PACS Based on Open-Source Software Components

PACS Based on Open-Source Software Components

Daniel Welfer (Instituto de Informatica — Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-002-8.ch023
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This chapter discusses the concept of open-source picture archiving and communication systems (i.e. PACS), which are low cost, and easy to re-configure and to customize for the specific user needs. Opensource PACS are based on relatively low cost computational resources, and are built by integrating opensource software components that implement basic services of a PACS. These services are described in this chapter, as well as how to integrate them. As an illustration, a PACS based on open-source software components for angiographic studies is discussed. Using the open-source approach, we expect to help diffusing the PACS technology by reducing its development and maintenance costs by using components easily available (e.g. desktop PCs).
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Integrating Open-Source Software Components To Build A Pacs

A PACS can be understood as integrated systems that provide the functionalities to facilitate medical image storage, management and communication, and these functionalities (i.e. services) are the system building blocks (i.e. the system components). These building blocks often are inter-dependent, and organized hierarchically, with some components providing the infra-structure to other components perform their functions. In this chapter, the term component is used as a binary, functionally self-contained software which interacts with its environment (i.e. the other components in a PACS) via a well-defined interface (Stal, 1999). This Section discusses the characteristics of the open-source components currently available, and the services they provide in the PACS environment.

Key Terms in this Chapter

DIMSE: Acronym of DICOM message service element. It is a set of DICOM services performed between Application Entities.

SCP: Acronym of service class provider. It is an application entity that offers a specific service.

IBM-PC: Personal computers appeared in the 1980s. Initially projected with open architecture and operational system. It continues in development and expansion however, much more complex.

AEs: Acronym of application entities. Any PACS application is named AE (i.e. the service class user entity).

SCU: Acronym of service class user. It is an application entity that requests some service.

API: Acronym of application programming interface. It is a set of ready routines for use.

JAI: Acronym of java advanced imaging. It is an API for image handle.

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