Mobile Telemonitoring Insights

Mobile Telemonitoring Insights

Pantelis Angelidis (Vidavo Ltd., Greece)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-982-3.ch030
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Technology advances create new possibilities for healthcare monitoring, management, and support, focusing on prevention rather than disease management. The provision of personalized healthcare applications is also greatly supported. Developments in the wireless and mobile markets are capitalized by the medical device industry. Services are becoming personalized and location independent to fulfill the increasing patient needs for self-empowerment and quality in the healthcare delivery away from the traditional nursing areas. This overview discusses the new opportunities for the healthcare domain in the mobile times we live.

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Table of Contents
Athina A. Lazakidou
Athina A. Lazakidou
Chapter 1
Olga Galani, Ageliki Nikiforou
The electronic health record is a means of organizing patient data making profound use of the advances in the field of information technology. Its... Sample PDF
Electronic Health Records
Chapter 2
Christina Ilioudi, Athina Lazakidou
The development of Internet technology and Web-based applications made health information more accessible than ever before from many locations by... Sample PDF
Security in Health Information Systems
Chapter 3
Ranko Stevanovic, Ivan Pristas, Ana Ivicevic Uhernik, Arsen Stanic
Between 2001 and 2003, a project conducted in Croatia aimed to establish and develop a health information system based on the latest technologies.... Sample PDF
Development of a Health Information System in a Post-Communist Country
Chapter 4
Kashif Hussain, Shazia Yasin Mughal, Sylvie Leleu-Merviel
This chapter has reviewed the regulatory requirements definitions of FDA, AFSSAPS, EC and how computer systems can be validated with a relevant... Sample PDF
Computerized Systems Validation in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Chapter 5
M. F. Harris, D. Penn, J. Taggart, Andrew Geogious, J. Burns, G. Powell Davies
Systematic care of patients with chronic diseases needs to be underpinned by information systems such as disease registers. Their primary function... Sample PDF
Chronic Disease Registers in Primary Healthcare
Chapter 6
Josipa Kern
Standard is a thing or quality or specification by which something may be tested or measured. The development of standards is organized on a global... Sample PDF
Standardization in Health and Medical Informatics
Chapter 7
Dimitra Petroudi, Athanasios Zekios
The introduction of information systems in health progressively led tï coding systems. The purposes of these systems are: recording causes of death... Sample PDF
Basic Principles and Benefits of Various Classification Systems in Health
Chapter 8
Theodoros N. Arvanitis
This chapter explores the technological quest of virtual reality within the field of medicine. Although the author does not intend to provide an... Sample PDF
Virtual Reality in Medicine
Chapter 9
George I. Mihalas
It is unanimously accepted that a theoretical approach of a system or phenomenon reveals new features and offers a deeper insight into the intimate... Sample PDF
Modelling and Simulation of Biological Systems
Chapter 10
Bill Ag. Drougas
Virtual reality is today an excellent tool for a full simulated experience in a modern environment where any researcher or any individual scientist... Sample PDF
Virtual Reality Simulation in Human Applied Kinetics and Ergo Physiology
Chapter 11
Andreas Holzinger, Harald Burgsteiner, Helfrid Maresch
In this chapter the authors report about their experiences in education of both students of healthcare engineering at Graz University of Applied... Sample PDF
Care2x in Medical Informatics Education
Chapter 12
Andreas Holzinger, Josef Smolle, Gilbert Reibnegger
Learning objects (LO) are theoretically based on granular, reusable chunks of information. In this chapter the authors argue that LOs should consist... Sample PDF
An Object-Oriented Approach to Manage E-Learning Content Using Learning Objects
Chapter 13
Boštjan Zvanut
Motivating and teaching healthcare students to use information and communication technologies represent a challenge. For the successful integration... Sample PDF
Motivating Healthcare Students in Using ICTs
Chapter 14
Konstantinos M. Siassiakos, Stefanos E. Papastefanatos, Athina A. Lazakidou
E-learning is developing rapidly worldwide. The volume of the information that e-learning systems render grows, too. Nowadays, the critical issue is... Sample PDF
The user Agent Architecture and E-Learning in Healthcare and Social Care
Chapter 15
Maria Kalogeropoulou, Maria Bastaki, Polyxeni Magoulia
E-learning has the potential to transform learning for healthcare and social care, supporting the aims of the NHS Plan and raising standards of care... Sample PDF
E-Learning in Healthcare and Social Care
Chapter 16
Athina A. Lazakidou, Christina Ilioudi, Andriani Daskalaki
Computer-based learning has been developed for the beginning medical student and the experienced practitioner, for the lay person and the medical... Sample PDF
Potential Benefits and Challenges of Computer-Based Learning in Health
Chapter 17
George Zouridakis, Javier Diaz, Farhan Baluch
Functional brain mapping is a procedure that can be used to identify cortical areas that mediate sensorimotor and higher cognitive brain functions... Sample PDF
Brain Mapping in Functional Neurosurgery
Chapter 18
Themis P. Exarchos, Costas Papaloukas, Markos G. Tsipouras, Yorgos Goletsis, Dimitrios I. Fotiadis, Lampros K. Michalis
ECG is one of the most common signals used in medical practice due to its noninvasive nature and the information it contains. Several systems and... Sample PDF
ECG Diagnosis Using Decision Support Systems
Chapter 19
Vitali Sintchenko
This chapter outlines an information-processing model of clinical decision-making which is described as a function of the task, the decision maker... Sample PDF
Information Processing in Clinical Decision Making
Chapter 20
N. Sriraam, V. Natasha, H. Kaur
Data mining has been emerging recently as a viable computational tool for autonomous decision making especially in the field of medical... Sample PDF
Data Mining Techniques and Medical Decision Making for Urological Dysfunction
Chapter 21
Spline Fitting  (pages 166-171)
Michael Wodny
Given are the m points (xi,yi), i=1,2,…,m. Spline functions are introduced, and it is noticed that the interpolation task in the case of natural... Sample PDF
Spline Fitting
Chapter 22
Parameter Estimation  (pages 172-180)
Karl-Ernst Biebler
Parameters are numbers which characterize random variables. They make possible the summarizing description of the observations, serve as the basis... Sample PDF
Parameter Estimation
Chapter 23
Bernd Jaeger
The method of least squares is a geometric principle of curve fitting. The unknown parameters of a function are calculated in such a way that the... Sample PDF
The Method of Least Squares
Chapter 24
Andrew Georgiou
The generation and transformation of data into information and knowledge is a basic formula in health informatics. This process is often represented... Sample PDF
The Data-Information-Knowledge Model
Chapter 25
Odysseas Hirakis, Spyros. Karakounos
The aim of this chapter is to explain the role of knowledge management and how it can be successfully applied in the area of healthcare in order to... Sample PDF
Goals and Benefits of Knowledge Management in Healthcare
Chapter 26
Nikolaos Giannakakis, Efstratios Poravas
In the last decades, the amount of information has risen because of the technology revolution. The need for organizing information, in a way that... Sample PDF
Knowledge Management in Medicine
Chapter 27
Jayanth G. Paraki
Knowledge management (KM) can be defined as the discovery and dissemination of new knowledge. It has also been defined as the efficient utilisation... Sample PDF
Knowledge Management in Telemedicine
Chapter 28
Dionisia Damigou, Fotini Kalogirou, Georgios Zarras
Today’s health standards demand a high quality and efficiency as a major characteristic of every health service provided to the public, even in... Sample PDF
Use of Telemedicine Systems and Devices for Patient Monitoring
Chapter 29
Georgios Economopoulos
Rapidly emerging information and communication technologies (ICT) have spurred the recent escalation of various telehealth applications. There is an... Sample PDF
Current Telehealth Applications in Telemedicine
Chapter 30
Pantelis Angelidis
Technology advances create new possibilities for healthcare monitoring, management, and support, focusing on prevention rather than disease... Sample PDF
Mobile Telemonitoring Insights
Chapter 31
Vincenzo Della. Mea
The present chapter deals with state-of-the-art topics related to the application of information and communication technologies to the field of... Sample PDF
Telepathology and Digital Pathology
Chapter 32
G. Caniatsas, K. Starida, Dimitrios I. Fotiadis
A revolution is taking place in the healthcare field with information technology (IT) playing an increasingly important role in its delivery.... Sample PDF
Collaborative Environments for the Health Monitoring of Chronically Ill Children
Chapter 33
A. Susanne Eslinger, Daniela Marschall
All over the world, drugs and drug applications have to be submitted to and approved by an admission office before they may be sold on the market.... Sample PDF
Electronic Submission of New Drugs in Europe
Chapter 34
Christina Catley, Monique Frize, Dorina Petriu
This chapter explores the ongoing efforts to integrate Web services and the Semantic Web for the purposes of sharing knowledge, enabling access to... Sample PDF
Semantic Web Services for Healthcare
Chapter 35
Nikolaos Giannakakis, Efstratios Poravas
New developments are making the technology faster, more powerful, less invasive, and less expensive. While the technology evolves, new devices are... Sample PDF
Imaging Technologies and their Applications in Biomedicine and Bioengineering
Chapter 36
B. Ramakrishnan, N. Sriraam
In this chapter, we have focused on compression of medical images using integer wavelet transforms. Lifting transforms such as S, TS, S+P(B)... Sample PDF
Medical Image Compression Using Integer Wavelet Transformations
Chapter 37
Efstratios Poravas, Nikolaos Giannakakis, Dimitra Petroudi
The revolution of technology has lead to a change; from the analogic to the digital function of medical devices. Some of them were produced in the... Sample PDF
Three Dimensional Medical Images
Chapter 38
Dimitrios Pantazis, Richard M. Leahy
Magnetoencephalography is a relatively new medical imaging modality for the monitoring and imaging of human brain function. Extracranial magnetic... Sample PDF
Imaging the Human Brain with Magnetoencephalography
Chapter 39
Sharath T. Chandrashekar, Gomata L. Varanasi
To provide efficient compression of medical images, identifying and extracting the region of interest from the entire image and coding the specific... Sample PDF
Region of Interest Coding in Medical Images
Chapter 40
Sotirios Bisdas, Tong San Koh
Recent advances in multi-detector computed tomography (CT) have revitalized its role in the clinical routine. In the field of cerebral perfusion, CT... Sample PDF
Imaging the Human Brain with Functional CT Imaging
Chapter 41
Christos L. Papadelis, Chrysoula Koutidou-Papadeli, Panagiotis D. Bamidis, Nicos Maglaveras
The electrical activity of the brain is sensitive to its oxygen supply, and electroencephalography (EEG) has been proposed as a suitable measurement... Sample PDF
Nonlinear Signal Processing Techniques Applied to EEG Measurements
Chapter 42
Evangelos K. Doumouchtsis
Medical technology has been rapidly growing over the last decades. It is characterized by a constant flow of innovations and a high level of... Sample PDF
Medical and Biomedical Devices for Clinical Use
Chapter 43
Athanasios Zekios, Dimitra Petroudi
Man has always strived to augment his abilities by inventing tools. Artificial intelligence in medicine (AIM), has taken up the challenge of... Sample PDF
Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Biomedicine
Chapter 44
Andriani Daskalaki, Jorge Numata
Since the completion of the Human Genome Project (HGP) in 2003, the 3.2 billion basepairs which make up the human genome have been sequenced. These... Sample PDF
Comparative Genomics and Structure Prediction in Dental Research
Chapter 45
Andrea Maffezzoli, Marco Masseroli
In the area of medical informatics, the recent ICT (information and communication technology) tools and systems supporting knowledge on sciences... Sample PDF
Genomic Databanks for Biomedical Informatics
Chapter 46
Andriani Daskalaki, Athina A. Lazakidou
The simultaneous expression of a large number of genes is a critical component of normal growth and development, and the maintenance of health.... Sample PDF
Basic Principles and Applications of Microarrays in Medicine
Chapter 47
Manfred Doepp, Gabriele Edelmann
The frequency distribution analysis of biological data enables an insight into the regulatory state of the organism. In case of strong or permanent... Sample PDF
System Patterns of the Human Organism and their Heredity
Chapter 48
Maria Sevdali
Over the past few years specialized tools for the measurement of the health level have been developed related to the quality of life (health-related... Sample PDF
Evaluation Methods for Biomedical Technology
Chapter 49
D. John Doyle
Current statistics suggest that preventable medical error is a common cause of patient morbidity and mortality, being responsible for between 44,000... Sample PDF
Ergonomic User Interface Design in Computerized Medical Equipment
Chapter 50
D. John Doyle
Computers now are being used increasingly in safety-critical systems like nuclear power plants and aircraft and, as a consequence, have occasionally... Sample PDF
Safety Issues in Computerized Medical Equipment
Chapter 51
D. John Doyle
Alarms are frequently employed in safety-critical environments such as in aviation and nuclear power plants. Now that microcomputer technology has... Sample PDF
Alarm Design in Computerized Medical Equipment
Chapter 52
Michelle Brear
There is a general recognition that numerous organizational factors will influence the success of an informatics intervention. This is supported by... Sample PDF
Organizational Factors in Health Informatics
Chapter 53
Panagiotis Danilakis, Pericles Robolas
The developments in new sectors, as in medical physics and biomedical technology, contributed a lot to the progress and especially to the medical... Sample PDF
Measurement of Cost and Economic Efficiency in Healthcare
Chapter 54
Irene Berikou, Athina A. Lazakidou
A system of innovation (SI) is a new approach for the study of innovations as an endogenous part of the economy. An SI can be defined as... Sample PDF
Understanding Telemedicine with Innovative Systems
Chapter 55
Lyn Simpson, Melinda Stockwell, Susan Leggett, Leanne Wod, Danielle Penn
There has been substantial interest in delivering ICT training options to rural and remote areas of Queensland, Australia, in order to bridge the... Sample PDF
A Capacity Building Approach to Health Literacy through ICTs
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