Working with Gordon Pask (1967-1978): Developing and Applying Conversation Theory*

Working with Gordon Pask (1967-1978): Developing and Applying Conversation Theory*

Bernard Scott (Cranfield University, UK)
Copyright: © 2008 |Pages: 16
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-597-9.ch002
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Conversation Theory was conceived and developed by Gordon Pask in the days when he was Research Director of System Research Ltd, a non-profit research organisation founded in the 1950’s. I worked with Gordon at System Research Ltd between 1968 and 1978. Here, I give a personalised account of the development of Conversation Theory and its applications as I observed and participated in them during those years. Conversation Theory is reflexive: it explains the observer to himself. Being party to its development was a journey of self-discovery and self-invention in which Gordon was my guide and mentor. I have ordered my account chronologically; I have also tried to show how Conversation Theory evolved in a “boot-strapping” manner as a tool and as an explanation of its own significance. Gordon, par excellence, knew how to foster creative conversation and “moments of excellence”.

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Table of Contents
Rocci Luppicini
Chapter 1
Rocci Luppicini
This chapter introduces theoretical and historical groundwork for understanding conversation design as an emerging field of research and practice.... Sample PDF
Introducing Conversation Design
Chapter 2
Bernard Scott
Conversation Theory was conceived and developed by Gordon Pask in the days when he was Research Director of System Research Ltd, a non-profit... Sample PDF
Working with Gordon Pask (1967-1978): Developing and Applying Conversation Theory*
Chapter 3
Paul Pangaro
Effective conversation occurs when beliefs are negotiated through interaction and evolve via goals. Concurrently, goals are negotiated and evolve... Sample PDF
Instructions for Design and Designs for Conversation
Chapter 4
Gary McIntyre Boyd
More responsible and potent World-wide distributed cybersystemic education is now essential for the survival of eudamonic human being. The main... Sample PDF
The Human Centrality of Conversational Learning
Chapter 5
Ranulph Glanville
This chapter explores the relationship between the activity of design and conversation—particularly as developed in Gordon Pask’s Conversation... Sample PDF
Conversation and Design
Chapter 6
Janet Holland, Marcus Childress
This chapter examines Gordon Pask’s Conversation Theory, comparing his approach to the current literature about the growing field of E-learning as a... Sample PDF
Conversation Theory Conceptualized in E-Learning Environments
Chapter 7
Gregory MacKinnon
The goal of the chapter to examine a way in which Pask’ s conversation theory (CT) can be used as a theoretical framework for designing blended... Sample PDF
Conversation Design in the Electronic Discussion Age
Chapter 8
Kit Hang Leung
This chapter focuses on the design of conversations in online education. The central feature, conversation design, is presented as a continuous... Sample PDF
Conversation Theory: Blended Course Design and Discussion
Chapter 9
Guadalupe de la Cruz Mendoza, Nick Kearney
This chapter focuses on the design of conversations in online education. The central feature, conversation design, is presented as a continuous... Sample PDF
Online Tutoring as Conversation Design
Chapter 10
Lorraine Sherry, Shelley H. Billig
Instructional conversations lie at the heart of teaching and learning. Well designed instructional conversations stimulate deep thinking, promote... Sample PDF
Instructional Conversations: Designing Dialogue to Deepen Learning
Chapter 11
Gülsün Kurubacak
This chapter introduces Online Bulletin Board Dialogues (OBBDs). It focuses on how to making dialogues work. Besides, in this study, the strategies... Sample PDF
Making Online Bulletin Board Dialogues Work: Conversation Design for Building Knowledge Networks Through Reflective Practices
Chapter 12
Alyssa Wise, Thomas M. Duffy
In this chapter we present a model for the design of a conversation space to support knowledge-building. While we focus on online environments, the... Sample PDF
Designing Online Conversations to Engage Local Practice: Implications of a Knowledge-Building Framework
Chapter 13
Rocci Luppicini
A grounded conversation design approach is posited as a way to study complex conversational processes within online learning environments. This... Sample PDF
Applying Grounded Conversation Design to Instruction
Chapter 14
Li Jin, Albert Ingram
This chapter reviews the literature of conversation in online environment; introduces the technologies that facilitate online conversation, such as... Sample PDF
Constructing Online Conversation to Support Learning
Chapter 15
Vanessa P. Dennen, Melinda Sota
This chapter tells the story of how one course used storytelling to support class discussions and assessments. Stories were told by both the... Sample PDF
Telling Stories: Connecting Theory and Experience in Classroom Conversations
Chapter 16
Jean Morrow, Janet Holland
This chapter introduces conversation theory as a means of creating an active learning environment in an elementary mathematics methods course. It... Sample PDF
Pask and Ma Join Forces in an Elementary Mathematics Methods Course
Chapter 17
Bob Zimmer
This chapter shows how the interpersonal action-learning cycle (IALC) can be used to invite thinking and attentive comprehension from learners in... Sample PDF
Using the interpersonal action-learning cycle to invite thinking, attentive comprehension
Chapter 18
Helga Stokes
The purpose of the chapter is to explore design conversation as it is lived out in the communication processes amongst stakeholders involved in... Sample PDF
Conversation for School Change: Teachers' Experiences
Chapter 19
Sheila Harri-Augstein, Laurie Thomas
People learn by making sense of the world for themselves, thereby constructing personal meaning. Effective learners are aware of how they do this... Sample PDF
A Conversational Framework for Self-Organised Learning: Modelling Personal Meaning for Effective Action in the World
Chapter 20
Elisabeth André
Embodied conversational agents may take on a diversity of roles in learning and advisory scenarios including virtual teachers, advisors, learning... Sample PDF
Design and Evaluation of Embodied Conversational Agents for Educational and Advisory Software
Chapter 21
Niels Ole Bernsen, Laila Dybkjær
The use of speech and spoken dialogue is a relatively recent addition to instructional systems. As, almost invariably, human instructors and... Sample PDF
Modelling Spoken Multimodal Instructional Systems
Chapter 22
Jason Caudill
Mobile learning (mLearning) is the most recently developed category of electronic learning (eLearning), both of which are valuable tools in... Sample PDF
Mobile Technology and its Applications in Instructional Conversation
Chapter 23
Fung Fai Ng
This chapter introduces the concepts, principles and application of dialogue mapping. Dialogue mapping is a visual thinking tool for facilitating... Sample PDF
Dialogue Mapping and Collaborative Learning
Chapter 24
Brian Whitworth, Tong Liu
This chapter describes how social politeness is relevant to computer system design. As the Internet becomes more social, computers now mediate... Sample PDF
Politeness as a Social Computing Requirement
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