IGI Global is to convert an additional 30 journals to full gold open access (OA) for their 2022 volume year, which will expand their OA collection to contain 60 gold open access and one (1) platinum open access journal. These journals will be published under a CC BY license (where the authors maintain the copyright and others can distribute, adapt, and build upon the work without limitations) and be freely accessible to all.
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As you may know, overall, there continues to be a paper shortage, and this coupled with overall supply chain issues continues to be a challenge for our printers, distributors, and more. Unfortunately, we have been informed by all the worldwide leading printers that these challenges will result in substantial delays in printing and shipping print publications, as well as increased costs of manufacturing all print publications and physical products.
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It is estimated that over the next few decades, the opportunities for growth and transformation in Asia will be tremendous. Even as COVID-19 continues to linger, Central Asian economies are forecasted to grow an average of 4.0% next year. Areas such as trade and technology will undoubtedly contribute and will give rise to a host of new strategies that will need to be developed to capitalize on and sustain such progress.
The act of submitting a manuscript to any publication is more than just uploading a word document and clicking “submit”. So much time, energy, and dedication go into preparing and finalizing research before it is submitted and goes through the peer review process.
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Recently, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) sent out a public service announcement warning about the rising trend in a romance cryptocurrency scam with more than 1,800 complaints and US$ 120,000 million being lost in 2021 alone. These scams are conducted by con artists utilizing dating applications and/or social media to build an online relationship with their victims.
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As a part of continued efforts to provide the latest, peer-reviewed research globally, IGI Global is collaborating directly with the Bayern-Konsortium, an association of libraries with the aim of jointly acquiring rights to use databases, electronic journals, and e-books, to offer affordable and flexible offerings for their full e-Book Collection and Knowledge Solutions e-Book Collections.
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The COVID-19 pandemic impacted every facet of global society. Many industries were disrupted and had to learn new skills and strategies to adapt to the “new normal” for the sake of health, safety, and economic stability. In the wake of this historic pandemic, researchers examined not only the actions taken during the pandemic, but also studied the possible strategies to pursue in future times of crisis.
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In the world of open research, the label “free” is used quite frequently. However, while there are no paywalls or restrictions of any kind to access the published open content, the process for publishing such work does not come without cost. Publishers work tirelessly to ensure that open research is published with the highest level of quality, integrity, and accuracy, and this means a tremendous investment of time and resources.
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While the peer review and revision phase in academic publishing may seem tedious, exhaustive, unnecessary, and time consuming to many scholars, what many don’t fully understand is how helpful and critical it is ensuring the highest level of accuracy, integrity, and quality for published research results. When a manuscript undergoes peer review, authors can benefit from constructive feedback provided by other experts in the field – oftentimes feedback that discusses the positives and the negatives of the piece with recommendations on how to further improve it.
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This year’s International Open Access Week will take place from October 25-31, 2021. The theme for this year is “It Matters How We Open Knowledge: Building Structural Equity.” The theme intentionally aligns with UNESCO’s (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Recommendation on Open Science, which is expected to define shared values and principles for open science and identify concrete measures on open access and open data, with proposals to bring citizens closer to science and commitments to facilitate the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge around the world.
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Dr. RaMonda Horton works as an associate professor in the speech-language pathology program at Midwestern University in Downers Grove, Illinois. Dr. Horton’s research, teaching, and service interests are in the areas of early language development and disorders, school-based services, and multicultural and social justice issues in communication disorders. She recently published Critical Perspectives on Social Justice in Speech-Language Pathology and hosted a webinar with her contributing authors that was met with great success.
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Dr. Robert Elliot Davis is a Certified Information Systems Auditor, Certified Internal Controls Auditor, and National Institutes of Health qualified researcher. His current affiliations with the Institute for Internal Controls as an Advisory Board member and is the new IGI Global Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Standardization Research (IJSR), a Full Gold Open Access (OA) Journal.
Recently, the United Nations and the World Meteorological Organization released a report stating the number of deadly natural disasters has nominally increased from 1970 to 2019. These disasters have accounted for nearly 50% of disasters, 40% of deaths, and are causing economic losses up to US$ 383 million per day globally.
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IGI Global has shifted all journals into a “digital preferred” format. Under this format, their full collection of 140+ hybrid OA and 30+ gold OA journals will be primarily available in electronic format. This shift comes in response to the overwhelming demand for electronic content coupled with the mission to decrease the overall environmental impacts of print production and distribution.
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Firstly, as many are starting new semesters and still navigating the turbulence of adjusting to hybrid and in-person working environments, I hope that you are staying safe and healthy. Throughout the past two years, we can all agree that we have seen amazing resilience from society and due to the upheaval, seen so many inadequacies be discovered and addressed, which includes the topic of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
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As journals have become more digital over the last several years, publishers are striving to break away from the limitations that traditional print/issue schedules present, and instead are opting to migrate to a more continuous pace. Research becomes dated quite quickly and risks losing its value if it sits for too long, and waiting for the assembly of a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, etc. issue for articles to be published can be a huge detriment to timely research dissemination.
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IGI Global and the Carolina Consortium have been collaborating for years to provide specialized pricing to their members on IGI Global’s e-Collections, including their e-Book and e-Journal Collections. In 2019, the state of library acquisitions was turbulent as the threat of library budget cuts prevailed, due to political uncertainty coupled with the ongoing pressure for libraries to negotiate Read & Publish deals.
In response to the ongoing shift to remote education, I am conducting a series of interviews with leading industry experts, research scientists and university professors. In this interview series, I seek to explore research-based principles, emerging trends, and initiatives for driving student engagement and success in online courses.
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Over the past several years, academia and scholarly publishing have turned into a data-driven endeavor that hinges on the citation impact, indexing, and prestige of research. Due to this shift, academics are not only now challenged with teaching classes, conducting office hours, researching and writing, continuing education, participating in various societies and associations, and more, but they must also ensure that their research work is highly discoverable and accessible.
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IGI Global is pleased to announce that the 2023 book copyright (books published between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023) has formally opened. Proposal submissions are encouraged for editors and authors choosing to publish between these dates.
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