There's Just One More Thing

There's Just One More Thing

Stephen J. Andriole
Copyright: © 2005 |Pages: 4
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-801-7.ch008
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We’ve been through a lot during just the past few years. Y2K, e-business frenzy, free capital, dot.bombs, corporate scandals, integration technology - and we’re still standing. Of course we are. Because all of these “major” events, “disruptive technologies,” and once-in-a-lifetime stories are anything but. Life goes on, as they say, in the trenches and in the clouds. It’s all about commitment. Business is not always complicated. We sometimes convert simplicity into complexity so we have something to do, into some problem that only we can solve. I guarantee you that if you change the way you think about business technology and practice sane management you will save money and become more competitive, more profitable. There is huge leverage here. Companies are wasting millions and in some cases billions of dollars a year because their business technology relationship is fractured. Here are the questions: • Do you think about business as heading toward collaboration? • Can you identify the technologies that enable collaboration – and the collaborative business models that pull technology? • Do you get the importance of technology integration? • Will you organize things differently? • Will you re-visit your business technology management best practices? • Will you be a little more careful about who you invite inside your company?

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