Assessment Report

Assessment Report

Zenon Tederko (Pro-Biodiversity Service, Poland) and Stratos Arampatzis (Tero Ltd, Greece)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-2824-3.ch022


This chapter describes the evaluation processes required by European Commission and added internally, including the strengths and weaknesses identified. Recommendations are made for removal of such weaknesses, and for building on strengths, in future projects.
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TESS was evaluated according to the following broad parameters: relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and utility, in accordance with deliverables D 8.1 (Quality Assurance Manual) and D 8.2 (Risk Management Plan) that were developed at the start of the project. The Quality Assurance Manual specified a number of assessment questionnaires for the partners and the manager of the project. The questionnaires were intended to produce a systematic and verifiable process and facilitate the evaluation procedure carried out by the partners every six months

The objectives of the assessment were:

  • To measure and evaluate the TESS results using pre-defined parameters;

  • To assure that all partners worked in line with the agreed framework;

  • To ensure that the assessment results were fed back for immediate or future improvements.

During the course of the project there were two internal reviews. Project Management Committee (PCM) Meetings 4 and 6 were specifically dedicated to evaluation. The PCM meeting at month 18 reviewed and discussed the first data of the case studies, ensured they met the project’s requirements, and agreed on an interim report. The PCM meeting during month 30 assessed the whole project and agreed on a strategy for further actions. The final internal evaluation (Form C) assessed the overall progress of TESS and its follow-up potential as well as the major lessons learnt, in order to facilitate further actions and plans for future projects (See Table 1).

Table 1.
Planning of internal evaluation of project
PCM meetingDelivery monthDeadline for Evaluation Form submissionEvaluation Forms to be filled in - Responsible partners
Meeting 3Month 1231 August 2009Form A: All partners
Meeting 4Month 1828 February 2010
Meeting 5Month 24.31 September 2010
Meeting 3Month 1231 August 2009Form B: the project manager
Meeting 4Month 1828 February 2010
Meeting 5Month 2431 September 2010
Meeting 6Month 3231 May 2011Form C: All partners

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