Publication Types

IGI Global is passionate about advancing the availability of emerging research. We provide a wide range of publication types so you're sure to find one that matches your current interests and schedule.

Authored book

Authored Books include illustrative chapters delving into emerging research in niche areas, models, methodologies, and concepts. Authored books are written entirely by one author or up to five co-authors. Please note that IGI Global is not currently accepting proposals for authored book publications.

Edited book

Edited Books include highly-descriptive chapters detailing progressive research in a broad range of topics and concepts. The development duration of an Edited Book takes approximately 9-11 months in total from contract finalization to the completed manuscript submission. Editorial teams are typically comprised 1-5 editors, with several contributing authors. Each chapter is submitted to a double blind peer-review process through an editorial advisory board created for the development of the publication. Editing a book offers the ability to network with peers and colleagues for the success of your specialty and your endeavors.

Case book

Editing a Case Book provides a unique opportunity for research to take the shape of experience, implementation, and application. Real-life impacts of technology in a particular setting are described, analyzed, and synthesized for the objective of offering solutions for successful strategies. Also addressed are organizational challenges and pitfalls experienced during an implementation of various technological applications. Case Books are marketed to academicians and international libraries for direct course usage and are regarded as instructional tools.

Handbook of Research

A Handbook of Research is a two-volume collection of concise and focused information, providing a comprehensive assessment on inclusive topics and research methodologies, as well as an overview of key terms and definitions. IGI Global Handbooks of Research offer a sound and complete reference source for all audiences.


An Encyclopedia is the largest project, consisting of expansive coverage of research and knowledge in your discipline. Articles contained in IGI Global Encyclopedias vary in coverage and length, and also include key terms and definitions.


Each of IGI Global's journals is structured to provide a platform for innovative research, new concepts, and novel developments in disciplines of Information Science & Technology, Medical Informatics, Business Science, and Engineering Science. Journals are supported by the Information Resources Management Association ( and are published quarterly or semi-annually. IGI Global journals are indexed in many of the top international indices.