Knowledge Management Academic Research: “NUMPATIBILITY” – Numeral Era of Compatibility

Knowledge Management Academic Research: “NUMPATIBILITY” – Numeral Era of Compatibility

Preeti Mulay (Symbiosis Institute of Technology , India) and Pritam Ahire (Symbiosis Institute of Technology, India)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2489-2.ch004
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The errands in various workplaces demand effective teamwork and cooperation among the personnel. To prove a best team member, leader and authority in industries, it is essential to develop strong human relationship-base at academics level itself. This base is nothing but surfing through entire life-cycle phases related to knowledge: acquire, represent, use, and augment. This chapter focuses on the implementation of Knowledge-Management and Augmentation for academics, to establish compatibility among various relationships in academic field like students, faculty, principal, higher authorities, teaching and non teaching staff, using Astrology & Numerology with IT. It also endeavours to promote the inclination in students of giving magnitude to create the compatibility in interpersonal relationships. This inclination will assist all academic entities, to be compatible with their colleagues in potential domains related occupations.
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We are all primary numbers divisible only by ourselves ~ Jean Guitton

Your name is no accident => did you know that name and birthday affect indiviual's personality, strength, and talents ...

As Jean quoted very aptly, to succeed, every individual needs the wealth of knowledge. This knowledge is nothing but comprehensive awareness about society, nature, upbringing, relationships, compatibility, subjects, etc. to name a few. Individuals may follow leaders, its natural. Individual may like to succeed like others and what not, but as per Jean, it should start from self. Learn, gather knowledge about self-first. “Who are you?” “What are limitations of self?” “What makes You happy?” “What makes you Going?” etc. need to answer, store, cherish and use consistently. To sum up, I may say knowledge about “What is behind your name?” is a must. Everyone is unique, with strength, personality, talents, spiritual touch, etc., and “Your name is no accident “at all. Augmenting knowledge about various personalities, names (both local and international) via Information-Technology (IT) is valuable and simple, these days.

As mentioned in (Yaschpaule, 1998) by a team of researchers, “Astrology is a supra-science, the Science of Sciences. By ignoring it, Management Science is the poorer for it”. Zodiac signs are an important part of who we are, but Astrology is so much more than personality related qualities. The constant motion of the planets affects our lives in the boardroom, the classroom, and everywhere in between. Astrology can be effectually used by all entities in various organizations practically to get help/support or accurate route to achieve dreams / goals. It is not very far when managers widely practice the revolution in Management’s thinking for opting combination of supra-science with Numerology + Astrology. The wise manager from any industry combines IT, Social Media, instincts and techniques of modern Management Science, along with Astrology + Numerology (in Lynne, 2004; John, 2016). Thus manager will achieve positive environment at work by coalescing best of both worlds (Management + IT). Incremental knowledge from various personalities, projects, teams, achievements, and failures, etc. will provide better Management Science’s perception. Dealing with people around you is a mandate to live in this society, no running away from it, right? So deal with a smile and focus on your aim ultimately.

It is necessary to understand three fields of energy, Electrical, Magnetic, and Gravitational, to explore the underlying principles of Astrology. Every individual's body is also driven by and made up of these three fields of energy, as per the proof of science. Stars and planets are consistently changing their positions, and these changes affect three fields of energy. Movement of stars and planets along with these energy(s) together demonstrate the foundation for Scientific Astrology. Astrologers can predict/interpret details related to psychology, profession, human qualities, relationships, compatibility (in Waldemar, 2000, Genaidy et al., 2008), etc. by the effectual study of planets, forces and their movements, etc. Astrology is a mathematical science based on Astronomy. Astrology and Numerology are two inter-related Sciences. The IT based systems can give the precise planetary positions within few minutes to learn about individual’s required details.

Astrology is invaluable in predicting features required in all the critical decisions, phases, events, etc. including counseling, personal management, planning operations, hazards, to name a few. The areas in life to which Astrology can be applied are practically limitless. Astrology attracted the attention of Dr. Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Acero, Claudius Ptolemy, Sir Isaac Newton as well as great thinkers of the East.

Astrology, as sovereign science, provides support to industry managers, decision-authorities, teachers, HR personnel and the like; to gain an insight into individual’s potential motive and temperament; which no other science can afford.

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