Smart Traffic System Operations

Smart Traffic System Operations

Neelu Khare (VIT University, India) and Shruthy Bhavanasi (VIT University, India)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-6207-8.ch008
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Traffic congestion is a growing problem in the world. It causes waste of time and fuel, increases pollution and stress. This is especially of road traffic in India, which faces problems like congestion, unpredictable travel time, urban chaos and noise. A smart traffic system automates the traffic control activity in order to obtain preference for the lanes on the basis of certain parameters. Hence, it provides an automatic control on the traffic in an optimized manner. It takes inputs from various sensors (utilising ultrasonic sensors, light sensors, motion sensors, cameras and IoT devices) and sends interrupt signals to the controlling devices. It consists of the IoT (Internet of Things) coupled with smartphone technology, RFID, sensors and a LADAR system. The system deals with the major issues of traffic congestion and collision avoidance and suggests remedies to tackle the same. In this chapter, various methodologies and architectures for smart traffic system operations are described.
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Smart Traffic Management is a system in which midway controlled movement signs and sensors direct the activity stream through the city because of interest.

Redesigning and coordinating every one of the signs on the fundamental streets in the city will:

  • Diminish regular clog particularly, by smoothing movement streams and organizing activity because of interest continuously;

  • Diminish contamination all through the city: stop-begin driving is wasteful and dirtying;

  • Offer need to transports moving toward intersections, staging lights to give activity streaming with transports a 'green wave' through the city;

  • Empower a significantly more successful reaction to activity occurrences. The framework can be pre-modified to deal with a sudden increment in activity on any of the ten radials.

It will likewise give an ideal chance to introduce observing hardware to gather considerable information better than which we have at present. Each arrangement of movement lights will have correspondence gear that can be utilized to transmit (unknown) vehicle information, either from ANPR cameras or Bluetooth locators, and also CCTV sustains. It will also reduce everyday congestion markedly, by smoothing traffic flows and prioritizing traffic in response to demand in real time. Pollution throughout the city is also reduced.



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    It will likewise give an ideal chance to introduce checking gear to gather considerably more point by point movement and voyage information than we have now. Each arrangement of movement lights will have correspondence gear that can be utilized to transmit (unknown) vehicle information, either from ANPR cameras or Bluetooth indicators, and CCTV bolsters.

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) programming utilizes OCR (Optical Character Recognition) abilities for programmed acknowledgment of vehicles number plates. ANPR permits you dependably recognize vehicles with confinements (stolen auto, not authorized, unpaid fines, and so forth, cautioning the experts when they have gone through review, permitting prompt activity, for example, seizure of the vehicle, surrender of travelers and some other activity.

When going by the camera, ANPR gets a photograph of the vehicle's number plate, enrolling it on a pictures database, with date, hour and camera data, permitting a lot of counsels and a more powerful movement administration.

Frameworks normally utilize Infra Red (IR) lighting to enable the camera to take the photo whenever of the day. ANPR innovation has a tendency to be area particular, attributable to plate variety from place to put.

Activity control frameworks utilize ANPR units which give insights about the development and stream of vehicles around the street organize. These points of interest can feature the issue zones and help to settle on episode administration choices. The photo of the auto and the driver can be put away and recovered if there is a requirement for proof in debate or wrongdoing circumstances.

Figure 1.

Architecture using RFID

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    If we consider, a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system has both RFID controller and RFID tag.

RFID Controller

The RFID controller comprises of RFID examiner. It examines the utilized correspondence apart from the RFID tag. The RFID controller at that point receives the signs/information which the questioner got before. Informing obstruction is utilized to transfer summons and information messages through the controller segments. The controller center will be available on the RFID controller. This tunes into the cross-examiners by relying on the arrangement; now the controller center can do read/compose tasks on the RFID tag or it can perform both tuning along with the operation performance. It will also have an order interface from which outer GSM/GPRS gadgets can be interfaced in order to perform a double radio gadget.

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