Scheduling Methods for Request Streams

Scheduling Methods for Request Streams

Phillip K.C. Tse (University of Hong Kong, China)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-225-1.ch016


In the previous chapter, we have presented the feasibility condition to serve request streams concurrently. In this chapter, we describe the efficient methods to schedule the requests to avoid missing their deadlines. Multimedia requests, except the first request, of a stream need to be served before their deadlines (Anderson, Osawa, & Govindan, 1992; Gemmell, Beaton, & Christodoulakis, 1994; Gemmell & Christodoulakis, 1992). Thus, the scheduling algorithm should consider the deadline so that the requests do not miss their deadlines. In the next section, we describe the EDF-SCAN algorithm. After that, we shall describe the group sweeping scheduling (GSS) method.

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