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International Journal of Manufacturing, Materials, and Mechanical Engineering (IJMMME)
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Vol. 6: 4 issues (2016)
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International Journal of Manufacturing, Materials, and Mechanical Engineering (IJMMME)

Published Quarterly. Est. 2011.
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ISSN: 2156-1680|EISSN: 2156-1672|DOI: 10.4018/IJMMME|
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Davim, J. Paulo. "International Journal of Manufacturing, Materials, and Mechanical Engineering (IJMMME)." (2011). Web. 12 Feb. 2016. doi:10.4018/IJMMME


Davim, J. P. (2011). International Journal of Manufacturing, Materials, and Mechanical Engineering (IJMMME). doi:10.4018/IJMMME


Davim, J. Paulo. "International Journal of Manufacturing, Materials, and Mechanical Engineering (IJMMME)," (2011), accessed (February 12, 2016), doi:10.4018/IJMMME

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The International Journal of Manufacturing, Materials, and Mechanical Engineering (IJMMME) is a refereed, interdisciplinary journal that publishes high quality articles with special emphasis on research and development in manufacturing, materials and mechanical engineering. IJMMME provides discussion and the exchange of information on all important aspects of classical and modern mechanical engineering. In addition, IJMMME covers all sustainable development aspects related with manufacturing, materials, and mechanical engineering.


Journal Contents

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Volume 6: 4 Issues (2016): 1 Released, 3 Forthcoming
Volume 5: 4 Issues (2015)
Volume 4: 4 Issues (2014)
Volume 3: 4 Issues (2013)
Volume 2: 4 Issues (2012)
Volume 1: 4 Issues (2011)
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The mission of the International Journal of Manufacturing, Materials, and Mechanical Engineering (IJMMME) is to provide a channel of communication to disseminate knowledge between academics/researchers and industry practitioners. This journal can serve as a useful reference for academics, manufacturing, materials, mechanical, industrial, systems, environmental and physics engineers, materials and manufacturing researches, professionals in mechanical engineering and related industries.

Reviews and Testimonials

IJMMME belongs to a class of professional journals covering a wide range of important aspects of manufacturing, materials science and mechanical engineering. From its inception in 2011, it has proved to be a high-quality scientific journal which disseminates the results of the newest investigations and provides communication between scientists and manufacturers over the world. Undoubtedly IJMMME should be of interest to scientists of different fields – from aerodynamics, robotics, material science, tribology to bio- and nano-mechanics. The wide range of specializations of this journal is a serious advance because the reader can now use a single source instead of several narrowly-specialized journals. The journal is managed by a solid international team of scientists and led by a renowned expert having high scientific citation rank. In short, I can recommend this journal to scientists, engineers, students, in a word - to all who want and need to be at the frontier of current research and manufacturing.

– Dr Leonid Burstein, Kinneret Academic College, Israel


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Topics Covered

  • Aerodynamics and fluid mechanics
  • Artificial intelligence applied, optimization methods
  • Automation and control
  • Bioengineering materials, biomechanics and biotribology
  • Bulk deformation processes and sheet metal forming
  • Composites, ceramics, polymers / processing
  • Computational mechanics / FEM modelling and simulation
  • Computer-based manufacturing technologies: CNC, CAD, CAM, FMS, CIM
  • Design and manufacture, medical device manufacturing
  • Friction and wear of materials, corrosion resistence
  • Functionality graded materials, cellular materials
  • Heat treatments, microstructure and materials properties
  • Hydrostatic transmissions and pneumatic
  • Instrumentation and measurement
  • Joining and fracture mechanics
  • Kinematics and dynamics of rigid bodies
  • Lubricants and lubrication
  • Machinability and formability of materials
  • Machining (traditional and non-traditional processes)
  • Manufacturing design for 3r “reduce, reuse, recycling”
  • Mechanisms and machines
  • Mechatronics and robotics
  • Metallic alloys and metal casting
  • Micro and nanomechanics
  • Multifunctional and smart materials
  • Nanomaterials and nanomanufacturing
  • Rapid manufacturing technologies and prototyping, remanufacturing
  • Recycling, materials and industrial wastes, products and recycling systems
  • Renewable energies technology
  • Solid mechanics and structural mechanics
  • Sustainable and green manufacturing
  • Thermodynamics and heat transfer
  • Tribology and surface engineering
  • Vibration and acoustics
  • Wood and wood products

Editor(s)-in-Chief Biography

J. Paulo Davim received his PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Porto in 1997 and the Aggregation from the University of Coimbra in 2005. Currently, he is an Aggregate Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Aveiro. He has more 25 years of teaching and research experience in manufacturing, materials and mechanical engineering with special emphasis in machining and tribology. Recently, he has also interest in sustainable manufacturing and industrial engineering. He is the Editor-in-Chief of six international journals, guest editor of journals, books editor, book series editor and scientific advisory for many international journals and conferences. Presently, he is an editorial board member of 20 international journals and acts as reviewer for than 70 prestigious ISI Web of Science journals. In addition, he has also published in his field of research as author and co-author more than 40 book chapters and 350 articles in journals and conferences (more 180 articles in ISI Web of Science, h-index 25+).

Editorial Board

Associate Editors
Viktor Astakhov, Michigan State University, United States
Leonid Burstein, Kinneret Academic College, Israel
Uday Dixit, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India
Patricio Franco, Technical University of Cartagena, Spain
Han Huang, The University of Queensland, Australia
Mark Jackson, Purdue University, United States
L. López de Lacallle, University of the Basque Country, Spain
Dimitrios Manolakos, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
Paulo Martins, Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal
R. Rao, Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology (SV NIT), India
Xipeng Xu, Huaqiao University, China
Liangchi Zhang, University of New South Wales, Australia
Editorial Review Board
S. Basavarajappa, University BDT College of Engineering, India
Nourredine Boubekry, University of North Texas, United States
Mohamed Bououdina, University of Bahrain, Bahrain
Juan Campos Rubio, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil
Kevin Chou, University of Alabama, United States
Mohammad Chowdhury, Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh
José Cirne, University of Coimbra, Portugal
António Completo, University of Aveiro, Portugal
Leonardo da Silva, Federal Center for Technological Education, Brazil
Teresa Duarte, University of Porto, Portugal
Jorge Ferreira, University of Aveiro, Portugal
Leandro Freitas, Petróleo Brasileiro SA – PETROBRAS, Brazil
Vinayak Gaitonde, B.V.B. College of Engineering & Technology, India
Lidia Gurau, Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania
Maki Habib, The American University in Cairo, Egypt
Z.Y. Jiang, University of Wollongong, Australia
S.H. Jiao, Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., China
Ana-Eva Jiménez-Ballesta, Technical University of Cartagena, Spain
Martin Jun, University of Victoria, Canada
S. R. Karnik, B.V.B College of Engineering & Technology, India
Harmesh Kumar, Panjab University, India
Aitzol Lamikiz, University of the Basque Country, Spain
Shuting Lei, Kansas State University, United States
Yajie Lei, George Washington University, United States
Altino Loureiro, University of Coimbra, Portugal
Alakesh Manna, Deemed University, India
Angelos Markopoulos, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
Louis Montebello, STMicroelectronics, Malta
Rui Moreira, University of Aveiro, Portugal
Nambi Muthu krishnan, Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, India
Fusaomi Nagata, Tokyo University of Science, Yamaguchi, Japan
Arup Nandi, Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, India
Alfonso Ngan, University of Hong Kong, China
Meng Ni, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China
K. Palanikumar, Sri Sairam Institute of Technology, India
Risto Poykio, Kemi City, Finland
Fabrizio Quadrini, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Italy
Ramon Quiza, University of Matanzas, Cuba
Manish Roy, Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory, India
Prasanta Sahoo, Jadavpur University, India
Loredana Santo, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Italy
M. A. Shah, National Institute of Technology Srinagar, India
Vishal Sharma, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, India
Mohammed Sheikh, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Jamal Sheikh-Ahmad, The Petroleum Institute, United Arab Emirates
Kai Shen, University of North Carolina, United States
Jing Shi, University of Cincinnati, United States
Mukul Shukla, Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, India
S. K. Shukla, Banaras Hindu University, India
Inderdeep Singh, Indian Institute of Technology Roorke, India
Sergiu-Dan Stan, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Murali Sundaram, University of Cincinnati, United States
Filipe Teixeira-Dias, University of Aveiro, Portugal
Robertt Valente, University of Aveiro, Portugal
Nikolaos Vaxevanidis, School of Pedagogical & Technological Education (ASPETE), Greece
Wenshou Wang, University of Minnesota, United States
Jun Wen, Caterpillar Inc., United States
Haitao Xu, Finisar Corp., United States
Jiwang Yan, Tohoku University, Japan
Jing Yang, Intel Corporation, United States
Bekir Yilbas, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia
Xiaohong Zhang, Seagate Technology LLC, United States
Jingwei Zhao, University of Wollongong, Australia
Jack Zhou, Drexel University, United States
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