Content Reuse Policy

Permission to reprint, post or reuse any IGI Global-copyrighted material must be requested prior to the reuse. Only the Publisher may give the reuse permission.

As a publisher of high-quality, peer-reviewed publications, IGI Global recognizes that some of its authors would benefit professionally from the ability to further use their published IGI Global chapter or journal article. IGI Global’s goal is to be an active participant and supporter of the research community as long as its investment in, and ownership of, published manuscripts are respected by the research community and IGI Global’s authors and editors.

IGI Global wants authors to share their articles and chapters among their network of colleagues who also can benefit from the findings. As part of the global research community, we want to support citation impact and dissemination; however, we have to ensure that the dissemination of research is done so in an ethical and mutually beneficial manner for you as the researcher and us as the publisher, and as such:


  • Post the IGI Global copyright chapter/journal article on the author’s employing institution’s secure website for use by his/her students in that same institution.
  • Post the final typeset version of his/her chapter/journal article in his/her university repository.
  • Post on an author’s personal website (a personal webpage does not include a webpage that is part of an open access society or network, such as or SSRN).
  • Republish your chapter/journal article in a book that is edited/authored by yourself.

With the possible exception of the last item, upon approval by IGI Global to an author to reuse their IGI Global publication, the publisher will provide a PDF of the publication that is properly labeled with the bibliographical and copyright information, for posting for no charge and with no embargo attached.


  • Cannot post on general open access sites for free download and distribution, such as Researchgate, Xarchiv,, SSRN, or society-sponsored sites.
  • Cannot use in a coursepack without first securing the consent of IGI Global.
  • Cannot copy or distribute for any monetary consideration.
  • Cannot be given to a commercial third party to post, copy, distribute, sell or give for free or for any monetary consideration.

IGI Global abides by U.S. copyright law, and as such all contributors are asked to sign an IGI Global Author’s Warranty and Transfer of Copyright agreement prior to publication. The warranty portion ensures that materials submitted to IGI Global for consideration are original and have not been published elsewhere previously.

The copyright portion clearly states in paragraph 4: Author(s) cannot post the contents of the article on any website or distribute the work to others in either electronic or print forms without the written permission of IGI Global. This includes any article or chapter currently under consideration by IGI Global and the final published work.

To inquire about permissions and rights of IGI Global publications, please contact:

Jan Travers
IGI Global
Director of Intellectual Property and Contracts
701 E Chocolate Avenue
Hershey PA 17033-1240, USA
717.533-8845 x112 (tel); 717.533-8661 (fax)