Computational Intelligence in Cryptology

Computational Intelligence in Cryptology

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Computational intelligence (CI) has attracted the attention of many researchers for its effectiveness in solving different kinds of problems. It has been applied to solve problems in a wide area of applications. The aim of this chapter is to present an overview of existing literature about the applications of CI in cryptology. It demonstrates and studies the applicability of CI in cryptology. The problems examined in this chapter are the automated design of cipher systems, and the automated cryptanalysis of cipher systems. It has been shown that CI methods, such as genetic algorithms, genetic programming, Tabu search, and memetic computing are effective tools to solve most of cryptology problems.
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Overview Of Cryptology

The growth in computer systems, and computer communication and networking has increased the dependence of organizations on the information stored, processed, and communicated using these systems. This, in turn, has led to a heightened awareness of the need to security. Security is the quality or state of being secure, to be free from danger and to be protected from adversaries. Information security is the process of protecting information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, destruction, or modification. One of information security goals is confidentiality, which is probably the most common aspect of information security. It is about protection of confidential information. An organization needs to guard against malicious actions that endanger the confidentiality of its information. Attacks threatening confidentiality are snooping and traffic analysis. The confidentiality goal can be achieved by applying encryption mechanism (Stalling, 2006).

A lot of work has been done in cryptology. Cryptology is the study of the encryption techniques to protect data and the techniques to attack the encryption techniques. Thus, it is combination of two areas: cryptanalysis and cryptography, where cryptanalysis is the study of the techniques used for breaking cryptographic (cipher) systems, and cryptography is the science of protecting private information against unauthorized access by encrypting it.

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