems lies in a universal system that can deliver information and communications at any time and place... Sample PDF
Personalized Redirection of Communication Data
Chapter 22
Jonna Hakkila, Jani Mantyjarvi
This chapter examines the integration of multimedia, mobile communication technology, and context-awareness for situated mobile multimedia. Situated... Sample PDF
Situated Multimedia for Mobile Communications
Chapter 23
Janne Lahti, Utz Westermann, Marko Palola, Johannes Peltola, Elena Vildjiounaite
Video management research has been neglecting the increased attractiveness of using camera-equipped mobile phones for the production of short home... Sample PDF
Context-Aware Mobile Capture and Sharing of Video Clips
Chapter 24
Ashraf M.A. Ahmad
Video streaming poses significant technical challenges in quality of service guarantee and efficient resource management. Generally, it is... Sample PDF
Content-Based Video Streaming Approaches and Challenges
Chapter 25
Mahieddine Djoudi, Saad Harous
In this chapter, we present an approach for mobile learning that aims at equipping learners by portable MP3 players. As known, the primary use of... Sample PDF
Portable MP3 Players for Oral Comprehension of a Foreign Language
Chapter 26
Florian Ledermann, Christian Breiteneder
In this chapter, a domain independent taxonomy of sign functions rooted in an analysis of physical signs found in public space is presented. This... Sample PDF
Towards a Taxonomy of Display Styles for Ubiquitious Multimedia
Chapter 27
Mobile Fractal Generation  (pages 399-413)
Daniel C. Doolan, Sabin Tabirca, Laurence T. Yang
Ever since the discovery of the Mandelbrot set, the use of computers to visualise fractal images have been an essential component. We are looking at... Sample PDF
Mobile Fractal Generation
Chapter 28
Do Van Thanh, Ivar Jorstad, Schahram Dustdar
Mobile communication and Web technologies have paved the way for mobile multimedia collaborative services that allows people, team and organisation... Sample PDF
Mobile Multimedia Collaborative Services
Chapter 29
Holger Nosekabel, Wolfgang Rockelein
This chapter presents the use of mobile multimedia for marketing purposes. Using V-Card, a service to create personalized multimedia messages, as an... Sample PDF
V-Card: Mobile Multimedia for Mobile Marketing
Chapter 30
Mohamed Ali Feki, Mounir Mokhtari
This chapter will describe our experience concerning a model-based method for environment design in the field of smart homes dedicated to people... Sample PDF
Context Awareness for Pervasicve Assistive Environment
Chapter 31
Patrícia Dockhorn Costa, Luís Ferreira Pires, Marten van Sinderen
Context-awareness has emerged as an important and desirable feature in distributed mobile systems, since it benefits from the changes in the user’s... Sample PDF
Architectural Support for Mobile Context-Aware Applications
Chapter 32
Zhiwen Yu, Daqing Zhang
In order to facilitate the development and proliferation of multimedia services in ubiquitous environment, a context-aware multimedia middleware is... Sample PDF
Middleware Support for Context-Aware Ubiquitous Multimedia Services
Chapter 33
Damien Charlet, Frédéric Lassabe, Philippe Canalda, Pascal Chatonnay, François Spies
Advances in technology have enabled a proliferation of mobile devices and a broad spectrum of novel and out breaking solutions for new applications... Sample PDF
Mobility Prediction for Multimedia Services
Chapter 34
Roland Wagner, Franz Gruber, Werner Hartmann
After the enormous success of the internet and mobile networks, the next upcoming boost for information technology will be the combination of both.... Sample PDF
Distribution Patterns for Mobile Internet Applications
Chapter 35
José Ruiz Mas, Eduardo Antonio Viruete Navarro, Carolina Hernández Ramos, Álvaro Alesanco Iglesias, Julián Fernández Navajas, Antonio Valdovinos Bardaji, Robert S.H. Istepanian, José García Moros
An enhanced mobile healthcare multi-collaborative system operating over Third Generation (3G) mobile networks is presented. This chapter describes... Sample PDF
Desin of an Enhanced 3G-Based Mobile Healthcare System
Chapter 36
Willy Suslio, Khin Than Win
Access to mobile data and messages is essential in healthcare environment as patients and healthcare providers are mobile. This is inline with the... Sample PDF
Securing Mobile Data Computing in Healthcare
Chapter 37
Sylvain Giroux, Hélène Pigot, Jean-François Moreau, Jean-Pierre Savary
The mobile device presented here is designed to offer several services to enhance autonomy, security, and communication for the cognitively impaired... Sample PDF
Distributed Mobile Services and Interfaces for People Suffering from Cognitive Deficits
Chapter 38
Mobile Magazines  (pages 555-572)
Tom Pfeifer, Barry Downes
Mobile magazines will be magazines on a mobile computing and communication platform (in contrast to print magazines about mobile technologies)... Sample PDF
Mobile Magazines
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